Here are some genius minimalist makeup essentials and a skincare routine for hiking, camping or backpacking.

Minimalist Makeup Essentials and Skin Care Routine for Camping

I think there is oftentimes this misconception that you don’t get to be an “outdoorsy” person while also caring about your appearance. If I may, I would like to request that this silly belief be put to an end right now. Over the years, I have definitely learned to simplify my makeup routine into a more minimalist style, and I definitely simplify it even more before hiking or backpacking. I’m not suggesting we all haul along a celebrity-sized makeup kit on our hiking adventures. What I am saying is that there are some sneaky ways to keep up appearances while spending most of your time in nature. Here is a look into some of the best products and hacks for applying minimal makeup when camping or hiking — and don’t worry, it won’t take up much room in your backpack!

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Keeping up a skin care routine

Funny enough, I actually started a skin care routine when we started sleeping out of our minivan with our kids. We were spending our days hiking, washing our faces in rest stop bathrooms and here I was treating my skin better than it had ever been treated.

My favorite method for skincare has been Bliss’s Vitamin C skincare products. As someone who is more prone to melasma spots in the sun, I knew I wanted something with Vitamin C that was still cruelty-free.

Here is a full spread of my Bliss skin care routine products.

How to do a skincare routine on the road

Truly, I promise, taking care of your skin while camping or hiking is possible and is actually not that uncommon. In fact, I made friends with a girl who had spend days in the same clothes, who had her skincare routine down pat.

Here’s how mine goes:

Every day I will apply the moisturizer combined with a good sunblock/bronzer combo.

Here are some genius minimalist makeup essentials and a skincare routine for hiking, camping or backpacking.
Still using my sunscreen at the top of Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier.

SPF and Sun-Kissed

If you are going to be spending most of your time outdoors, one of the best things you can do to lay the base for your makeup is to find a good SPF moisturizer

While you can find these types of products on the market, I choose to create my own concoction by mixing my Bliss moisturizer with Pacifica Sun + skincare mineral bronzing SPF 30. PS the coconut smell is ahhhmazing.

This combo helps hydrate my skin, give me some SPF protection and gives me an awesome sun-kissed glow look.

Want a higher SPF? Try the SPF 50 Bronzing Body Butter.

Here are some genius minimalist makeup essentials and a skincare routine for hiking, camping or backpacking.

Quick touch ups

After getting a solid, bronzed foundation set up, I’ll do some quick touch-ups with CoverGirl Invisible Concealer. I like this one because you can use very little and it goes a long way.

Places for quick cover up:

  • Under eyes
  • Blemishes

I like CoverGirl because I am not great at researching makeup and things like that. In fact, I often feel like breaking down crying in the makeup aisle because the options just seem overwhelming. However, when I learned CoverGirl became cruelty-free, I just started sticking to their section of Target.

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Curl and go eyelashes

When we are camping or hiking, I also don’t worry too much about eye makeup. Actually, I usually steer clear of a lot of eye makeup. However, when we are backpacking or camping I avoid it even more.

That’s why all I really carry in my makeup bag is a good eyelash curler and some waterproof mascara.

I love the quick boost a person can get simply from plumping up those eyelashes. It adds a little bit more feminine of a look while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Minimalist Makeup Essentials and Skin Care Routine for Camping

Gettin’ lippy

Not gonna lie, that heading feels a little cheesy, but whatever. It is what it is.

My minimalist makeup routine generally ends with a good, simple, clear lip gloss. I love the variety that eos has. I usually opt for a bigger pack so I can keep one in my backpack, makeup bag, in the car, in my bra… Just kidding. Not in my bra. But I do love to make sure I am stocked on lip balm.

Minimalist makeup bags

I snagged my minimalist makeup bag at Target on sale and it has been my trusty side kick ever since. In even the simplest makeup bag you should be able to fit most of these items. (My sunblock is too big.)

To help complete your camper-gal minimalist makeup look, here are a few of the cutest makeup bag ideas that I found on Amazon.

What works for you?

Any bonus ideas to share with the hiking and camping community? I would love to hear any additional ideas, products or strategies you use to keep your skincare or makeup routine fresh while living out of a backpack!

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