If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.

10 Income Streams I Created from Home as a Stay at Home Mom

When I first decided to become a stay at home mom I was nervous and skeptical to say the least. Being raised as mostly an only child (although I have oodles of siblings) meant I grew up really valuing my alone time and my independence. I was someone who always liked working even if I didn’t always like all my jobs. If I wasn’t working I was creating things online, drawing, making movies with my friends or taking photos. It seemed I was always on the go and always trying something new. Then stay at home mom status hit and all of a sudden I was stuck in one spot most of the day … home. I knew if I was going to keep my sanity I would need to find a way to keep my independence while still tending to my kiddos. In the 10+ years I was a stay at home mom I was able to create over 10 additional income streams for my family, most of them within the last few years. Hopefully these give you some ideas and inspiration on what you can do for yourself!

*Side note: Any recommendations I share I may earn a commission from at no cost to you.

Learning to make passive income

One of my very biggest goals when it came to making money as a stay at home mom was to learn to take advantage of passive income. More than anything I wanted to earn money in a way that still allowed me to have flexibility in my schedule so I could show up for my friends and family whenever they needed me. Get my FREE Newbie Guide to Passive Income.

Working to understand passive income and the benefits it offered came in handy when we had family emergencies, like when my step dad was diagnosed with cancer, but I still made $500 on my blog the week I visited him. Some of the following ways I made money as a stay at home mom involve making money with passive income, while some are a little more hands on. My hope is that you’ll find some ideas that will work for you.

If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.


I had no idea when I started TikTok I the summer of 2020 that it would take off so quickly or that I would eventually be getting paid from it! Most people don’t know is that there are many ways to get paid on TikTok and the numbers continue growing.

Top ways moms are making income on TikTok

  • TikTok Marketplace – Promoting products and selling directly from the app.
  • Affiliate marketing – Linking to products or services in their bio and directing traffic to their links.
  • TikTok Creator Fund – TikTok just revamped their creator fund so videos longer than 1 minute can start earning commission based on how popular the content is.
  • Creating digital products – Just like you can direct traffic toward your affiliate links, you can do the same by creating digital products. Read: How I made $1,000 in One Month with a New Ebook
  • Sponsored posts – Like Instagram, a common way for creators to get paid on TikTok is through working with brands to create sponsored content. This is now something TikTok has made even easier with

Some of these features will require you to reach a certain number of followers before you’re able to access the programs, of course. or more! Unfortunately I was around 100K by the time I signed up. I had missed the opportunity to make some extra cash on a few videos that had gone viral!

While you might not make a killing with TikTok, if you’re already making them, you may as well get paid to have fun with it! Plus, opting for things like affiliate links and creating your own digital products will give you more control over how much you earn!

How to make your own digital products to sell on TikTok

As I mentioned above, one of the fastest and most sustainable ways to start earning passive income on TikTok (or any social platform), is to start with your own digital product. In just one month after creating my ebook, I was able to bring in an additional $1,000 just by posting one video per day!

The 777 Method – If you have no clue how to get started with digital products, I suggest starting with an ebook. This guide is designed to help you create, sell and market your brand new ebook in just 7 days! Click here to get the guide.


This little blog of mine has been my baby from day one and it’s way easier than you think. You can get started with my super simple guide on how to start a blog. I set out to make money with my blog back in 2017 by documenting my minimalism and debt payoff journey. My goal when starting the blog was to make at least $1,000 per month in passive income.

In order to pay for the start up costs for my blog, I used money from our tax refund to invest in the blog right away. I understood that if I wanted to make it a profitable blog, I needed to be willing to invest in learning how to make it profitable.

When you start your blog, be sure to get started using a quality hosting service. Here are my top 2 recommendations:

  • BlueHost: Get started for as little as $3 per month.
  • SiteGround: Get a 30 day free trial.

Blogging courses and trainings

The first thing I did to begin making passive income with my blog was to invest in courses and trainings that would teach me what I needed to know. Yes, I started with all the free blog posts I could find, but I much prefer having everything laid out for me step by step. Even though I was homeschooling my kids, I set to work to learn as much as I could about how to make money blogging so that I could turn it into a profitable income source within a year. Read: How I Went From $0 to $1,200 in Affiliate Marketing in One Month.

Blog Courses I Invested In:

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – This is a top course for understanding affiliate marketing and gave me the tools to go from $0 to $1,200 in just one month!
  • Pinteresting Strategies – A key component to getting more traffic to your blog is through using Pinterest to attract new or returning readers
If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.


