Mala Beads for Prayer, Meditation and Anxiety Relief

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was first drawn to mala beads because I thought they were super cute! Little did I know they would be able to seriously help me cope with the stress I had in my day to day life. The stress of being a stay at home mom who never gets a moment of silence, to stress in my marriage, in my work; anything life would throw at me. How these beads aren’t more popular is beyond me. They have the power to help with prayer, meditation and anxiety relief. Here is a little guide to where mala beads came from, how they were originally used and how you can incorporate them into your day to day life today.

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What are mala beads?

Mala beads, as I had mentioned originated over a thousand years ago and were first used by Buddhist monks during their prayer time. Each string of beads consists of 108 beads that are broken down in 4 sections of 27 beads. You can see that each section of 27 beads is separated by a bead of a different color. The best part is that you can also buy smaller prayer beads with only 27 beads on them! These are a great idea if you are just getting started with meditation or if you want to help your younger children begin some easy meditation techniques. For monks, each bead was used to say a prayer or repeat a mantra. Today they can be used in similar ways. The best part is that these mala beads can really be beneficial to you however you need them to be.

Where you can find them.

When it comes to finding a wide variety of mala beads, (drum roll, please) Amazon is my go to. It’s shameful, I know. I just love the convenience of having things shipped directly to my front door with as little as an effort on my part as possible.

There are also a huge variety of mala bead makers on Etsy. My personal favorite shop for the most stylish beads is MintAndGlamorShe is also offering a great coupon code when you enter “FREESHIPPING” into the coupon code at check out! The beads are incredibly reasonably priced and beautifully done. If you are hoping to get started with some mala beads, I highly recommend starting here. I’m a firm believer in supporting small shops and self run businesses. Etsy is a great place for this. 

If you yourself are handy with crafting, then assembling some of these beads and customizing them to your liking is easily done as well. Me, I prefer mine to stay in one piece and avoid the cussing that comes along with crafting when I try.

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How To Use Them

Rather than attempt a lengthy, worded explanation, I decided to link to a YouTube video that very clearly explains how to hold and maneuver your mala beads.

Personally, depending on what I need that day, I will use my beads in many different ways:

Just breathing.

Sometimes my mind is already racing and what I need is to quiet it down a little. So, with every bead that makes its way into my fingertips, I just a very aware, big, deep belly breath and then just…let it go. All of it. Summits I chose to do this for 27 beads, just to give myself a quick calm down. My personal favorite time to use this method is when I can’t sleep at night. That 2 am time when my mind races with all the potential dangers that the next day may bring. In those moments, I need to just breathe and I need to sleep. More often than not, if I get my beads in my hand and start taking my big belly breaths, I quickly find myself drifting off to sleep.


Affirmations are becoming a more and more popular thing, and I love it. Self-doubt or self-sabotaging thoughts are a sure way to ruin a day. Taking the time with each bead to repeat an affirmation is a great way to lift your thoughts and distract yourself from anything negative that may be running through your brain.

Choosing an affirmation can be anything from “I can do this.” to “I’m a badass motha who don’t take no crap off of nobody.” –Maybe I’m just quoting Cool Runnings. Either way, they both could work wonders for one’s self-love state-of-mind.


Often, again at night, I will take the time to pray for people or situations in my life. This can also be a good practice when you are feeling to focused on yourself. With each bead, take the time to say a short prayer for someone in your life. These don’t have to be long and lengthy by any means. It’s simply a way of being conscious of your words, and pray with intention.

Like I said, these (not so new) tools can really help you when it comes to living on purpose, aiding anxieties and helping you sleep at night. All these things can be real health crushers. So often we look to external forces to help us fix the areas we feel incomplete or unhealthy. I believe in taking a look internally and these prayer beads can help you achieve this.

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