Using Blogging Facebook Groups to Increase my Blog Traffic Big Time

Using Blogging Facebook Groups to Increase my Blog Traffic Big Time

I had been blogging for 7 months before I decided to give up. You see, I had been blogging about food and fitness and honestly, it all felt forced and fake. Once I decided to write what I knew, the blog took off. Not all on its own, of course. For 7 months, the most views I had had per month were around 5K. In October that number shot to 10K and by January my views were at 125K! Now I want to break down for you exactly how I increased my page views from 10K to 125K in just 3 months using blogging Facebook groups (and a few other little tips!)

*This post contains affiliate links through which I may make a commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Quality is key

This is the Golden Rule of blogging and I’m going to be honest, I sort of ignored it for a while. I rushed through a lot of my content. Somehow I spent all day creating half-assed content and obsessed over the images versus I used instead of the words. While images are important, words are the key to your blog’s success.

Why quality content is so important:

  • Readers will stay on your site longer
  • You are more likely to get that content shared
  • People are more likely to subscribe
  • Your links will get clicked on more
  • Readers will return for more
  • You build trust with your audience

Showing people time and time again that you are busting your butt to only give them your absolute best creates trust and a relationship that they can count on.

If I didn’t up my content game I wouldn’t have pages that get thousands of views each day! Want more info on what it takes to make money with your blog? Click here to register for my free $1K Blogger training!

Blog traffic report

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s look at the proof.

In October 2017 my total monthly views were at 10,375. Now THAT was amazing. I told all my friends because that was over twice what my last 2 months had been.

November made it into the high 20,000s, and December was pushing 40K.

I was able to increase my blog traffic and increase page views from 10K to 125K in only three months. See my blogging tips to learn how you can do it too!

When I wrote down my goals for the month of January, I got a little “gutsy” and wrote down 60,000 page views. It felt daring and scary, but I really felt like I could do it…and WOW! I hit that goal before the month was even halfway over! It just kept going. In fact, in one day I had just under 10K page views. The same number I had been so excited to get in a month just 3 months before. 

Whatever I did, I knew I wanted to keep making it happen, so I thought back to the few minor changes I had made in my blogging promotion, scheduling, and organization and I made sure to keep it up.

Use all social media outlets

Yes, you absolutely have to share to your other social media outlets. I know the major focus here is Facebook blogging groups, but don’t neglect your other outlets!

It’s also crucial not to spend too much of your time promoting social media sources that really aren’t bringing in any page views. For me, that was Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram, but it doesn’t always love me back.  Of course, I kept sharing with Instagram, but I stopped making major time-consuming efforts in order to build my Insta following.

Where to promote after every new post:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (both personal and professional page)

Pinterest has always been my biggest traffic driver and traffic improved even more after I invested in Pinteresting Strategies.  Carly’s tips and tricks helped grow not only my Pinterest views each month but also the number of followers I have. Click here to learn more about Pinteresting Strategies.

Pay attention to where blog traffic comes from

I would always get a few friends and family who would click over from my Facebook page, but nothing major. However, I realized the major change in my traffic for the month of January came from Facebook!

This is why it is so important to make sure you are tracking where your traffic is coming from — so you know where to put your promoting focus!

I was able to increase my blog traffic and increase page views from 10K to 125K in only three months. See my blogging tips to learn how you can do it too!

Finding Facebook blogging groups

At this point, I was already a part of different blogging groups on Facebook that help one another share content, but I decided to “up my game” and join some more.

How to find blogging groups

To find blogging groups that share one another’s content just simply search the terms, “blog,” “blogger,” or “blogging” on Facebook and you will be opened up to a huge world of blogging groups.

I say join as many as you can. Most of them have brief questionnaires they will ask before they add you to the group. Things like, “What’s your URL” and “Promise you’ll share?!” Nothing major. After you click to join, be sure to keep an eye in your notifications so you know when you have actually been accepted to a group.

The low down on blogger share groups

Most blogging share groups have daily shares locations. For example,

  • Monday is Pinterest
  • Tuesday is Twitter
  • Wednesday is Facebook etc…

be mindful of which groups have these easy shares and always make sure to read the rules because each group will have different ones.

There is a little bit more to make sure you get the most out of these groups, but I will talk about that in a little bit.

Find like-minded Facebook groups

Contributing to blogging groups is helpful, for sure, but finding groups that are focused on things you write about is even better!

I started seeking out minimalist groups, frugal family groups, and other types of groups where people may be interested in reading my content.

Doing this is absolutely genius because you already know these people are interested in what you’re talking about. While blogging groups are helpful, having a food blogger share my content on how to keep a budget might not be interesting to most of their readers and therefore may go greatly unappreciated.

