How to Know When That Laptop Lifestyle Job is Calling You

How to Know When That Laptop Lifestyle Job is Calling You

I wish, I wish, I wish I would have known that the laptop lifestyle was a thing when I was in high school. Technically, it wasn’t a thing yet, but I just wish I could have known about it the second that it happened. But, here’s the thing…when you find out about it and then you feel those butterflies in your belly just thinking about it, then you had better make it happen! Not sure if those butterflies are real yet? Let’ts chat for a sec about that laptop lifestyle and how to know if you are destined for a job that allows you that kind of freedom.

What is the laptop life?

The laptop lifestyle is a newer movement that has pictures that look too-good-to-be-true flooding Instagram and Facebook. It’s the images of laptops on beaches or overlooking landscapes in Greece. Those cutesie photos of people working on a laptop in a coffee shop looking tan and happy. That is the laptop life and my friend, it is very real.

Sure, there are people who are in a pretend persuit of it. They do the work for the Instagram image and nothing else. But, there are others, like Michelle, who live it every single day.

They are making an income using only their laptop and it allows them to travel anywhere in the world. This doesn’t mean constantly sipping mojitos on a beach in Bali (although that can happen too). It means having a passion for your work and taking it wherever you want to go.

Red flags that the laptop lifestyle is calling you

For years there were red flags in my life telling me I was meant for laptop life. Unfortunately, I still didn’t know that laptop life was the answer. So, if you’re kind of curious, here are some of the major signs to look for.

You feel disconnected

When you’re at work, or at home with your kids (no judgment from this stay at home mama), you feel…lacking. It’s like something is missing. You’re just going through the motions. Life was not meant to be lived on autopilot, my friend!

Beyond brushing your teeth, walking, and blinking, you were designed to learn, grow, and create. You were designed to be big and take up space. There is something unique inside of you and it is meant to be shared!

Passion is lacking

That autopilot mode that we tend to get stuck in…it leads to a lack of passion for work, life and so much more.

I remember that feeling of doing whatever my boss told me to do…but I never wanted to go above and beyond. Not because I was millennial lazy, but because I was not inspired, I was not passionate, and I sure as hell couldn’t find any meaning or life purpose behind folding a pair of Old Navy jeans perfectly.

Passion and work can (and should) go hand-in-hand. You spend the majority of your life at work, why not allow yourself to feel inspired by what you do? Finding Your Secret Sauce: What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life?

You fear the front porch test

Imagine being 80…or 90….whatever age it is that you know you’re officially on your way out. Yeah, I put that really delicately, I know.

Think about sitting on your front porch in your hover-craft rocking chair and you’re thinking back on your life. Are you going to be happy with what you saw? Maybe you raised the family, maybe you made the money, maybe you had an awesome car…but if you feel like you lived your life without that one. thing…will you regret it? Ikigai: The Japanese Art of Finding Life’s Purpose and Never Retiring

You’re constantly searching for new jobs online

Do you dream of just working from home? Maybe the idea of venturing out into the world with a laptop hasn’t even crossed your money, but the idea of having the freedom to work from home sounds really appealing. So you look for jobs that you can do to make money online.

There is something missing, so you look for answers on Google. Again, been there, done that. Google, the newspaper want ads…just seeking something that might fill that void. Maybe there is an online job for you or maybe what you’re really feeling is that desire to make money for yourself.

Travel seems to be lacking

Lastly, maybe you do dream about traveling. You haven’t ventured very far beyond your comfort zone and yet you keep seeing images from beautiful places you feel like you’ll never get the chance to see.

Laptop life can allow you not only the freedom of time but freedom of money as well. With passion. It has the potential to do all of these things! So what do you have to do to get it?

The pursuit of laptop life

It might feel like such a far-off dream, but the beautiful thing is, you can start right now. Literally, in like 20 minutes you could be well on your way.

Research what fits

Learn about different jobs that go along with the laptop lifestyle. Things like:

  • Web design
  • Blogging
  • eCommerce
  • Virtual flipping
  • Online tutoring
  • Freelance writing

All of these things might come to mind. But did you ever realize there are people making an income digital from things like:

  • Teaching yoga
  • Selling sunglasses
  • Virtual coaching
  • Photography
  • Creating courses
  • Checking other people’s emails

Right now the world of online business is ever-expanding and there is a good chance that you already know how most of it works!

So take the time and start looking into online gigs that you can do! Things you’re already trained for!

Start right now

Once you have an idea of what you can do, start right now! Join my FREE training to learn how to make your first $1,000 online!

The truth is, most online jobs that lead to laptop life benefit immensely from having a good website and online presence. If you have NO CLUE how to do that, sign up for my Stay at Home Blogger online course! It is a 4 phase program that is designed to teach you how to build an online empire in your spare time!

Most people are already at home with kids or working full time, but there are moves you can be doing in your spare time with just an hour or two a day that can start helping you ease into online life! Click here to start making moves!

Understand it’s still work

Don’t be fooled into thinking that laptop lifestyle is all Insta-worthy photos and fluff. Quite the opposite. It requires work, time, and effort to achieve. But it is so worth it! There is nothing that can replace having that passion for what you do! And successful laptop life is all about helping others as well!

You can make an impact in the world and you can do it with passion for your work!

Making the laptop lifestyle leap

When you’re ready to make the leap, make the leap! That doesn’t mean quitting your day job and hoping for the best. It means making tangible moves in the right direction. It means signing up for training that can help you achieve your goals.

The time will pass. Chances are you are going to end up old on that front porch no matter what. What do you want to have accomplished once you get there?

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How to Know When That Laptop Lifestyle Job is Calling You
How to Know When That Laptop Lifestyle Job is Calling You

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