How to Style Minimalist jewelry

10 Simple Tips for Styling Your Minimalist Jewelry

I adore the look of minimalist jewelry. Gone are the days when I felt obligated to fit in by wearing large costume jewelry pieces. Instead, I have fallen completely in love with simple, elegant, minimalist jewelry stylings and want to share a few tips with you today on how to still make a stylish statement with less.

*This is a collaborative post with Nordgreen.

Choose one statement piece

Instead of having several large statement pieces on every part of your body, choose to focus on just one larger statement piece like a chunky ring or a round-face watch.

How to Style Minimalist jewelry
This Nordgreen minimalist rose gold watch is a perfect statement piece.

Find companies aligned with your values

When wearing jewelry, it feels even better when you know you have purchased from a company that aligns with your values and beliefs.

For example, the Scandinavian minimalist jewelry company, Nordgreen. When you purchase a watch from Nordgreen, you are able to donate to cause of your choice, they work to be carbon neutral and package their watches in sustainable packaging.

Keep colors consistent

Instead of mixing and matching your jewelry (silver, gold, rose gold, etc) choose to focus on just one type of metal even if it means you can’t wear all of your favorite pieces.

How to Style Minimalist jewelry

Neutral clothing works best

To keep your jewelry and outfit styles cohesive, try to find neutral clothing items that go with everything. Doing this is also a great way to create an affordable minimalist wardrobe. This way nothing will distract from your jewelry pieces and everything will tie together.

How to Style Minimalist jewelry

Find pieces that lay flat

Simple pieces like thin, stackable rings, bead-less jewelry or flat laying watches are always a great way to avoid snagging your clothing but they are also helpful when putting together a minimalist outfit.

Think sustainable over affordable

It’s true you can find affordable, chunky, costume jewelry for way less, but the minimalist lifestyle is largely about sustainability. That often means purchasing things that cost a little bit more, like a watch, because you know you will make good use of it.

How to Style Minimalist jewelry

Unstack stackable rings

You can often find simple minimalist rings together in stackable sets. To make your look even more simple and elegant, try unstacking the rings rather than chunking them all together.

Avoid tangled layers

Wearing several dainty necklaces is a great way to have a minimalist look while sill being a little more stylish. To avoid tangling, check out additional necklace add-ons that help you avoid tangling. Like this one.

How to Style Minimalist jewelry

Avoid wearing all the things

Instead of putting jewelry in every single possible place, try keeping it limited to 2 areas. For example:

  • Earrings and a bracelet
  • Hands and necklace
  • Necklace and statement rings

Repeat jewelry

Remember, minimalism means loving only what you own, so don’t be afraid to wear your pieces over and over again! Minimalist jewelry is something that never goes out of style!

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How to Style Minimalist jewelry

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