Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Vegan Snicker Bites

These little bites of heaven are something I have been craving for days and finally made! These are made with a date based caramel which means you save big time on your sugar intake! 

While I no longer eat a vegan diet I am still gluten free. Either way, I make as much of my food friendly to both of these types of diets. Especially desserts. Eating with dietary restrictions is stressful, so I have to cater to myself; and any foodie friends out there. If you love recipes like this, then you will love my FREE eCook Book. Just click below to get your copy!

These yummy treats do take a little patience, but no cooking is required. All you need is a craving for chocolate and a high quality blender or food processor! So, let’s get started.

low sugar, gluten free, vegan snickers bites


1.5 cups pitted dates
2 dark chocolate or cacao baking bars
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup salted peanuts
1/4 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)
2 Tablespoons coconut oil

Getting Started

1. Place dates and almond milk into blender or food processor.
2. Once mixture is well blended, spoon a teaspoon at a time into small cupcake liner or parchment paper.
3. Top each teaspoon of date mixture with a small dollop of peanut butter.
4. Add 4-5 peanuts on top of peanut butter.
5. Place in freezer.
6. While your bites are freezing begin melting your chocolate or cacao over low heat in a sauce pan along with coconut oil.
7. Once chocolate mixture is melted, take date bites out of freezer.
8. Drizzle each bite with 1 teaspoon of melted chocolate.
9. Place back in freezer until hardened.

I personally love these when they are in the freezer, but I also like my regular Snicker’s like that! The best part is, these little bites still keep their ooey, gooey chewy-ness.

If you are digging the low sugar/sugar free options, check out the recipes page.

low sugar, gluten free, vegan snickers bites

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  1. Alexis @FITnancials | 17th May 17

    These look amazing! And they’re vegan! 🙂

    • heartsoulwhole@gmail.com | 17th May 17

      They ARE absolutely delicious! One might call them addicting.

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