There are many ways you can negotiate to save money in several areas of your life. This list breaks down 22 surprising things you can start negotiating.

22 Things You Didn’t Know You Could​ Negotiate to Save Money

It’s crazy to me that there are so many things in our lives we can be negotiating, but a lot of us just kind of sit back and accept things as they are. I’m one of those people! Recently I have started learning about the power of negotiating and how so many areas in our lives can be negotiated to help us save money. I’ve decided it’s time to spread the word, so I created this list of 23 things you didn’t know you could negotiate with a few pointers to help you get started!

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Starting Salary

I think discussing salary at a new jobs is one of the things that make most people go into a panic. What if you ask too high? But you don’t want to say a number that’s too low. So what in the world are you supposed to do?

Grab my FREE Maximize Your Negotiations Scripts to get the exact word-for-word script to use when negotiating your salary or check out these tips on how to negotiate your salary.

Car price

Not gonna lie to you, I have ruined car price negotiating for a few men in my life. Whoops.

My head would start sweating when they would start talking numbers and upgrades and all that jazz. The thing is, negotiating car price is huge and can save you a ton of money as long as you know what you’re taking about.

Best tips for negotiating the price of a car are:

  • Know your budget
  • Do your research
  • Don’t forget about phantom costs
  • Buy during the end of the month, during holiday sales, or at the end of a quarter
  • Bring a friend or family member to support you


Rent is something I always assumed was set in stone, but there are actually great ways for negotiating the cost of rent.

The best thing to remember when talking about the cost of rent is to always make sure there are benefits to your landlord as well.

  • Extending your lease
  • Being a quality tenant
  • Offer to end your lease in the summer when they are more likely to find a tenant quickly

Home price

Personally, I always recommend having a realtor when it comes to home buying. You are going to get so much more guidance and help when it comes to showing your home, buying a new one and getting the best price for your budget.

5 Considerations When Negotiating a House Price


Why, oh why didn’t I know about this stuff before!? The biggest time people want to worry about negotiating the price of jewelry is usually centered around wedding planning.

People want to stick to a budget that isn’t going to cause them to be broke as they start their life together, right?

Here are some quick tips to help you negotiate a better price on your engagement ring.

  • Avoid chain jewelers
  • Pay in cash
  • Be willing to walk away if they aren’t willing to lower the price
  • Know about other jewelers prices
  • Be polite and well spoken


You can save money when buying a laptop, computer, or TV?! Seriously? (Face palm). I was super proud of myself for discovering how to save big money on my Apple laptop purchase. However, I never realized there are additional tactics to save even more!


Another great script you can get in Maximize Your Negotiations is how to negotiate a raise.

One important thing I have heard is that getting a raise will often take time and dedication on your part. The most important thing you have to be willing to do is show your boss that you are worth the raise.

Negotiating a raise should start months in advance. Lay out a plan for what you are willing to accomplish in order to earn a raise. Don’t just expect that it will be handed to you.

There are many ways you can negotiate to save money in several areas of your life. This list breaks down 22 surprising things you can start negotiating.
Be willing to do the work when negotiating a raise

Credit card interest

I was so proud of myself the day I used the Maximize Your Negotiations Script to get a reduce interest on my credit card.

Getting a lower rate on credit cards work best if you

  • Have been with the company for a year or more
  • Know the exact interest rate that you want
  • Speak to a manager immediately

When it comes to negotiating it’s always important to speak well, know exactly what you’re asking for and be willing to prove that you are worthy of the negotiation.

Cell phone bills

If I didn’t absolutely love having music on my phone, I could really have negotiated a lower cell phone bill! However, I was able to save $5 per line just by switching to automatic payments each month.

Another great option is to opt for a service that has pre-paid services. You decide what you need and then you pay only for that. The top places can get you phone plans for as little as $10 per month!

Cable bills

You can grab the scripts for negating cable and internet bills in my Maximize Your Negotiations Scripts but always remember the importance of knowing what you’re negotiating.

