About The Fun Sized Life

Hey there!

I’m Renee, the recovering hot mess behind The Fun Sized Life.

I originally started this little blog as a way to make an income from home while homeschooling my kiddos! If you’re curious how you can do the same, start by clicking here. However, what started as a side hustle quickly turned into a life mission.

So many people seek simplicity in their lives and yet we all tend to let the world, other people, and our false ideas of who we should be, stand in our way. The Fun Sized Life has been founded to completely flip this idea on its butt.

Life wasn’t always so simple.

Back in 2013 my husband Tom and I and our 3 kids moved into what we thought was our dream home! We were finally in the neighborhood we always wanted to be in at the start of the culdesac in a 3,300 square foot brick house with a creek in the back. It was perfect. Until it wasn’t.

Pretty quickly things began to feel shaky…and icky. Our marriage started to suffer. Tom hated our mortgage payment (it was bananas) and felt this huge obligation to maintain appearances — because we were in the “nice” neighborhood after all.

Meanwhile, I was having panic attacks inside. I was having to spend 3 hours cleaning every weekend. On top of that, I was running my in-home photography studio. And, I was trying to decide how in the world I was going to fill all of the empty space in our house so it would finally feel like a home!

On top of that, we never saw our teenage daughter — which meant we had no idea just how bad she was struggling.

Something needed to change.

I had started reading “spiritual” books and self-help topics that started to remind me that stuff didn’t define me. Slowly, I started to chip away at the status I so badly wanted to create for myself and in the process, I made my way back to who I really was.

Even though we had just refinanced (because our mortgage payment jumped past the $2,000 mark), I told Tom I wanted to sell.

You can’t change the past, but when you know you’ve made a mistake, you can work to get out of it as quickly as possible. I was determined to undo what we did. There was no way I wanted to choose a house or a status over my marriage.

So we fought for it.

We fought for change. Fought for our marriage. For our family.

In 2016 the house finally sold and we moved into a “starter home” with a dream layout and 2,000 less square feet to maintain. Our goal was to instantly make it a home.

Then, we paid off our debt. All of it. Even the brand-new medical debt we racked up after our son’s hospitalization with a rare brain and spinal cord infection that left him in rehab for months.

Life got harder before it got better.

The house didn’t sell right away. My stepdad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and our 4-year-old son was in a coma in the hospital and the doctors had no idea what to do.

But, we persisted. We stuck with our plan of what we saw for ourselves and are so thankful we did.

Somewhere in the midst of this, The Fun Sized Life began. The pursuit of more…with less. ❤️

The Fun Sized Life Renee Benes