Get ideas from Facebook groups

When sharing with Facebook groups that have similar interests, you will also get the chance to engage in conversations that interest you. Often times people will give me their opinions or ask questions about the posts I share. This allows me to connect more with my potential audience and gather new ideas for future posts.

The second I started sharing my posts to like-minded groups, my Facebook traffic shot through the roof. While I love this major change in my traffic, I will be honest, I still get nervous sharing because I don’t want to be an over-sharer. The last thing I want to do is come across as a spammy blogger that is interrupting everyone’s good time. That’s why I space it out and only share if I really feel the people in these groups will benefit from the content. That means, sometimes I don’t share anything with these groups at all.

Collecting return readers

When you’ve already been able to promote to “your people,” and have brought them to your site, it’s important to try and get them coming back. The best way to do this is through an email list!

If you want to learn more about email lists, join my free blogger training and I will take you behind the scenes of how to set up your first email funnel!

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I was able to increase my blog traffic and increase page views from 10K to 125K in only three months. See my blogging tips to learn how you can do it too!

Getting organized!

As you start joining blogging groups and Facebook groups that are in your niche, make sure you write them down! In fact, I’m going to encourage you to do a little studying in order to make the absolute most of your Facebook promotions!

Getting organized in blogging groups

  1. After joining a group, read the rules and check to see if they have a daily share schedule.
  2. If they have a consistent daily share, make note of the time(s) that these posts go up.
  3. Try your best to share your links as close to the posted time(s) as possible. This gives you a better chance of your posts being seen and shared.

I have created an easy to follow printout that goes along with your blogging group organization so you can easily keep track of which groups you should be sharing to and when. Get your Blogging Group Schedule Printout!

Getting organized in Facebook groups

  1. Make note of any rules. Some groups do not want you to promote yourself or products on their page.
  2. Be sure to interact with other members and their posts. Become a known participant in these groups.
  3. Take the time to separate your groups into categories that will easily fit your blog.
    1. Example: I mostly blog about minimalism, finances, family, and blogging. These are 4 categories I could break my Facebook groups into so that when it comes time to share one particular post I can choose the category that fits most with the content

Don’t worry, I have an easy to fill out printout that goes along with these groups as well. You can easily separate each group into categories so you know what posts to share where. Get your Facebook Groups Printout here.

Final reminder

Be true to you. The second I got real with who I was and how I live, is the same second that the whole blogging game changed for me. Do your research, invest your time and finances if need be but most of all, make sure you are being a genuine person. You got this blogger!

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Using Blogging Facebook Groups to Increase my Blog Traffic Big Time








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  1. I am so glad you posted this, I feel like this is what I need! I have been struggling to get views and I feel like your advice is going to make a world of a difference! I have joined a few facebook groups which have helped but I’ll definitely be implementing the Pinterest idea and many of your other tips too! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you for such great insight! My blog is in its 2nd month and I’ve already incorporated a few of your suggestions but I can see I need to up my game!

  3. Oh wow, this is absolutely incredible and truly admirable. Will be bearing your tips in mind for sure. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura. I hope you do find them helpful. This blogging gig is no joke for sure. It has taken me forever to FINALLY feel like I know what I’m doing and I JUST know there is still so much more!

    1. I have been there. Most of September I didn’t blog at all because I just had to re-evaluate what I was doing. Then October was HUGE!

  4. I really needed to hear this, I am desperately trying to break out into the blogging world but I just cant’t seem to get my numbers up, I have joined loads of blogging groups on Facebook with thousands of members but its not improving my views by that much, do you have anymore tips?

    1. Leah, I am trying to slowly do more posts to share any knowledge I have gained over the last few years. I have a 5 day Blogging Blooper Course you are welcome to join! There are sign up forms in all of my posts! I share 4 major areas of blogging where I made big mistakes starting off and then 1 day worth of the things I did right!

  5. Everyone always talks about Tailwind but I just don’t see the results from it that others say that they do. I schedule pins, I share others’ content, I am in tribes, I share my own content and… nothing… I feel like maybe I am just not doing something right when it comes to Tailwind.

    Great post — you have some good tips! x


    1. I tried Tailwind when I first began blogging and I can definitely see the convenience in it. However, I used to pin constantly before LOL so I just find times throughout the day to do it on my own and have really liked the results. My Pinterest followers steadily increase a little bit every day and I’m ok with that.

  6. Very inspiring, it’s hard to keep going sometimes when it feels like you see no result. I think I’ll check out some more blogging groups 🙂

    1. I say celebrate every small win like it’s the biggest and best thing that’s ever happened! That’s what I do! It gives you the encouragement and faith to keep going. Keep in mind the 8 months before these 3 were very mellow and uneventful! It wasn’t easy. Little changes and tweaks and lessons throughout the year were necessary for my growth.

