Do you love your jeans and tank top? Great, here are 10 different minimalist fashion ideas for summer. Sport your favorite outfit no matter where you go.

Minimalist Fashion for Summer: 10 Ways to Style Jeans and a Tank.

Confession. I have a problem. I could literally live my entire life in ripped jeans. Maybe it’s because my teen years were spent at Hollister and Abercrombie and I’m just glad the ripped jean look has made a comeback. If you are working on decluttering your wardrobe but are totally stumped on how to make a smaller amount of clothes work for you, I get it. As a minimalist fashion lover/ripped jeans obsessed 30 something, I have got you covered. I have officially perfected all the possible ways to style your ripped jeans and white tank for any occasion. An accessory here, a change of shoes there and boom, you’ve got yourself 10 minimalist fashion ideas for summer.

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Look #1: The Saturday Morning

Maybe not everyone thoroughly enjoys lounging around on a Saturday morning, sipping coffee and eating brunch, but I sure do. All week long life is pretty hectic and I adore finding a way to be comfortable and fashionable while I take in all the luxuries of a Saturday.

Accompanied by bare feet this minimalist fashion idea for summer lets you totally enjoy the comfort of your ripped jeans and white tank. And yes, I always cook eggs from my living room…don’t you?

Look #2: The Basics

Right here folks…this is the look I’m going to take with me into millionaire status. Ripped jeans, white tank, Converse. Boom. Got all I need in life.

Don’t ever think your style has to be complicated. Minimalist fashion in summer literally lets you get away with being as basic as possible so make sure you take full advantage!

Look #3: The Mall Walker

Now, when I say “mall walker” I don’t mean the 65+ club in jogging suits. If you have been following me for a while, you know I can’t really label myself as a “shopper” anymore. If I’m not a shopper, I guess that makes me a mall walker.

When the weather is nice, my family and I love going to the outdoor outlet mall right near our house. As you probably know, I don’t really shop anymore…this is a minimalist fashion post after all. I may not shop, but you’d better believe I sip my Starbucks, soak up the sun and do my best to wear my ripped jeans.

Also…I am wildly obsessed with booties. These ones I got at goodwill for $3.50 and they were brand new! As luck would have it, some fashionable woman with my same shoe size apparently loves to buy brand new boots, stop wearing them, and then donate them to Goodwill…maybe she has a monthly shoe membership like I used to?! (Facepalm.)

Look #4: The Soccer Mom

Seriously, is there any better way to be the coolest mom on the soccer field than if you sport some ripped jeans? Cuz, I doubt it. It’s like letting the whole world know you’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom. (Mean Girls quote.)

I don’t love wearing my workout shoes with my jeans. But for the sake of demonstrating versatility in this post, I had to put them on.

I really wanted to find a coffee mug that said, “This might be wine.” That’s really more the soccer mom I would most likely be.

Look #5: The Night Out

Holla at me mamas…you want a night out but are usually too tired to actually change into anything worthwhile. That’s why I give you this minimalist fashion quick trick. A few curls, slap in some blingy jewelry and a cute pair of heels. It’s really all you need to turn that Saturday bruncher into a Saturday bombshell. Am I right? Oh, and tuck your shirt in for goodness sakes.

Let’s talk about these accessories, shall we? Earrings from Express for maybe $5 or less and the pumps were gifted to me. If you haven’t read my post yet about howI Stopped Buying Clothes for 3 Years, you’re going to want to check it out. The cute, blingy wallet? I just got that with some of my budgeted “fun money.” It was on sale at Kate Spade for only $19!

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Look #6: The Movies

Giant oversized zip up with my favorite ripped jeans and white tank? Yes, please. I know we’re doing a minimalist fashion in summer thing, but this girl gets cold in the movie theater. I can’t be the only one.

Look #7: The Ballgame

No one knows you’re being sneaky with your ripped jeans and white tank if you give your top a knot. Right? I mean, I instantly look like a fun, sporty girl you could take to the ball game. Ha.

In all honesty, this isn’t a Minnesota Twins baseball hat…it’s a Dustin from Stranger Things baseball hat. It’s probably the best thing that I own.

I’m also a big fan of dressing up a cap with some pig tails. It’s a nice way of making it look like you tried to be cute when you’re really just covering your unwashed hair.

Look #8: The Cool Beach

Right here, folks. I could live in this minimalist fashion look all summer long. Bikini, ripped jeans, white tank, a cooler full of beach treats. Perfection.

A lightweight white tank and ripped jeans are really perfect for the beach. They will help keep you cool and relaxed. Just slap on your flip flops, load up your cooler and you are ready to go.

Look #9: The Netflix and Chill

First of all, I don’t think Netflix and chill means the same to me as it does to the youngsters these days. First of all…ladies…let’s all agree you should find a guy who tries harder than this on a date. Second of all, if I’m going to be parked on a couch watching Netflix, you best believe I am going to be comfortable. Tossing on a warmer flannel over your ripped jeans and white tank instantly makes you ready for a summer night in. Blanket optional but much preferred.

Look #10: The Bonfire

Is there anything better after a long day on the beach than ending it with a bonfire on the beach? No. No, there isn’t. This oversized sweater (also a hand-me-down) is probably one of the best, most versatile things that I own. It’s also perfect for a cooled down summer night outside.

Final Minimalist Fashion Tips

You know I am a firm believer in only owning what you wear a lot and love the most. That’s why I really wanted to compile these 10 minimalist fashion ideas for summer.

One tip I have for wearing a white tank is to wear a cami underneath that matches your skin tone. This will prevent your shirt from being see-through and help smooth out any bra lines that might want to show through!

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