Simple Fitness New Years Resolution

10 Simple Fitness Tricks to Turn Your New Years Resolution Into Lasting Change

A New Year can be a time when people are super pumped and motivated to be a new version of themselves that they envision. Unfortunately, so many of us get so “gung ho” that we burn ourselves out after 2 weeks. My biggest belief is that the best way to stick to your New Years’ resolution is by finding simple steps to create lasting change. Take it from a girl who did the whole daily scale, never skinny enough bit. There are better ways and I’ve narrowed them down to my top 10.

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Skip the gym

Trust me, the gym the day after New Years is cray cray. It’s not a fun place to be for a vet gym goer and it can be double overwhelming for a newbie.

Plus, most people head for the treadmills and I’m pretty sure treadmills were designed to make people believe that being in shape is not worth it.

My best advice is to try an at-home workout app for a while. With the Aaptiv fitness app, you can workout at your own pace, get professional guidance and find your style of fitness before you head to the gym.

The Aaptiv app has:

  • Guided cardio
  • Ab workouts
  • Running training
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga
  • and so much more!

Click here to get your first 30 days free.

Start where you’re at

What do you already like to do that gets you moving? Are you more of a face-paced walker? Do you love dancing around your living room?

Start your fitness journey by committing to 20 minutes of your favorite movement every day. For me personally, this just meant 20 minutes of yoga instead of staying glued to my computer screen (a daily battle).

Pick one change

Instead of deciding that you’re going to make smoothies for breakfast, eat salads for lunch and have only salmon for dinner when you’re used to no breakfast, a sandwich and pizza…why not try starting smaller.

Great ideas for small changes:

  • Drink 1 full glass of water before you eat a meal
  • Pick your favorite healthy meal and sub that for one of your regulars
  • Cut sweets after dinner time
  • Get to bed one hour earlier

Once you’ve made a habit of your new change, work on adding on a new one.

Are you ready to make this New Years resolution stick? Take these practical, simple fitness tips and apply them to create better habits for a better you.

Avoid a focus on weight loss

A friend of mine has been killing herself working out and following a strict diet plan and the scale didn’t change one bit. Thankfully, her gym measured body fat percentages and took her measurements before she started.

She had changed most of her fat to muscle and had it only been for the scale, she would have given up.

That’s why I am a much bigger fan of feeling out your fitness. Do your pants fit better? Are you able to touch your toes more easily?

Don’t let the scale be your only measurement of fitness. Pay attention to the all-around changes that you notice in your day to day life.

Have a buddy

Having a fitness buddy to hold you accountable can be a total game changer. However, sometimes a buddy who isn’t as committed at you can become more of a setback than a motivation.

If you’re not quite sure who you can buddy up with, or you kinda like doing you own thing, give the Aaptiv 30 day free trial a go.

I personally loved having a professional guide me through simple workouts that I could choose based on my mood. Plus, once you start going to the gym, you can still use the app to guide you through treadmill, bike and even weight lifting workouts!

Substitute habits

What is your biggest roadblock that is keeping you from your fitness goals?

Think of your personal biggest struggle. Mine is definitely stopping myself from working and getting to the gym. I always tell myself, “I’ll just get a little work done, then I’ll get to the gym later.” SPOILER ALERT: I never, ever do! Like, hardly ever.

So instead of my old habit of slowly waking up in bed with a cup of coffee (I know, it sounds amazing). I drag my sorry but out of bed with a motivational song, I mindlessly get dressed and drive myself to the gym while moaning the entire way. –Yeah, that’s how it goes down. And, you know what? I never regret it.

By making a habit of changing my old morning routine, I get to the gym more, I feel better about myself and then I can spend the rest of the day working guilt-free!

Are you ready to make this New Years resolution stick? Take these practical, simple fitness tips and apply them to create better habits for a better you.

Get inspired

Have you ever noticed that no matter what change you’re trying to make in your life that it’s easier to stay motivated if you’re reading a book, watching a documentary or following like-minded people on social media?

It’s kind of creepy how good this works.

Places to find inspiration:

  • Fitness books
  • Healthy living podcasts
  • Workouts on social media

I personally love copying the workouts the Jen Heward shares on her Instagram. It takes all the guesswork out of what to do at the gym!

Make one goal per day

Instead of writing out a giant to-do list for yourself every day, try just making a one-action goal. Like, drink 3 water bottles of water. Get to the gym for 20 minutes. Do a 10 minute meditation.

When your days are busy, just pick one, small goal that you can accomplish to help you feel better and stick to your New Years resolution goals?

I personally love guided mediations during crazy days. They help calm me down and I don’t feel like they have to be too big of a time commitment.

Like what you eat

It sounds so simple, but so many people make simple fitness a lot tougher by eating terrible meals that have no flavor or fun. Here are some quick substitutes that will up your healthy eating without being too…icky.

Helpful healthy eating hacks

Pick something to add

A lot of times New Years resolutions can feel like they are taking things away from you. When planning simple fitness tips, try thinking about what you can add to your life instead of what you can take away.

20 minute for yourself every day.

More of your favorite fruit.

Time outdoors.

Find little ways to remind yourself that you are working to enhance your life…not subtract from it.

Are you ready to make this New Years resolution stick? Take these practical, simple fitness tips and apply them to create better habits for a better you.

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