How do I awaken my intuition? What does it mean to follow my intuition? Check out my 60 day journey of totally following intuitive guidance

I Followed My Intuition for 60 Days. Here’s what happened.

One of the most difficult things any of us can try and do in life is decipher between what we intuitively are lead to and what our brain makes us believe we should do. At least it has been for me. It can be so easy to mix up the things we believe we are supposed to do or the most logical things with what our heart instinctively knows is right for us. Despite the difficulty of actually trusting intuition, I have come to find that whenever I have allowed myself to follow my intuition things go smoothly, life feels purposeful and easy and I am far more content. With a determination to really test out intuition and to see if that whole, “Let go and let God” thing actually works, I decided to spend the last 60 days getting really intentional about listening to and following my intuition. Here’s how I did it, what I learned and what the plan is from here…

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Connecting to consciousness

Before we jump in, let me just say that I know it is easier for some of us to connect with or recognize intuition than it is for others. That’s why I wanted to give some quick guidance on how you can tap into yours more.

The absolute first step to being guided by your intuition is to first start learning how to connect to it. Carl Jung believed that the teen years and the 40s are often the time when most of us are given the chance to connect to our consciousness/intuition. This makes sense when you consider how the teen years tend to be so “terrible” and people often have a mid-life crisis at 40. During these times in our life, we connect to ourselves more — and that shit can get kinda scary.

These guidelines shift, however, if and when we go through moments of trauma or tragedy that shake us from our normal way of existence. The loss of parents does this the most according to Jung and I can personally agree with him on that.

While we are all given opportunities to better connect with our inner guide, there are also ways I have found to actively pursue a connection with our consciousness/inner guide. One of the ways I have found to do this is during those times when we are at a crossroads in our lives and aren’t sure which path is the right path to take. If you have ever debated a decision endlessly into the night, then you totally know what I mean.

If you’d like additional guidance on connecting to consciousness, you can take my 3 days of Consciousness Coaching totally FREE, and/or check out the video below.

Tapping in

In order to start tapping into intuition, I spent a lot of time in silence. By going into a meditative state I was able to start my days in slow, quiet awareness. Doing this can really help you become more aware of your own internal cues.

When we wake up and instantly start feeding our brains with the news, social media, or videos for entertainment, we might not ever get that chance to connect all the parts of ourselves that need to be connected. In order to thoroughly function with intuition, it’s so important to align body, mind, and soul first thing in the morning.

Ways to meditate if you struggle with meditation

There are so many ways to slowly start your morning with a little peace and quiet. These are just a few.

Take only aligned action

Have you ever done an entire day worth of work and it all just free-flowed and felt really easy and maybe even fun? That is a good sign that you were working from a place of alignment.

There is a big difference in working when we work from a place of stress, striving, and hustle versus when we are in a high vibrational state of alignment.

My biggest mission (or non-mission, I should say) during the last 2 months of intentional connection with intuition has been to only take action from a place of alignment and peace.

This is why I made sure to start my days with meditation and silence, so I was instantly starting my day with clarity and guidance toward aligned action. Another good thing to include in your morning practice is journaling and gratitude. You can get ideas for both of these in my 75 Free Journal Prompts.

Does this mean only work when you feel like it?

Before when I would hear someone say to only work when it was fun or to only act from a place of alignment, I struggled to understand how this would ever work because I don’t always feel like I’m just totally high on life and ready to take intentional action. I’m not a machine, I’m a person…and I’m a person who definitely prefers naps to work most days.

The truth is, if I only did things when I felt like it, I would probably never accomplish much — and when I don’t accomplish much I fall into a state of depression and regret. Ultimately…this would just lead me into a vicious cycle of doing nothing and feeling like shit about it.

I created an aligned action loophole

Instead of only doing things when I felt like it, I found ways to keep working toward my higher purpose goals. Here is a quick summary:

  • Allow inspiration to come
  • Write down the full vision/idea that I have from this idea
  • Take action on it right away
  • Right down the next steps to take
  • Do those next steps every single day no matter how I’m feeling about them
  • Fall back into aligned action (90% of the time)

So, instead of believing that I will always be in a high-on-life state (totally unrealistic), I decided to take full advantage of my times of inspiration, and then on days where I was feeling less inspired, I had a plan of action to follow.

The whole point of following my intuition was to allow myself to blindly follow the guidance of the directions I previously left when I was in a higher vibrational state. This way, I knew I was taking action from a high vibe place no matter what.

Intuitive shifts in 60 days

Now let’s talk about the changes that I noticed take place during my 60 days of intuitive guidance.