After I had my first child, I decided to take advantage of the Nikon D40 my mom had given me as a gift and started taking photos of friends and their kids totally free of charge. Basically, more than anything I just really wanted to get out of the house and eventually make some extra cash.

After taking free photos for friends in order to build up my portfolio, (AKA I just shared them on Facebook), I gradually began charging a whopping $50 per in-home session for people who booked monthly baby photos with me. I still remember celebrating that consistent $50 per month and I’ve decided this is the key to long-term success. Celebrating the small wins.

As word began to spread about my photography, and more people shared their photos on social media, I started to feel more and more comfortable in my photography and editing skills so I started raising my prices.

Eventually I was booking weddings, fashion shows, family reunions, and even lingerie sessions. Some people niche down when it comes to photography but I just had way too much fun doing it all. I had no plans to turn photography into a business, but within 5 years it had grown into a full time job!

Expanding your reach as a photographer:

  • ConvertKit – One great way to stay in touch with clients is through having a solid email list through a trustworthy company like ConvertKit. This way you can let everyone know when you’re running discounts and promos. This works so much better than social media where your posts or stories might never be seen!
  • SmugMug – SmugMug is an online resource for photographers to sell their photos online. This can be a great way to start making some passive income with your photography using photos you already have!


Soon after I started working my way away from photography I became a certified health coach. I shared my healthy recipes on Facebook over the years and built a reputation. Because of this I was able to find clients right away.

While health coaching didn’t last too long, I branched out into a new form of coaching in 2020 and again used TikTok as a way to gain a following and build trust with potential clients.

Who it comes to coaching, there are several ways to approach matters. Thanks to the digital age, you don’t have to coach in person with people in your area. You now have the opportunity to reach wider range of people around the globe and connect with them one on one via places like Zoom. However, if you are not someone who has the energy or capacity to take on multiple one on one clients, you could also host group coaching or create online courses which I will talk about later.

Good tools for online coaching:

  • Calendly – Calendly is an online scheduling tool that you can easily receive payments through and connect with Zoom for face to face sessions with your clients.

Learning to invest

One of the most intimidating things I have ever had to learn how to do is how to invest. I was never a natural at math and most financial terms felt confusing and overwhelming to say the least. However, after taking our first financial course and working to pay off debt, I knew someone in our family was going to have to learn how investing worked, so I rolled up my sleeves and did it!

Since learning how to start investing I have diversified my husband’s 401K to bring in an average of $12K more per year, opened my own Roth IRA, and even gotten our kids into investing. They were even featured in the Wall Street Journal!

A lot of people ignore the potentials of investing because they aren’t able to get money in their hands right now. This is a common problem of detaching our current self from our future self. The more we can visualize and imagine the abundant future we want for ourselves, the more likely we are to make wise financial decisions that benefit us in the future.

Tools for beginner investing:

  • Acorns Investing App – Investing with Acorns is a really simple, fast way to start investing, especially if you are paralyzed by fear of screwing up. There are most definitely other ways to invest, but if you’re one of those people who knows well enough to know that you’ll never take action on learning to invest, Acorns is a great place to start and you can get $5 Free to invest when you sign up here.
  • Millionaire Investor – Nicole, the No Budget Babe, teaches so many women to win with money as she was able to reach millionaire status by the age of 30. By far, she knows way more about investing than I do and is at a place in life where she doesn’t have to work again if she doesn’t want to! That’s why, if you really want to know your stuff when it comes to investing, I highly recommend starting with her course, Millionaire Investor.
If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing was the first way I learned to make money with my blog, but what most people don’t realize is that you can take advantage of it even if you don’t plan on being a blogger. As I mentioned above, learning to make passive income with affiliate marketing can even be a great way for influencers to bring in additional income on TikTok or Instagram.

How does affiliate marketing work on social media?

Have you ever seen an influence on Instagram share an outfit they wore or a product they bought? When they link to that product they are most likely leading you to an affiliate link. That means whenever you purchase something they recommend, they will earn a commission. This is a perfect way to make extra income online if you are someone who just naturally loves sharing your favorite products, services, or even online courses.

Great tools for affiliate marketing:

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – While this program focuses more on affiliate marketing for bloggers, it can still offer a lot of insight into how to best use your affiliate links and good practices for not breaking the law when it comes to promoting affiliates.

Sponsored content

Since we are sort-of on the topic of Instagram influencers, I figured we should cover how to make money by creating sponsored content. Creating sponsored content is when you work with a company or brand to promote their product, or service. They will pay you a set price for certain content creation requirements. For example, you could earn $1,000 for creating a 60 second TikTok!

