Creating new habits shouldn't be difficult. Here are simple minimalist habits that will help you change your life with little effort.

Simple Minimalist Habits That Can Help You Change Your Life

A lot of times we believe that if we want to change who we are, or improve ourselves in anyway it’s going to require an insane amount of effort and exhaustion. We can hang in there for a while giving our all to our new goal or desire, but more often than not we will lose steam and give up. Instead of going hard and failing hard, why not consider a whole new approach? Studies show that small, intentional changes are often what bring us the massive results that we seek. Better yet, creating new, simple habits every day can have a rollover effect that can all of a sudden transform you into a whole new badass human being. Need some ideas on how to get started? I’ve put together 10 super simple new habits that you can apply to your current schedule that will help you shift into the person you want to become.

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Building a minimalist life

A lot of times people have this deep down belief that minimalism is all about clear, clean spaces and banging aesthetic. In reality, minimalism is a lifestyle state of mind that can totally transform everything.

By applying minimalism to every area of my life I have been able to not only simplify the amount of time and energy I spend cleaning, but we have saved our marriage, gotten our finances on track and freed up more resources for travel!

The 2 things that make habits stick

When I think back on the number of times I committed to being a whole new person on New Year’s Day and went all in on my goal only to crash and burn two weeks later, I kick myself for not realizing that new habits are way easier than that.

There are 2 main understandings about forming new habits:

  • Make good ones easy to do
  • Make bad ones hard to do

Ultimately this means, when we want to create massive transformation in our life, the best thing we can do is begin creating, small changes that either make our habit easier to do and our bad habits more difficult to achieve.

Must-read books about habits:

So let’s talk about how to make itty bitty shifts in your daily habits so that you are gradually becoming a happier, healthier person!

Water bottle in your bathroom

Having a water bottle in your bathroom is a perfect way to chug some water first thing in the morning.

I leave mine in there so the first thing I do (before I head to the coffee maker) is go to the bathroom, wash my hands and chug a full water bottles worth of water. You don’t have to chug the entire bottle, but having it right there makes it easy to remember to grab and take a few sips from.

It is important to remember that if you are a big caffeine drinker, making sure to stay hydrated will help with anxiety, headaches, and dehydration.

Mist your bed

There was a massive study done by the marketers who were trying to promote Febreeze when it first was being released to the public. The product itself was tested in some of the stinkiest homes, but marketers were baffled when they couldn’t figure out why the people weren’t using Febreeze to cover the smells in their home.

Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • They didn’t realize their house smelled
  • There was no reward for using the product

You see, we as humans are more likely to repeat a habit if there is an immediate reward for doing it. People are more likely to wash their hands if the soap smells good. People brush their teeth more because of the minty flavor.

When the people who lived in smelly homes couldn’t smell the stink, Febreeze offered no reward. So, they created pleasant smells for the Febreeze and marketed it as something you do after you put in the hard work to clean your home. Vacuum the rug, spray Febreeze, ahhh….

Anyway, why am I telling you all of this? Well, I have found the same thing works when it comes to making your bed!

A friend of mine bought me Pacifica Pillow Mist and I started using it after I would make my bed in the morning. It makes my room and my sheets smell all tropical and amazing and I absolutely love the feeling of rewarding myself after tidying up my room first thing in the morning.

Creating new habits shouldn't be difficult. Here are simple minimalist habits that will help you change your life with little effort.

Pre-programmed coffee or tea

If you are a coffee drinker, a great way to make sure you wake up early and avoid spending unnecessary money on take out coffee is to pre-program your coffee before you go to bed.

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee — and trust me, you are much more likely to get out of bed if you know there is a cup of coffee already awaiting your arrival.

5 gratitudes on your commute

Practicing gratitude is something that can help re-wire your brain so you become happier, healthier and all around more appreciative of the life you are living. However, it can be tough to find time for this during the day. Mornings can be all rushed to get out the door and by the time we get to relax in the evening most of us just want to zone out or get some sleep.

So, if you love the idea of practicing gratitude you can make a habit of it during your morning commute!

Saying out lout to yourself all of the things you are grateful for is a great way to prep your day before you head into the office and just might keep you sane during morning traffic!

Pre-packed snack attack

If you struggle to eat healthy, here are 3 basic steps to make this easier.

  1. Buy healthy stuff you like (don’t try to force yourself to eat stuff you don’t enjoy)
  2. Pre-pack your snacks into snack containers
  3. Grab a snack on your way out the door

We all know that if we don’t have food planned we are more likely to give into last-minute temptation foods that aren’t so great for us. Having pre-prepped yummy snacks is a good way to avoid giving into fast foods.

Creating new habits shouldn't be difficult. Here are simple minimalist habits that will help you change your life with little effort.

Just get to the gym — seriously, that’s it!

There was a time when I was struggling big time to stick to my habit of going to the gym (even though I had been doing it for over a decade)!

Instead of trying to hype myself up for a big workout, I told myself I could do the bare minimum instead.

“Just go for 20 minutes. You don’t have to sweat. You don’t have to try. Just go.”

Some days I would just walk on the treadmill, other days I would half ass some weights (Jen Heward has good pre-planned mini workouts on her Instagram). Also, if you’re not already a gym goer, don’t miss my post: Practical Gym Survival Tips for Newbies!

Declutter one thing every day

Clearing our house of clutter is another thing we tend to overthink. We imagine that it has to be a big grand, one sweep clean out. This often leads to one of two things:

  • We never get started
  • We start and get distracted leaving a bigger mess

Instead of waiting for some hypothetical day in the future when you will all of a sudden have your shit together enough to clean the entire house from top to bottom, why not make a pact to just get a box out and add one thing to it each day.

You could do this same thing with cleaning. Dust just the living room one day. The next day dust your bedroom.

Keeping a clean, clutter free home doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Small baby steps make a big difference!

Say your goals out loud

We hear a lot about the importance of writing down our goals (and this is totally true), but one thing we heard left often is that we should really be saying them out lout!

Hearing our own voice say the things we want to accomplish as if they have already happened is a way to “stay in the frequency of your goals” as Bob Proctor would say.

This can be as easy as telling yourself out loud the things you want to accomplish, have or do in life while you take your daily shower. Saying our goals out loud can be kind of a scary thing that most of us prefer to keep private (and should if we are new to the practice), which is why the muffled sounds of the shower might be the perfect place to start.

Read before you sleep

So many of us have good intentions about reading more often, but are rarely able to carve out the time. However, did you know that reading ONLY 6 minutes before bed has been shown to greatly improve your mental health?

Reading last thing before bed can improve your sleep, reduce stress and also teaches you a thing or two!

If you have had a book on your mind for a while that you keep telling yourself you’re going to read, go grab it put it on your nightstand and commit to reading for just a few minutes before bed! 10 Ways to Start Reading More.

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Creating new habits shouldn't be difficult. Here are simple minimalist habits that will help you change your life with little effort.

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