Learning to Be Okay with Not Being Okay…When You’re a Mom

I definitely can’t be the only person who has gone through life with a fake smile, pretending like everything was fine when it really wasn’t. This happens far too often. Whether it’s a quick encounter of “how are you today?” at the grocery store or a serious facade when surrounded by friends all day, every day, someone in the world is pretending they are “OK.” Not all the time, but more and more, I am learning to be okay with not being okay.

How to Save for the Future and Still Live the YOLO Life

I think the biggest hangup for a lot of people when it comes to living on a budget or working toward paying off debt is that they really want to keep enjoying their lives. You only live once after all. I totally understand this stress. You don’t want to live a crazy frugal life, put all your money toward debt and then die without really seeing or doing the fun things you wanted to. So how do you live debt free, save for the future and still enjoy the one life you get to live? AKA the YOLO life.

13 Proven Ways to Accelerate​ Debt Payoff and Save Thousands

Debt payoff. It was something I wanted so badly but just wasn’t sure how to start. By the time Tom and I finally decided we were fed up with debt, we had heard a million different strategies on how to pay off debt and were more determined than ever to find a strategy and stick with it. On top of finding a good debt payoff strategy, we wanted to make sure we found any other tricks or ideas we could that would allow us to pay off debt even faster than the payoff plan. After 3 years of paying off debt, we have found 13 proven ways to accelerate debt payoff and help save thousands on interest!

Screen-Free Road Trip Ideas for Kids You Won’t Spend Hours Prepping

I am no stranger to the road trip. My mom used to take me on them when I was a kid and while I didn’t have siblings to fight with…I didn’t have siblings to keep me entertained either. Growing up, our 6-7 hour trip to Michigan became customary and I quickly adapted to the length of the trip. Maybe that’s why I have little desire to prep for my kids when it comes to road trips. If you search on Pinterest for road trip ideas there are tons of cute little travel packs, mystery bags to open, and fun, well planned out print outs. My personal thoughts? I’m not going to spend an entire night dedicating my time and money to a super cute car entertainment pack that will ultimately be fiddled with for 5 minutes and then destroyed. No thanks. Instead, I’ve got some actual road trip ideas for kids that you don’t have to spend hours prepping for and don’t involve them nose deep in a screen either.

A Simple 5 Step Plan to Travel More Year Round…with kids

Do you dream about seeing the 4 corners of the world? Ever wish you could see more than you’re seeing through the windshield of your mini van? I know I do! As a kid, I was a natural explorer. When I became an adult I started to think that wild side just wasn’t natural and I tried to suppress it. I tried to just live the happy suburban housewife life. Well, let me tell you something folks, that can leave a lot of regrets. Now, more than ever, I am determined to let that inner wild child have her fun and ya know what? She’s taking my kids along for the ride! I have started a simple 5 step plan to travel more year round…with kids! Now, the last step may not be for you. I mean, let’s be real. But the rest of them…I promise will set you on a path for travel and adventure if you don’t hold back!