Looking for some simple minimalist bedroom decor inspiration? Look no further. Find a cozy room that is just your style here.

Simple Minimalist Bedroom Decor Inspo.

There is truly something magical about a minimalist aesthetic bedroom. I know, I know, all around it’s a good look in any room of the house, but bedrooms in particular is where we lay our heads at night and should be able to completely let go of our worries of the day. Coming from someone who used to have to leap over piles of stuff and had Teen Beat posters plastered to her wall, I can promise, the less stuff theme works way better for a good night’s sleep or even relaxing at the end of a long day. That’s why I wanted to take a hot minute and share some gorgeous inspo. with you.

What you don’t need

Remember, creating a minimalist bedroom doesn’t always mean buying all new furniture. If you have a busted up, broken bed frame that makes you feel craptacular every time you try to climb under the covers at night, then it might be worth starting a Sinking Fund and a Pinterest inspo board for a new one.

One of the tough balances I had to learn when first practicing minimalism was that stuff isn’t bad, but the over consumption of it is when we start to run into problems. In fact, having quality things and a well maintained home has been proven to help improve anxiety, depression and spills over into other areas of your life.

That being said, let’s dive into the design inspiration to spark your dream bedroom.

Bring in Nature

A simple way to keep your room peaceful and give yourself a nature feel is to include things like simple, natural wood as well as some greenery like this bedroom from The House on Coral Reef.

Notice how the picture frames are blank, the dresser and nightstand are clear and the walls and curtains are a basic white. This brings the focus to those environmental elements.

The House on Coral Reef

Bring in Texture

A good way to keep your room simple, but still bring in some design elements is to include different textures like this bedroom by Home on Mount Forest.

Notice the variations in the pillows give the room some depth and character while still maintaining that neutral feel. If you are someone who loves sensory items, this might a nice way to help yourself snuggle in bed and unwind while you brush your fingers along the tassels of a throw pillow.

Home on Mount Forest


Whether or not budget is an issue, or you’re just loving the idea of crashing into bed at night, get some mood motivation from Celeste Escarcega on Instagram with this pale pink, minimalist bedroom.

She has also incorporated different textures and nature in this space without making it feel overwhelming.


Super Neutral

If you want nothing more than total relaxation at the end of the night, try aiming for total neutrals like The Barta House. This is such a no-fuss, easy to maintain space that it can not only help you unwind at the end of the night but can also make tidying up incredibly easy.

The Barta House

Nighttime Nooks

This simple, minimalist bedroom from Kayelle Daily has a perfect setup for couples who want to read and cozy up with a book without making the space feel cluttered.

The simple reading lights avoid being bulky or taking up space and still allow a couple to enjoy a little extra light before turning in for the day.

Kayelle Daily

Sneaky Storage

One of my favorite ways to make sure I can still have some of my knick-knacks, books, notebooks on hand is to take advantage of sneaky ways to hide stuff that might otherwise accumulate on surfaces as clutter.

This nightstand offers 2 drawers and a side display for quick grab items so that the surface of the stand can be put to better use in this cozy House and Home bedroom.

House and Home

Bed Color Pops

Pop of color accent walls can bring a lot of personality and color to a room, but taking the time to paint can be a time consuming process. Instead opting for pops of color in places like the bed linen from Magic Linen is a great way to allow some of your favorite color schemes to make their way into your minimalist bedroom without feeling too permanent.

Magic Linen

DIY Bedframe

Another great way to preserve simplicity and space in your bedroom is to skip the bulky headboard, and simply paint your own like this one from Dream Green Daily.

On top of that the desert sand vibe that this room is giving off is so calming.

Dream Green Daily

Natural Light

When you have a space that naturally brings in more light, you don’t have to worry about decor simplicity as much since the room is naturally going to brighten itself up. In The Lily Pad Cottage they’ve done a good job of balancing decor and little comforts without making this small bedroom feel crowded.

The Lily Pad Cottage

Focal Point and Done

I absolutely love this space from the painted brick to the wood ceiling panels. Without any fuss this space gives off so much character. To really put an emphasis into a space like this, Leanne Ford did a simple focal point and pop of character like they’ve done with the mirror and lounge chair. When you have items and space with this much charm you really don’t have to put in any additional emphasis.

Leanne Ford

Color Pop

One thing you don’t think of when it comes to a minimalist aesthetic is bright colors. The truth is, you can still create a minimalist bedroom while also incorporating big bright colors. It’s simply a matter of keeping some elements simple while including those color pops in all the right places like Chango & Co.

Chango & Co.

Dream Space

You don’t often see canopies included in minimalist bedrooms, but for those of us who dreamed of waking up to this kind of dreamy-like wonder, it is absolutely perfect. I love how Kara Mann included this beautiful bed piece without making it take attention from other areas of the room.

The additional wall hanging of the drapes really enhances that sleepy wonder-like state.

Kara Mann

Pillows for Days

One thing most people wouldn’t consider to be minimal are those dozens of throw pillows covering a bed. However, Julian Porcino has done a great job of simplifying the rest of the space in order to get away with a little over-fluff of those cozy pillows we know and love.

The simple touch of color is another great way to give the room a little warmth when everything else has such a blank slate feel.

Julian Porcino

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Looking for some simple minimalist bedroom decor inspiration? Look no further. Find a cozy room that is just your style here.

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