I accomplished more behind-the-scenes work than ever before.

I tend to be someone who likes to be in the action. I want instant results. Through following my higher vibrational guidance and working to follow the game plan I wrote for myself when I was tapped into intuition meant I got a lot of work done that has needed to get done for…well…years. I previously had been too distracted by quick results to see the importance of the behind-the-scenes work on the big picture I saw for my life.

I’m like really chill.

I’m always a pretty laid-back person, but I think I have taken this to a whole new level. Most days I feel like my house could fall down around me and then burst into flames and I would just be like, “Hmm. Weird.” I mean, I might not be THAT chill, but seriously, it’s pretty close.

My writing feels more aligned with me.

For the past few years of writing the blog, I have had this underlying belief that it had to be a certain way. That my writing had to fit a certain minimalist mold if it was going to be “successful.” In the last few months, I have written more than I have in a long time and everything I have written feels far more intentional and on-purpose and aligned with the true vision of who I want to be.

I’ve started making more passive sales.

A big part of starting the blog for me was to make passive income. That means setting systems in place so that I can continually make money/sales even when I am not actively working. In the last 2 months I have made more passive sales than I have ever before. I always used to feel like I had to hustle and work hard for income to come in and I am now seeing that because I was able to align with my inner guidance and stick to the plan I am finally able to reap the benefits I have wanted to see for so long.

Staying high vibe

Confession: I always kind of used to hate the term “high vibe” but the truth is, once you’ve figured out how to get there…it’s just a term that makes sense and ya gotta stick with it.

What high vibe is not: Plastering a smile on your face even if you feel like screaming inside while trying to trick yourself into believing that you’re totally high vibe and happy AF. Knock it off. That’s the worst thing you could possibly todo.

Getting into a high vibrational state works differently for everyone. Here are some ideas:

  • Listen to music that pumps you up and makes you happy
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Exercise
  • Get your freak on (AKA sex)

However, keep in mind that doing any of these things with an internal dialogue that’s going, “I have to do this because Renee said so…” isn’t going to work. Deciding that you want to listen to your favorite song while you dance around your living room because you feel so freaking happy and on-purpose when you do– that’s the right way to go.

At the end of the day, allow yourself to make time for the things that bring you lasting joy.

Force yourself to do the things you know make you feel better

One thing I have found when working to stay in touch with my intuition was that I needed to consistently make sure I was doing the things that I know put me in a higher vibrational state.

For me, this meant a consistent gym routine. Do I like going to the gym all the time? No. However, I know whenever I have completed a workout, I am instantly in a better, more aligned, at peace mood for the rest of the day.

Remember, there is no one way that works for everyone. You can get ideas from self-help books or blog posts on how to raise your vibration, but the same things don’t always work for everyone. However, when you know that thing that always makes you feel better, I encourage you to insist you make time for it even if you have to fight your inner ego.

How to make a high-vibe routine less awful

  • Make it easy. (Example: I have a workout app that I use so I don’t have to try and motivate myself or find workout ideas…I just do what I’m told.)
  • Don’t tell yourself you have to enjoy it. (When I started getting consistent with my gym workout, I told myself over and over again, “Just go for 20 minutes. You don’t even have to try hard. Just go.”)
  • Choose a time when you have the least resistance. My husband loves working out first thing in the morning…I personally need some slow time to wake up. If I go from 0 to 60 I am more likely to be anxious and overwhelmed all day. Therefore, I give myself a few hours to slowly wake up, eat, and have coffee before I make my way to the gym.

No matter what thing you have to force yourself to do because you know it makes you feel better, there are always ways to simplify the process so it doesn’t have to be as daunting of a task.

Ok, now, snap out of it

After 2 months of constantly working at following my intuition, I realized that I was getting a little too much into my own head.

If you are living in a state of constantly going, “Ok, how do I feel right now?” “Where did this bad mood come from?” “How can I be sure this is right?” “Am I in alignment?

When you are constantly working to be connected to an inner guide, you can start to become a little too self-focused.

I’m happy to announce that I will be continuing to follow my intuition without being sooo internalized.

Instead, I choose to wake up and choose joy, to practice my gratitude, and to know that I am better able to glide through my life knowing that I did the work to get tapped into guidance that is higher than the opinions or rules of the society I currently live in.

How about you? Do you feel like you have a good sense of what your intuition is saying to you? If not, remember, you can check out my free Consciscouness Coaching.

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How do I awaken my intuition? What does it mean to follow my intuition? Check out my 60 day journey of totally following intuitive guidance

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