5 Steps to Drafting a Financial Game Plan to Get Out of Debt

Do you love the idea of freeing up extra money in your life, getting out of debt and finally being able to … well … be free? Free of financial burdens and stress? Free of owing other people your money every month? I get it and I have been there, friend. What really stinks is wanting so badly to make financial changes but having no idea how to actually make it happen. That’s why I created this quick, easy to follow 5 step game plan for helping you get out of debt! I wish I had this when we started our debt payoff journey and I hope it helps you on yours!

5 Life Lessons I Learned from Being a Total Cheapskate

People still refer to me as being a cheapskate sometimes and I guess I’m cool with it. But, there are also some things I need to clarify. Working to pay off debt was one of the smartest decisions I ever made and it meant living like a total cheapskate for over a year. If you’re hoping to gain some more perspective on frugal, cheapskate living, look no further. I’m gonna dive into the 5 biggest life lessons that being a cheapskate taught me.

The Best Budgeting Strategies for Your Paycheck.

One major stress of budgeting is that no one person gets paid the same way. If you get paid once a month, you have to find ways to make your money last all month long so you’re not eating rice and beans by the end of the month. When you get paid twice per month you have to be smart about breaking up your bills so that you still have relatively the same amount of spending money throughout the month. What if you get paid odd income? How are you supposed to plan for it when your pay isn’t always consistent? These are questions that so many have and this post will break down the best budgeting strategies for your paycheck.

Start Making Fast-Cash Selling with the Mercari App

Around Christmas time I decided to try to find ways that I could make additional income through selling some of our old stuff. I am a declutter lover after all. We were going through our old stuff and I started realizing just how many things we had been hanging onto. After talking with a friend who sells frequently online, she suggested the Mercari app. Here’s a breakdown of how welling with Mercari has treated me for the last month.

Credit Card Hacking for Cash Back Rewards with CapitalOne Quicksilver

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would not only be able to manage a credit card but to also use it wisely enough to get paid from it, I would have thought you were crazy. But, I would have totally dug the idea! Credit card hacking is on the rise and after getting a few travel hacking perks from a credit card, I decided to try out CapitalOne Quicksilver with cash-back rewards. Here’s how we wound up staying out of debt, making the cash-back bonus award and all around surviving 3 months of credit card hacking.