Simple Minimalist Habits That Can Help You Change Your Life

A lot of times we believe that if we want to change who we are, or improve ourselves in anyway it’s going to require an insane amount of effort and exhaustion. We can hang in there for a while giving our all to our new goal or desire, but more often than not we will lose steam and give up. Instead of going hard and failing hard, why not consider a whole new approach? Studies show that small, intentional changes are often what bring us the massive results that we seek. Better yet, creating new, simple habits every day can have a rollover effect that can all of a sudden transform you into a whole new badass human being. Need some ideas on how to get started? I’ve put together 10 super simple new habits that you can apply to your current schedule that will help you shift into the person you want to become.

Hey You, You Can Slow Down, Ya Know! Let Me Explain…

I have shared a video on TikTok two times and each time people get triggered AF! What do I mean? No, I’m not going out there trying to piss people off (it just happens naturally LOL). When I share a video of me relaxing on the couch and my husband Tom rolling up a sleeping bag accompanied by some words stating how he prefers to be in motion and I prefer to process in stillness people go off. I get it, I do. It looks like I’m just lounging around with my hand down my pants like Al Bundy while this poor bald man slaves away. However, another thing that happens is a ton of people feeling like their feelings have finally been validated. We live in a hustle clutter right now and the truth is, we weren’t all designed to be hustling constantly. So, if you’re feeling a little called out and you wonder if you’re doing too much, stick with me and find out what you can do about it.

I Bought Stuff I Don’t Need. Now What?

I cannot tell you the number of times that I sat in my walk in closet surrounded by clothes and shoes and a new purchase filled with stuff I didn’t need. Going on shopping sprees became almost like a blackout bender for me. Most of the time I wasn’t really even thinking. I was just grabbing and buying until I got home and was hit with the realization that I had spent too much money on stuff I didn’t need…again. These moments can be filled with so much shame and resentment. It’s had not to beat ourselves up over these mistakes, but the truth is, doing that won’t change the outcome. After years of actively working to break my bad spending habits and create a home (and closet) filled with things I love and intentionally chose, I have a few words of advice for you if you are fresh off of a shopping bender.

3 Things We Did to Make Our Kids Mini Money Geniuses

The title of this post is totally misleading, but I think it’s important to hype my kids up and give them credit where credit is due. Unfortunately for our older children we didn’t get our financial shit together in time to be of much service when it came to smart money management. When we finally decided to stop being broke and figure out our money issues once and for all, we also set the intention to help our younger two be better with money than we had been. Here is the super simple game plan for what we did to help our children learn money management, generosity and delayed gratification.

Top Ways to Earn Extra Cash While Studying

College is expensive, especially in the United States. Nearly 70% of college students have a part-time job. Having extra cash on hand can help with living expenses or help you avoid having to take out expensive student loans. There are plenty of options out there for students looking to earn extra cash while working around their class schedule – safe, legal, and sometimes even tax-free job options that students can work in their spare time. All it takes is a little extra initiative to start working and making some useful extra pocket money.