  7. I have joined some blogging groups and have seen some increase in my numbers, but I am still such a young blog that I would be happy with 1000 views a month. I think you make a great point that content is key because if it isn’t worth someone’s time the first time, they are probably not going to come back.

    1. Joanna, my first few months were all in the hundreds and I celebrated EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I think that’s what is absolutely crucial. 1,000 a month IS a huge deal! And yes, content is the absolute most important thing…for sure!

  8. This is so helpful. I will definitely be looking into some more specific Facebook groups for my type of blog. Congratulations on the incredible increase in page views ?

    1. Yes! Definitely search around for groups you think would be nice to join. Thank you!

    1. I am not great with Stumble Upon BUT I do get occasional views from there. Definitely not a make or break situation in my opinion.

  9. My issue is organizing; I just got Tailwind. Do you recommend starting with the free version or just do the pro? Thanks for sharing you have great tips.

    1. I started with the free version so I could really see how it worked. It was definitely super easy to use and I think people who do their blog while working full time or things of that matter it could be highly beneficial.

  10. What a great post! I totally agree with you, once you are true to yourself the blogging world will change. I learned this lesson my second year of blogging. I no longer cared about what others thought. Facebook groups are very helpful. I now. We’d to master tailwind.

    1. It’s so strange to me how that works. I tried and tried and tried and then as I let go…everything just seemed to flow way better. Imagine that.

  11. I have joined some blogging groups which have definitely helped but not quite up there in numbers yet! The template to write things down is so helpful though — I always forget and it makes me so anxious! lol

    1. Ohhh man I get that anxious feeling! It’s not a good one! Blogging actually got me into running to let out some of the stress…which I guess is a good thing?! haha. I’m glad you can benefit from the printout!

  12. Such a helpful post! I have been thinking of taking my blog to the next level, even though I share my posts on Facebook, I overlook a lot of the groups. However, that will change now.

    1. So glad to hear it! I hope you benefit from some additional sharing! Your page is so colorful and bright!! Makes me want to hop on a plane!

  13. Thank you for this useful information! I’m really looking into starting to monetize my blog and I’ve joined a site similar to Linqia, which also helps pair bloggers with brands. I’ve just checked Linqia and, apparently, I’d have to live in U.S. or Canada… bummer. I’ll check for more options!

  14. i love that you said like minded people and not just bloggers because i am in so many groups but my niche is not broad so i’m sure that’s why i don’t get to many views on them . thank you for that tip, i need to start joining my niche groups

    1. Absolutely! It’s a lot easier when you KNOW the people you’re interacting with are already interested in the same things as you! Good luck!

  15. Having a quality content in a blog is absolutely right. And Im also doing group joining, they are really a great help.

  16. Congratulations on the growth! These are fantastic tips. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Renee – great post – Will be following 🙂
    Some things are common sense – but we don’t see them at first!
    Shared to Pint & SU 🙂

  18. That’s awesome you’ve had such success with sharing to Facebook. I’ve noticed that I get a lot of views from there too through the blogging groups I’m in. It’s a work in process though. 🙂


  19. I so agree with finding like minded people! It is great to be a part of the “Blogging Community”. My greatest struggle is often making myself write. It is odd, because I love writing!

    1. I 100% understand that! I think often times people who start blogging love writing when they “feel inspired” and learning to make a habit of it is tough! (At least it was for me)

  20. I need to find some niche groups that allow you to post your relative content, all of the groups I’m in don’t allow it. Thanks for the wonderful tips—this growth is really inspiring!

    1. Good luck Emily! There’s a ton of info out there, so try not to get overwhelmed!

    1. Absolutely! It really just makes everything so much better when you put effort toward others!

  21. Great info!! I’d love to increase my traffic and I’m just learning the tricks! They seam endless!!

    1. Yes, yes they do! Haha I know I will have to continue to keep learning! But I will love to keep sharing as well!

  22. Thanks for sharing this, i started my blog back in september and have had a couple of low months. I am focusing on creating good comtent and I am also working on finding like minded people not just bloggers.

  23. Great post! My numbers are growing steadily on Insta, but my actual blog is just sad sad sad. My first year was basically non existent so I don’t even count it. I think one of my issues is that I need to move to a self hosted blog. But I guess that will remain to be seen…..

    1. Well that is awesome because Insta hates me! HAHA. Can’t wait to see you make the switch and see what happens!

  24. This is seriously an AMAZING idea! I spend so much time in blogging FB groups, but how have I never thought to look for like-minded groups that are looking for posts on my niche!! THANKS so much for this insight 🙂 🙂

    1. Nicole, I’m so glad you took something out of the post! I can’t tell you how much of a difference I have seen since switching that around!

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