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A Simple 5 Step Plan to Travel More Year Round…with kids

Do you dream about seeing the 4 corners of the world? Ever wish you could see more than you’re seeing through the windshield of your mini van? I know I do! As a kid, I was a natural explorer. When I became an adult I started to think that wild side just wasn’t natural and I tried to suppress it. I tried to just live the happy suburban housewife life. Well, let me tell you something folks, that can leave a lot of regrets. Now, more than ever, I am determined to let that inner wild child have her fun and ya know what? She’s taking my kids along for the ride! I have started a simple 5 step plan to travel more year round…with kids! Now, the last step may not be for you. I mean, let’s be real. But the rest of them…I promise will set you on a path for travel and adventure if you don’t hold back!

How Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Give You the Freedom to Travel

When we began our big downsize and my minimalist journey officially began, a big goal of mine was to allow more time, freedom and finances in order to travel. Instead of tending to a big house (or even a small house) I wanted to start branching out and seeing more of the world. I didn’t realize at the time just how much a minimalist lifestyle would allow this dream of mine to become a possibility. If you have dreams of traveling more let me fill you in on how adopting a minimalist lifestyle can give you the freedom to travel.

21 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

Most people spend time at their jobs just working for vacation. They dream up the places they want to visit and save money just in order to spend time away. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a job that actually allowed you to travel while you worked? Thankfully, now more than ever, there are tons of job opportunities available that allow exactly this. If you spend most of your days dreaming of seeing the world while earning a living, I have compiled a great list of 21 jobs that let you travel the world. See if there is one that sounds perfect for you.

Book Your Travel Plans All in One Place

I have loved booking different vacations and we have always used a travel agent because I was too afraid to ever even attempt to make plans on my own. Whenever I brag about our travel agent, I’m surprised to find a lot of people don’t take advantage of them! Booking flights, hotels and excursions can be easier than ever and you can do it on a budget. Instead of scouring the internet trying to get the absolute best deals around you can book your travel plans all in one place. Personally, I don’t know if I could book an affordable, amazing trip without a travel agent. That’s why I really wish I had known that there is easy access to a type of online travel agent. You can literally book flight, hotel and excursions all in one location!