In some cases you can increase your earnings by including an affiliate link to the product you are promoting. This way you earn additional income with each sale you make from your content.

I have done the occasional sponsored content, but I really try to limit the amount of companies I partner with to avoid no longer being seen as authentic. If you are new to the online world and love the idea of working with sponsors, the best thing you can do is just start putting yourself out there creating great content already.

Rescuers for creating sponsored content:

Pitch Cheat Sheet – Grab this free cheat sheet that will help you learn how to pitch to brands and make sure to get the best price possible for your content and audience!

Courses and online trainings

As I mentioned before one of the best ways for online coaches to make money is through selling their online trainings, programs and courses. I’ve also worked to find a way to create courses as an influencer/content creator. By simply looking at the questions my audience asks me the most often, I have been able to create digital products that help serve my audience by giving them a more in-depth look into a particular area of my life.

All in one platforms for course creation

I love teaching people things to improve their lives (like how to simplify your life and finances like our family did). The best part about creating online courses is that if you do it through platforms like Kajabi, you can do so much more than simply sell courses.

What you can do with Kajabi:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Course creation
  • Email
  • Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Funnels

If you are interested in creating online trainings (webinars, courses, programs, memberships etc.) I highly recommend taking advantage of Kajabi’s 2 week FREE trial! Not only is it an all-in-one platform but they have several pre-made templates for web design, courses, email funnels and more. That way you don’t have to do as much work!

Tools for course creation:

  • Kajabi – As I mentioned above, I use Kajabi to host my website, podcast, and create my online courses — oh, and email. If you are going to be creating more than just courses, I highly recommend looking into Kajabi as your all-in-one resource! Get 2 weeks free!
  • Teachable – If you’re not sure course creation is for you, or if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that Kajabi offers, Teachable is a great place to start because you can do it for FREE! Teachable’s pricing starts for free but limits how many students you can have, however, you can continue to increase your plan as your course grows! Try Teachable for free.

Dog sitting

One of my all time favorite side hustles while being home with my kids has been dog sitting. Not only has it brought in additional income and furry friends but it has helped my kids learn more responsibility. While dog sitting isn’t quite passive income, since I am already at home with my dogs anyway, dog sitting seemed like a hands-off, no-brainer.

When I decided to start dog sitting, I was able to create a Rover profile in just a few minutes and I made sure to get reviews from people whose dogs I had dog sat in the past. The best part? Within 20 minutes of finishing my Rover profile, I booked a dog for that weekend!

Best tips for dog sitting:

  • Get reviews right away
  • Set reasonable/low prices when first getting started
  • Create an on-boarding system for dogs
  • Have spare toys on hand
  • Be clear about what dogs you will and won’t take (ex. puppies, potty trained, etc.)

We have regular dogs that we have come to know and love. I keep limited hours and say, “no” when we need a break. Oh, and I raised my prices. (Taking notes on all the things I once did wrong working from home.)

Tools for dog sitting:

  • Rover – Seriously, Rover made it so easy to have people find me when it came to dog sitting. That way I didn’t have to promote myself, or try to build clients myself. Rover did all the work for me, and it allowed us to build relationships with families who turned to us for dog sitting over and over again. Click here to start dog sitting with Rover.
If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.

Credit card hacking

Credit card hacking is something that is often frowned upon by some financial gurus and for good reason. A lot of people struggle with credit card temptation and aren’t successful at hacking the system. After working to pay off our debt, save money, and increase our investments, I decided I wanted to give credit card hacking a try to see if I could make it happen.

In order to be confident enough with managing credit cards, I first had to work to heal my shopping addiction. As someone who wasn’t always good with credit cards, I needed to find a way to slow my impulse spending habits so I could be more mindful when it came to using credit cards.

By using a cash-back credit card to pay our bills we are able to get some money back every month. In order to avoid any interest charges or late fees, we have the card set up to pay itself off every month. This method works for us because we are spending the same amount we would have spent on bills, but we get a little cash back! Keep in mind this is usually only around $25 or so per month. But heck, that’s an additional $300 per year! If I someone offered me $300 no strings attached, you bet your ass I would take it!

Tools for credit card hacking:

  • Shopping Rehab – As I mentioned, before you give credit card hacking a try, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a good hold on your current spending. If you’re in credit card debt right now, or can’t seem to slow impulse spending, it’s important to get help with these things first. I created a course called Shopping Rehab that is laid out to help you do all of this and pay off debt so you can focus on making money with less stress. Use code NOSTUFF20 to save 20% on Shopping Rehab.

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If you are a stay at home parent hoping to make more income streams, here are 10 side hustle and business ideas you can do from home.

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