Feeling a lot of stress or overwhelm? There is a good chance your life is out of alignment. Here is how to readjust and get back on top!

5 Signs Your Life is Out of Alignment and What to Do About It

Have you ever had a moment in life where you all of a sudden feel like you hit a wall. Like maybe you’ve just been going on a hamster wheel and all of a sudden you are very aware of it. Things feel off, you feel stuck. This is a good sign that you are out of alignment. I wanted to share with you some other ways to recognize if your life is starting to spiral out of alignment so that you can be proactive in recognizing this and then taking action.

What does it mean to be out of alignment?

Just like your spine can get out of alignment and start to cause discomfort, your mind, body and soul can also find themselves out of alignment from time to time.

It’s not hard to do, really.

The world we live in today is super demanding of our time, energy and attention and without knowing it we can spread ourselves too thin too quickly.

This misalignment can present itself it some of the following ways:

  • Overspending
  • Exhaustion
  • Busy brain
  • Cluttered home
  • Inner feeling of dissatisfaction

I’ll take you through each one of these areas so you can better recognize when you are out of alignment in these areas, but first I wanted to give you a little encouragement.

Don’t fight your discontent

A lot of times when we start to feel “out of whack,” stressed out, or overwhelmed, we start beating ourselves up about it. We give ourselves a hard time for not feeling happy, for not trying harder, for not doing more.

When you do this, when you fight against yourself, you only create more tension.

Kind of like if your back was out of alignment and you just spent the day twisting and bending and trying to make everything go back into place. Chances are, you are going to create more knots and cause more tension.

Long story short, you cannot fight your way to inner peace.

Feeling a lot of stress or overwhelm? There is a good chance your life is out of alignment. Here is how to readjust and get back on top!

Recognizing misalignment is a good thing

What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you start to feel off, or unhappy with something in your life, you are being given an amazing opportunity.

You see, it is only when we are faced with dissatisfaction that we can begin to gather clues about what we do want in our lives.

This is kind of like if you give a toddler sour kraut. They would give it a try, their face would wince and scrunch. After tasting it they would recognize that this is in fact not something that they want. Then, more than likely, that toddler would reach for something he/she knows is way better tasting. Like those strawberries on the counter.

You see, from the second we are born, we can use bad things, bad experiences to fully recognize and understand that this is not something we want to continue to have or experience and therefore we are able to make a better decision for what we do want.

This was the process that our family went through before we decided to downsize our house. We began to recognize that we didn’t like the time, money, and energy that went into maintaining a large home, so we decided to sell it. Up until that point we had believed a big house was something we wanted to have.

Thankfully, we recognized that misalignment and we did something about it. Join my free masterclass, Of Money and Minimalism to get more help on how to re-align your life and money.

Now, without further delay, let’s dive into those 5 signs of misalignemnt.


The area of overspending isn’t always recognized as a misalignment. We allow ourselves to just get swept away with the joy of spending so much that we don’t really pause and realize that it’s actually a sign of something off inside of us.

Believe me, in order to overcome my major shopping addiction, I first had to start to do a lot of self-work and recognize that I was truly discontent with myself.

This is a habit that we turn to in order to get quick rewards that trick us into believing we are actually happier than we are.


First of all, let me say that there will be times in your life when exhaustion is perfectly normal. Like when you’ve first had a baby, traveled on a long flight, are working longer hours. Things like that.

What I’m talking about is constant exhaustion no matter what. This could be for an array of reasons, but a lot of times it can be because our body is trying to tell us, “Enough is enough.” In other words, your subconscious may be trying to force you into slowing down and taking a much-needed break.

For those with anxiety or depression, I don’t think I have to tell you that this doesn’t have to mean you are physically exhausted. It’s actually quite possible that you are mentally drained.

Maybe you have a long to do list, you can’t stop worrying about certain things and you just have a hard time turning off your brain, which leads me into my next sign of misalignment.

Busy brain

If you cannot seem to turn your brain off at night, this is a sign that something is off. Maybe you have unresolved issues that you are not wanting to face. If that’s the case, I highly recommend joining my free 5-day Purpose Check email series designed to help you sort through your thoughts and connect with your higher self.

So often our brain keeps working in overtime because we have literally so much stress and overwhelm building up inside of us that it just keep bouncing around in there!

Cluttered home

You had to know I was going to go here, right?

I talk a lot about how clutter can affect our mental health and add to anxiety. However, I also recognize that being depressed and full of anxiety can cause us to lack the motivation to clean house! 10 Tips for getting motivated to clean.

The thing is, this lack of tidiness can really say a lot about how we are feeling on the inside. In fact, in all areas of our life if we pause to look at what is unfolding outside of us, this is a pretty good sign of what is going on inside.

This holds true for our stuff and our house, as well as the people we surround ourselves with, how we dress, our job, and how we present ourselves to the world.

So while I say clutter in your home, the truth is this misalignment can present itself in a lot of chaotic ways otuside of ourselves. A lot of times a more minimalist lifestyle can help.

You just know

The last sign (and actually the first sign) that something is wrong in yoru life is that you just feel it.

So often we try to excuse away the problem.

  • “I’m just having a bad day.”
  • “He didn’t mean what he said.”
  • “I just need to pay my dues.”
  • “It will get better after….”

If this sounds familiar, let me just stop right here and tell you, you do not need to justify or explain the way you feel. When your body/intuition is telling you something is off, then something is off. The problem is is that we often let our minds take control and we try to explain away our discontentment.

Never underestimate the power of your gut feelings.

Learn to recognize the difference between your gut and spiraling thoughts. This might require the help of a counselor or coach to help you sort through.

Sometimes unresolved issues can cause us to live in a state of fear that is not real.

In order to help yourself better connect with your inner guidance and intuition, be sure to seek help before making any drastic actions. This is a message directly from me to you!

Get an adjustment

Remember, recognizing misalignment is a good thing because it allows you the opportunity to pivot and make changes. Just like a wounded body will present you with pain (so that you can tend to the wound) a life that feels off, stressful or misaligned is just your inner guidance system letting you know it needs some tending to.

Find more resources for help and alignment on my coaching website: ReneeBenes.com

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