There are so many life lessons I have learned from death. I have broken it down into the top 7 life lessons to help you live a better life.

Life Lessons from Death. What I have learned so far.

I know this may sound like a very depressing topic, but honestly, I feel like this is what my blog has always been about. I’m only just realizing it now. If you are following along with me on Instagram, you know my stepdad recently passed away after a 3 year battle with brain cancer. Truthfully, every time I have lost someone in my life I gain a new perspective, and new life lessons from death. There is so much we can learn from death if we just take a moment to reflect. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…and why my blog writings are completely based on these lessons.

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No one can predict the future

Have you ever been randomly blind-sided by the news that someone you love has suddenly passed away? This has happened to me many times…before I even graduated high school.

Kids my age died, friends lost parents…

Each time I was hit with the shocking realization that our lives can end without a moments notice. So we had better make damn sure we are living them well.

Does that mean we should stop planning for the future? Of course not. But it does mean we shouldn’t live our lives thinking that we are guaranteed a “someday.”

People die with dreams inside them

When people pass away, they often die with dreams still inside them.

Trips they never took. Chances they were too afraid to take. Retirement plans they had.

They got too caught up in living for someday instead of seizing today.

People wait for death before they start to live

My stepdad received a terminal brain cancer diagnosis and then he decided to retire and move out west like he always wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful that he did. He got to spend time with my sisters and his grandchildren that he rarely saw.

He saw Yellowstone, went zip lining and started to enjoy his days a little more…all while receiving Chemo treatments and fighting chronic headaches.

It took a terminal diagnosis before he started taking this life a little more seriously. He’s not the only one. I mean, Tim McGraw sings all about it. “Someday I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dying.”

Reality: we are all dying.

Super depressing sounding, I know. But it’s the truth. Death is inevitable, it’s coming for all of us and I truly believe it’s a lot less scary of a thought when we know we lived well.

Death makes people uncomfortable

People fight death. They fear death. Why?

I can only imagine it’s because they have those dreams stuck inside them, they fear what they’ve left undone.

I don’t see death this way, although it hasn’t always been easy. The scariest part for me is not knowing what my children’s lives would look like after I’m gone. But honestly, I believe they will be ok. They are so loved by so many. While my death would no doubt make a huge impact in their lives, they will be ok.

Anyway…back to my point.

Not everyone is so calm or accepting of death. If you believe you are one of those people, I would really encourage you to take a moment to as yourself why.

When my grandma was living her last days she said, “I wish I could just die.” She said that a lot actually. By the end of her life she was tired. She had spent most of her days serving everyone around her and in the end, she was ready to be done.

I remember telling her, “I think you get to Grammy.” Her response, “Really? Good.”

While I wish she would have done more for herself in life, she clearly felt satisfied with the work she had done. Isn’t that the goal? To make it to the end of life and be proud of how you lived?

Living the YOLO life can leave many regrets behind

So if death is inevitable…we’d better live up each day with “no ragrets” right? (It’s a joke.)

The whole YOLO (you only live once) theory is nice…in theory. But what happens when you’ve seized every experienced, bought every thing and slept with more people than you have fingers and toes?

You may very well find yourself broke, alone, and 80 years old with optimal health and a whole lot of panic and regret. –Just like you didn’t want.

While it is so important to live our lives fully, it’s equally important to live them well. Be smart. Plan. Save. Love others with your whole heart. No one tells you just how fulfilling these things can be.

Money stops people from living

How do I even begin…

I grew up hearing that money was the root of all evil. That desiring money was bad.

Then a few years ago, there was a truth bomb dropped on me. We all need money to truly live the life we want to live. Obsessing about money or loving it more than people is where the problem lies.

Here’s what I know I want:

  • Not to have to work beyond my working years.
  • Travel.
  • Give my children the best possible life.
  • Be one of those old couples that still hold hands in the park.
  • Be able to give to anyone in need.

That’s it really. Your list will probably look different, but I bet finances will be equally as important.

What I know is that really, all of these things require money of some kind. I’m required to save or spend in order to really live out these desires of my life. I want to put my kids in sports, take off sick days from work when they need me, support them if/when they go to college or begin a life outside my home.

I want to invest in my marriage and the last thing I want to tear us apart is something as silly as money or debt. (It already almost did)

The desire for “things” distracts people from their purpose

Things. When I say things, I mean so many different kinds of things.

Maybe living your entire life in a shopping mall, filling your life full of temporary joy is holding you back from experiencing what you are really capable of.

Is a gambling addiction or alcohol consumption holding you back from showing up for the people that mean the most to you?

All of these things are fleeting. They don’t last. They are temporary highs. And too many people allow themselves to be held back from experiencing lasting joy because of them.

How the blog ties in

I do not, for a single second want anyone to lose themselves in clutter or the accumulation of things. That’s why I preach minimalism.

Getting specific about what you really want in your life and in your home has a way of opening your eyes to what you really want for your life.

I write about getting out of debt and building up a savings because these are some of the most freeing things you’ll ever do for yourself! Honestly.

Finding a way to get a hold of your money situation and getting rid of a desire for things can open up the opportunities you have been missing out on in your life.

That’s what this blog is really about. I just realized it. That is why I am so passionate about these things. That is why I combined minimalism and money into a blog. I wasn’t always sure how they fit together but I knew they did. Now I see it all clearly.

Not sure where to start?

So how do you get yourself on track? How do you point yourself in the direction you want your life to go?

How to find your purpose:

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No idea how to save?

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