Small Kitchen Declutter and Storage Solutions

The best way to improve the function of your kitchen and your life is to get intentionally organized. So many people think organization is all about the right containers or storage systems when in reality the thing that is going to give you the biggest home makeover is to declutter and then organize. So here’s how to get started with a kitchen declutter to improve the function of your kitchen and to keep clutter at bay.

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Downsize doubles

When it comes to downsizing your kitchen, the easiest place to start is with all your doubles. We tend to hang on to things that we already have multiples of. Sometimes it’s easier because then we don’t have to wash dishes as often. Sometimes we live with the irrational fear that all of a sudden, all of our belongings will magically disappear like socks in the dryer. So let’s get real; most things you only require one of. It just might take a little getting used to.

Pots and pans

I don’t know about you guys but I had like 30 of the same pans before starting the downsize process. I had to get honest with myself. Now I have 3 pots: 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large. Frying pans are the same. I use them almost every day and yet have been super surprised to find just how functional having fewer really is. Owning more really just meant more dishes that piled in the sink. No thank you to that, my friend.

Spoons and spatulas

Let’s not get into the debate about what exactly a spatula is, just take a moment to ask yourself if you need 3 of them? Earlier this year I purchased a nice set of bamboo cooking utensils, hung onto one plastic spatula (for flipping pancakes) and said “goodbye” to the rest. The few odds and ends utensils we have like can openers, soup ladles and measuring cups now nicely fit into one small drawer. The bamboo ones get left out, right next to the stove for easy access and because they are way cuter than the old plastic ones we had before. It’s all about the cute, right/ Plus, avoiding plastic in cooking is a better option for your health and for the environment.


Tupperware can become like a mortal enemy, especially when the lids just don’t match the bottoms anymore. Just trust me here, there will not be some giant Tupperware apocalypse. Do away with the unused, the extra pieces and all things useless in the plastic storage department. I recently went through our tupperware cupboard, cleared away the old, stacked what was left and found myself with spaced out, easier access tupperware storage.

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Get intentional

1. Give every place a purpose

Now that you’ve squared things away, it’s time to decide what you want each cupboard space to be for. After downsizing my pots and pans I was bale to fit them into the relatively small cupboards right next to the oven. It’s absolutely perfect having all my cooking goodies right next to the stove top, oven and microwave. It makes for a really high functioning kitchen.

2. Hide the ugly stuff

If you have bulkier items that you don’t want cluttering your counter tops, hopefully you cleared up some cupboard space! Now you can hide these unsightly things in their own little nook. Personally we stash our microwave oven and my trusty blender.

3. Avoid food layering

When stocking your pantry or food cupboards, avoid hiding food behind other foods. Doing this, you can avoid losing site of expired foods, plus it will make your pantry look much neater and clutter free.

My favorite way to do this is through tons of handy storage solutions. Most of which you can find at your local dollar store! As soon as I get home from grocery shopping I organize all our foods into their separate containers. It makes for finding foods easily and a clean looking pantry.

Take a peek below to see some of our storage solutions.

Use these declutter and storage solutions to start to a small kitchen declutter that sticks! It's way easier than you think!

Use these declutter and storage solutions to start to a small kitchen declutter that sticks! It's way easier than you think!

Stick with a system

Once you have everything in place, work on implementing a system to keep it all organized. Get your family involved so they are aware of the changes you are making. This is best for you an them. Hopefully they start to figure out the new flow so they aren’t totally lost in their own kitchen.

If you saw something you liked, I shared some of the stuff and some of the foods found in my post, so you can do some prepping for yourself!

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Pin this!Use these declutter and storage solutions to start to a small kitchen declutter that sticks! It's way easier than you think!




  1. Denise | 16th Oct 17

    I soooo need this in my life, my kitchen is one of the rooms i look at every morning shake my head and just walk away…so much clutter lol, great read.

    • | 16th Oct 17

      Awww. It can be so tough!! Small steps!

  2. Rebecca Richards | 16th Oct 17

    love these ideas, I seriously need a downsize!

    • | 16th Oct 17

      It is seriously life changing! Just take a nudge to getcha going!

  3. Juli | 18th Oct 17

    I love how you organize and show the tips and suggestions on doing this. Thanks much.

    • | 18th Oct 17

      Great! I’m glad you liked it!

  4. Sandra | 23rd Oct 17

    Great tips- that plastics one always drives me crazy!

    • | 23rd Oct 17

      Yeah…I don’t think you’re alone on that one!

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