25 Ways to Completely Declutter Your Mind, Body and Home

It’s that time of the year! Spring is just around the corner and I am oh, so excited about it! Spring cleaning is about to be in full swing and I do not want you to think spring cleaning is limited to deep cleaning and decluttering! While that is definitely an exhilarating experience…at least to me! I don’t want you to forget about all the other ways you might need some serious decluttering! After a long winter (especially in Minnesota) I know my mind needs some sanity and sunlight. My body has been cooped up for far too long and it definitely needs some TLC too! That’s why we are going to go over these 25 ways to completely declutter your mind, body and home!

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MindIf you are ready to start to seriously declutter, then why not go all out with these 25 mind, body and home declutter tips! Check them out!

The mind is a beautiful thing and these days it seems like so many people are struggling big time! Stress and anxiety are taking over and it totally stinks. So, if you are ready to do some spring cleaning, I highly suggest starting with your mind. Envogue said it best, “Free your mind…and the rest will follow…” Sure, they were a little known group from the 90’s but they were on to something! Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool that has the power to change our bodies, our health and our life.

I’ve got a practical mind declutter list for you to use! Pick a few and try your best to stick to them!

  • Turn off social media – said the blogger. But seriously, do it and do it more often! Social media is strongly believed to be aiding in the increase in depression in our society. Do yourself a favor and scroll the views of the world around you instead of the ones on a screen in front of you.
  • Airplane mode – turning your phone to airplane mode not only saves you from too much social media but it also reduces the amount of radiation you pick up on and aids in a better night’s sleep.
  • Start meditation – It doesn’t have to be long or as Buddhist as you imagine it to be, just find 10 minutes in the day to be silent. You could color, use, use a guided meditation, try mala beads or just sit silently through your 2 favorite songs.
  • Sleep more – You should be getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night! If you can’t do this, try and get a nap in! They even have fitness type workout classes now. Just a room full of people who need some serious relaxation. That’s totally a class I would pay for!
  • Read more – Reading dramatically improves the function of your brain and also helps you slow down. The more you can use that amazing brain of yours the better! To get bonus points, read books about calming the mind. I’m currently reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I highly recommend it.
  • Spend time with animals – More and more research shows just how helpful animals are to us! Children read to dogs, and therapy dogs are becoming more and more widely recognized as a serious source help when it comes to things like PTSD, anxiety and depression.
  • Brain dump – Got a lot on your mind? Get a notebook and just let those thoughts pour out into words! You don’t even have to read them or look at them ever again. Sometimes it just helps to get it all out! I know when I was younger, I would get up in the middle of the night and just type all my thoughts out then just erase them. It helped me get my thoughts out of my brain and get back to sleep.
  • Journaling – If you have more to say, and writing is (maybe) a passion of yours, consider starting a journal. Rather than just dumping it onto paper find creative ways to get it all out. If writing is a passion of yours, it might be time to consider starting a blog, or looking into making money from writing.
  • Crosswords and Sudoku – Sitting down with a good puzzle is a great way to keep your brain in good use, help you tune out from the rest of the world and feel accomplished once you’ve finished.
  • Find one area to stop stressing in – I know it’s easier said than done. But consider sitting down, and really thinking through the largest causes of stress in your life. For example, I used to go into a mini depression every time I stepped on the scale. Solution: get rid of the scale. I know there are many variables and stressors in life, but let’s quickly talk about some of the top biggies.

While there are so many things than can help you slow down and work those brain muscles, the next thing on our list may just help more than anything.


It’s funny how closely our mind and boy work together! If you want to get less-stressed, then taking the time to take care of your body may be just the thing to help you out! Exercise increases your memory, brain function, serotonin and productivity levels! Don’t worry, taking care of your body doesn’t have to mean endless hours on the treadmill either. I’ll prove it with these body declutter ideas.

  • Minimum of 30 minutes of movement – Walking, gardening, cleaning, jumping jacks, dancing naked in your living room…you really get to choose just make sure to get that heart a pumpin’!
  • Yoga – Just 10 minutes of yoga a day can totally transform your body. Your flexibility, strength and stamina will drastically improve and the best part is, this is something you can completely do from home. In fact, it’s on my Top 5 At Home YouTube Workouts.
  • Take the stairs – Finding little ways in every day life to move your body a little more can make all the difference in how you feel during your day to day life.
  • Try a cleanse – Taking the time to inform yourself about your body and what it needs can be the absolute best thing to do to start finally feeling good in your own skin! For a great, detailed meal plan and/or coaching program check out The Food Fix for your very own customized health plan!
  • Eat more plants – Make a goal for yourself to eat more fruits and veggies in a day!
  • Drink more water – Setting a goal to drink more water each day is another great thing you can do to help your body.
  • Spa day – Never underestimate the power of a “treat yo self” day! If you are in need of a massage, get one! If you have really been wanting your nails done or to get a facial, or a haircut, now is the time to book yourself an appointment. It’s amazing what a little pampering can do for yourself self esteem and your energy levels.

Find some ways this spring to let your body know how much you appreciate it! In preparation for summer, often times people find different ways to shame their winter bodies, push them into grueling workout routines or try to starve them. None of this is healthy or beneficial. Find small steps to remind you that you and your body are worth a little TLC.

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Now we’re talking! Ok, you’ve taken care of you more…time to put some declutter power toward that house. I won’t lie to you, when I get motivated to go on another decluttering binge, I go all out. That may not be your style, so I’ve got some simple, helpful tips to get you started without frightening your family (like I do.)

  • Try my one room, one week challenge. – Some people have more baggage than others. I’m not talking emotional anymore. I mean you have let stuff pile up over the years and now you are just way too overwhelmed to even begin to tackle it! Instead of getting down on yourself or expecting to be able to buckle down and declutter an entire house in one week, why not start one room at a time?
  • Fresh paint – This is probably numero uno for me! My bathroom has been screaming for some fresh paint and this spring, it may very well get it’s wish! Slapping some new paint on the walls (whether it’s the same color or a new one) can easily brighten up your entire home and give it a fresh feel!
  • Sell stuff –  Sure, you can put your efforts into a garage sale. In my neck of the woods, there are often city wide garage sale days. If you are in an area that partakes in something like this, I say jump on it! This is often times something shoppers wait for and save for. They plan on spending the entire weekend shopping all the local garage sales, so don’t miss out. If this is not something that takes place in your area, that’s ok because we live in the world of easy access to everything and that includes getting rid of your junk! Facebook Market is a great way to connect with other people in your surrounding area but there are even bigger options like Decluttr.com. Just send your stuff off to them and they will pay you right away. Like a giant, online thrift store.
  • Create a capsule wardrobe – Working on creating (or changing up) your capsule wardrobe is a great way to clear out your closet without clearing it out for good! This could simply mean putting your winter clothes away and busting out your springtime best!
  • Try the Konmari method – If you haven’t heard of the Konmari method before, it’s a great way to completely reorganize your entire life! If you mean business when it comes to tidying up then this is definitely the way to go! I did a small experiment in our bedroom using the Konmari folding method if you want to see my results!

Take action

No matter what your focus or where you need to do a little tidying up, all you have to do is just get started! Each new day is a chance for a fresh start. Don’t get hung up on the things that went wrong yesterday, or the month before yesterday…it won’t help you with today!

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If you are ready to start to seriously declutter, then why not go all out with these 25 mind, body and home declutter tips! Check them out!  #declutter #decluttertips #decluttering #mind #body #home