If your current provider is offering a deal to new customers, remind them that you are a long-time valued customer and you would like to feel appreciated.

Be aware of other deals through other providers as well and be willing to use that in your negotiation.

Medical bills

Negotiating medial bills is an area I would definitely like to become more familiar with. After paying thousands of dollars toward my son’s hospital stay, I can’t help but feel like there were so many more steps I could have taken that would have financially benefited our family.

A lot of your negotiation power will come from really knowing your stuff when it comes to medical billing information.


Now a days, it’s becoming easier and easier to get great insurance if you know where to look. With online companies, you can get disability insurance for $9 or even get a totally free life insurance quote without even leaving the house.

Some of the best tips for insurance are:

  • Shop around
  • Don’t over-look small insurance or online companies
  • The healthier the better life insurance coverage
  • Bundle with the same company to get reduced rates


When I read that you could negotiate the price of clothes I was skeptical. Then I kept reading and realized it actually happens all the time.

I used to work retail and remembered that we were always reducing people’s clothing costs! Here are some quick tips:

  • Be aware of mislabled signs
  • Ask for price matching
  • Buying in bulk could get you a discount
  • Buying slightly damaged items and asking for a discount

How to Negotiate Everything


You can reduce the amount of money you pay in debt through negotiating your interest rates, like we talked about with credit cards.

However, there are 3 other top options I always tell people who are hoping to pay off their debt faster.

Vacation rentals

I don’t know about you, but we are a family that loves travel and vacations! I’m a huge fan of places like Airbnb. Now, you click here to save $40 on Airbnb OR you can learn the tactics for negotiating vacation rentals — or both!

Negotiating on vacation rentals can actually be highly beneficial to you AND the person sharing their home. When booking last minute, Airbnb hosts are already planning to make no money on their property. If you email them with a last minute reservation at a slight discount, they are going to be making more than $0 (which is the alternative to not booking with you).

There are many ways you can negotiate to save money in several areas of your life. This list breaks down 22 surprising things you can start negotiating.
Save $40 on Airbnb

Event spaces

Thank goodness for my mom. When it came to reception location for our wedding, she was insistent on getting the best looking location at the most reasonable cost.

We paid less for our reception hall just by having our wedding on a Friday. You can also negotiate things like food, table covers, building repairs, and other perks into the cost of your event space as well. More on negotiating event space.

How We Planned a Vow Renewal for Under $1,000

Professional Services

As a former photographer, this is an area that I don’t care for too much. A lot of small businesses or independent workers have people attempting to “stiff them” when it comes to the cost of their services.

My top recommendation here is to find providers who already align with you and your budget. Email photographers, caterers or planners letting them know your budget, your time frame and any other expectations to see if they are able to accommodate.

This is the most respectful way of doing this because you are being true to you and your budget without insulting them or their services.

Late fees

Again, using the Maximize Your Negotiations Scripts I was able to negotiate overdraft charges in our bank account. We NEVER get these, so it kind of felt exciting to actually try out the script!

It totally worked! I was able to reduce our fees by 75% and all I did was follow the script!


Negotiating furniture cost is similar to negotiating the price of a car. Having cash to pay with in these situations is going to be extra beneficial to you.

In fact, even if a furniture item has been marked down, you can still negotiate a lower price. Check out some success stories here.


Whether you are wanting to go to school, go back to school or are planning to send your kids off soon, it is so crucial to know the best ways to negotiate the cost of college tuition!

Other smart moves to save on college:


There are a lot of different ways you can negotiate repairs whether it be a home upgrade, landscape work, plumbing, electrical or car repairs.

Another crucial time to negotiate repairs is after a home inspection before purchasing a house!

Gym memberships

Of course, when finding a good gym you can shop around, try day passes, or even work out from home, but there are other ways you can negotiate a gym membership that works for you.

More ideas for saving more money

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There are many ways you can negotiate to save money in several areas of your life. This list breaks down 22 surprising things you can start negotiating.

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