Extraordinary Living is Possible and Minimalism is the Key. Here’s Why.

I think at some point we have all been that kid living in a total fantasy world. Maybe you were a super hero who was fighting dragons or bad guys. You could have been the princess like me that all the hottest dudes in the land were willing to go to war over. NBD. Whatever the dream or unrealistic fantasy, for most of us that kind of just fades as we get older. We get caught up in our school work, are told the expectations that are set for us to immediately become adults and somewhere along the way life loses its luster and potential. Uhm, but the thing is, it’s still just as much a reality as it was when you were a kid and I’m gonna need you to listen up. Extraordinary living — like you imagined when you were just a tike, is totally a thing that is obtainable now and minimalism has continually helped me edge my way closer and closer to it…or maybe I’m full fledged in it? You decide.

How to Avoid Living a Lifestyle You Can’t Afford

I don’t know where all of this information was back in 2013 when our family got way in over our heads financially, but nevertheless, it is here for YOU now! If you are someone who feels like you are always struggling with money and can’t seem to get ahead, there may be some life circumstances that are making it difficult, but you might also have fallen into the trap of living above your means. This is something people can so easily fall into without realizing just how much it’s going to drain them energetically and financially. What’s worse is that that some of the financial institutions we decide to blindly trust are usually aware we’re making a huge mistake or have no clue themselves. So, as a former broke girl, I feel it is my duty to fill in some gaps for you to prevent you from drowning financially — or give you some ideas on how to get out if you currently find yourself treading water.

Ways to Embrace Minimalism in Everyday Life

Minimalism has been gaining traction for a while now, and for a good reason. This way of living and consuming has a more positive impact on the environment, as it promotes more frugality and less wastefulness. Embracing minimalism in everyday life can be a great way to feel more confident, and better in your own skin, while also saving more money in the long run. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you embrace minimalism in your day-to-day life.

Where Can I Buy Long-Term Happy?

There is no denying that most of us are spending our days desperately seeking happiness. Ask any random stranger on the street what they want for their lives and there is a good chance they will answer, “To be happy.” In a recent conversation I had with my son, we were talking about the heavy topic of death. During our conversation I took the time to give him my best advice on the subject and that is to live a life that is filled with BIG happy. I confessed that for the first 25 or so years of my life I settled for a lot of little happies and in an attempt to have him be smarter than me, I shared with him what the difference between these two was and now I’m sharing with you.

The 5 Minute $25 Investment Plan for Kids

We all want the best for our kids and we all definitely want them to do better than we ever did, right? Even the most well-meaning parents can try to plan or save for their kids future and just totally drop the ball. I get it, it’s tough to save when there are sports, holidays and birthdays to pay for. Not to mention for the first 13 years kids basically need a new wardrobe every 6 months! Being a parent is financially exhausting (amongst other things). Thankfully, in the digital age, making smart money moves for our kids is easier (and more automatic) than ever. In a recent pivot we did, we took our kids from a high-yield savings account to opening their own investment accounts and it all took 5 minutes or less! I’ll walk you through the steps on how easy it is to set up an account for your kids and how you can help them save big time with only $25 a month!