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3 Ways Covid-19 Could Help You Save More Money

First, it’s important to remember that I am a relentless optimist. This means every single day of quarantine I have done my best to keep my vibes high and worked to look for the good in every area of my life. Even Covid-19. Times are shaky right now, that’s for sure. BUT some major shifts are taking place that can benefit you greatly! Here are my three faves!

20 Things You’re Saying That Are Keeping You Broke and How to Change Your Money Mindset

The Law of Attraction might sound like a lot of new-aged weirdness. And I totally get it. But do you realize there is a science behind the things we say and think? Our brain is programmed to listen to what we tell it. The sad thing is, that in one of the major areas most people want to see improvement (their finances), they are programming their brain to keep them broke instead. So how can you change your brain, improve your money mindset and finally build wealth in a whole new way? By ditching and re-programming these 20 beliefs around money…

40 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Bills and Save More Money All Year

Lately, I cannot seem to stop telling people how to save money — and fast! Recently, I added up the numbers and by using some of the following methods, our family was able to free up an additional $40,000 per year. Just by working to reduce our monthly bills, we were able to save more money all year long. I mean…big time! Now, hopefully you’re not wasting as much money as we had been, but hopefully, that’s enough proof to assure you that the following money-saving tips really work.

10 Sneaky Hacks for Cooking Less and Saving More Money

I used to be that mom who spent hours in the kitchen crafting and perfecting recipes and you know what? I loved it. It was great. But, then I started homeschooling and running my own online business and time in the kitchen (plus the dishes) was not on my to-do list anymore. In the last few years I have tried to perfect ways to be lazier…without upping our budget too much. I’m gonna break down for you my sneaky hacks for how I started cooking less while also saving more money. Because, mama, I got your back.