How do I follow my intuition? How do I know if my intuition is right? How do I connect with intuition? Get answers right here.

Why We Ignore Our Intuition and How to Develop it More

I interviewed multiple women at the end of 2020 and one consistent thing that I heard from them was that they were aware of their intuition but chose to ignore it. That’s crazy to think, isn’t it? While I believe we all have intuitive nudges in our bodies, rumor has it that women have a heightened sense of these things. (I’ve never been a man, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.) We have been given this amazing gift and yet we ignore it because we have been trained to tune out our inner guidance system from the day we are born. Well, in a burst of inspiration (wink, wink), I decided to see what happens when I completely followed my intuition. Will my life really transform the way they say it will?

Yes, I hear you. I just choose to ignore you.

Being raised in the Christian church, I never quite understood the whole Trinity thing. God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit all being one. No one could really explain it to me either. It wasn’t until I began branching out and reading more spirituality-based books that it all seemed to make sense.

What I realized is that some people have a connection to Jesus, others pray more to God and some are really tapped into that Holy Spirit. I’m the ladder.

Now, before you go thinking this is going to be a preachy post trying to convince you to believe what I believe, let me stop you right there. This was just the way it first began to make sense to me. Branching out in my beliefs and being willing to accept new teaching materials is what has allowed me to feel more connected to God and myself than anything I learned in the first 2 decades of my life.

What I will refer to as intuition, I first recognized as that Holy Spirit Voice inside me. An inner guidance system, as old as time itself. Older than the universe. Bigger than the world. This is how I first began to realize that this was a voice, an internal nudge that I should probably be paying more attention to. Because, unfortunately, I had spent a good chunk of my life totally ignoring it.

The fear factor

Why do we ignore that inner guide of ours? That intuitive voice that tells us, “Turn this way.” “Call him.” “This path isn’t the right one.” “Something feels off…”

I think we ignore intuition for a lot of reasons:

  • We are told what is right and wrong by the world — and we begin to trust the judgment of others over our own guide
  • Sometimes we follow our intuition and a not-great thing happens so we stop trusting it
  • Sometimes we think we have followed intuition, but really we followed our programming

Each of these things can lead to us ignoring or trying to suppress our intuitive calling inside. Let’s dive into each of these areas to see if maybe you are a little guilty of any of them.

The more you can recognize where you might be holding back your intuitive gifts the more likely you are to allow them to begin to come forward and even welcome that inner guide with open arms.

How do I follow my intuition? How do I know if my intuition is right? How do I connect with intuition? Get answers right here.

Do as I say

For those of us who are now officially able to label ourselves as “grown-ups,” I think we can all secretly agree we have no clue what we’re actually doing. No clue.

Not sure what you’re making for dinner? Not sure you even know how to make dinner? Are you contributing the right amount to your 401K? Should you have a 401K? What is a 401K?

Is it just me or did anyone else think that we’d reach a certain age (like 25) and just have it all figured out? It’s because we grew up being told that our elders knew best. In a lot of ways, that’s was true. I mean, they are the ones who taught us to feed ourselves, wipe our bums, walk, talk, jump rope. All those good things.

Yes, knowledge comes with life experience, but where things get a little fudged up is when we think people who are older than us know what life path is right for us.

In reality, children are also born with an amazing gift. The gift of just existing. They follow their intuition, they share their emotions (and loudly) and they know who they are and what they want. It’s as we grow up that we tend to lose sight of these things.

It stinks really because we of course need to learn from those who have come before us. But, at some point, we need to accept that they are no longer capable of guiding us the way they once did (at least not in all areas.)

So in some ways, in order to learn, we need to go through the un-learning process. And then, we need to recognize that we have un-learned some important stuff and go through the painstaking process of figuring out what we need to re-figure out. Yikes.

Well, that backfired

Then we’ll go through those times where we make our own decisions because we are so sure we know what is right for us and then when everything blows up in our faces, we stop trusting ourselves. This is how I felt after we moved into the big house and had to go through the downsizing process and learn to manage our money better. I was mad at myself for just existing and not taking the time to know the “right way” to live or manage money. “How could I be so stupid!?”

As the cycle goes, this leads me to follow Dave Ramsey blindly…because that guy clearly knew something I didn’t. I needed help, so I threw up my white flag and submitted to his teachings.

After a year of constant financial stress and anxiety around over-spending or under-saving, I had to once again accept the fact that I had let someone else dictate my life who maybe didn’t have all the right answers for me.

Going through these times of trial and error can forever put us into a state of immobility. “I screwed up before, so I’m never doing that again.” I get it. It sucks, it feels so shitty to feel like you steered yourself in the wrong direction.

But, here’s what I have learned…if you just keep going and allow yourself to learn from the wrong places you steered yourself, you get better and better at knowing how to direct your own sails.

Let me leave you with the idea that sometimes our intuition will steer us into something that maybe isn’t pleasant, but is actually exactly where we needed to go. We learn lessons along the way. We grow stronger through setbacks and trials. The times we get knocked on our asses sucks. I know that. But maybe the biggest thing that needs to change is how we perceive these setbacks.

Oh, crap. That was wrong.

Now, I can look back and see that I wasn’t following my intuition in a lot of ways, even though I thought I was. I was just blindly following what the world had to lead me to believe I should do, want or be.

I guess this means we also have to learn the difference between doing what we want to do and following what our intuition guides us toward.

Before we moved into the “big house” Tom and I both had our intuition sirens a-blazin’. I was in tears the night before we signed the papers and seconds before we signed Tom sat there frozen. I could feel his tension…and he signed anyway. I did my best to be the calm wife who eased his worries and he was focused on losing our $2,000 deposit.

It seems so silly when you look back doesn’t it? The things you were afraid of losing if you were to follow your intuition? We would have lost a $2,000 deposit and had to stay with his mom a few more months. In the grand scheme of life (and knowing everything we went through after we signed that paper), it seems so silly to think that those were the things we allowed ourselves to be stopped by.

The shoulds and “supposed to’s” start to take over during these times when we block our intuition:

  • I should have a better job by now.
  • We should really do what my dad says.
  • I’m supposed to be making more money.
  • They are supposed to follow the directions. (I mean, this one is usually a good idea…)

If you want to get better at uncovering your limiting beliefs and the rules you’ve made up that aren’t necessarily true, check out my Consciousness Connection FREE training. I will walk you through how to locate these beliefs and connect more with your intuitive guidance system.

I don’t feel tapped in

For some of us it might be easier to connect to our intuitive voice inside, we recognize it is there and we need to do better at tapping in. For the rest of us, we might need a little bit of guidance on how to get started finding our inner guide.

Each of us is different in so many ways. My first recommendation would be to get to know yourself if you don’t already. Here are some ideas on how people get connected with their intuition. Find one that feels right for you and try to start making a habit of doing it more often.

  • Being in nature
  • Moving you body
  • Writing/journaling
  • Drawing or painting
  • Talking out loud
  • Meditation/taking a shower
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Taking a walk
  • Running (ew)
  • Driving

These are just some basic ways that a good portion of us are able to begin tapping into our intuitive voice inside. If you need additional help or direction, try my FREE Journal Prompts or the FREE Consciousness Connection training.

Get good at translating

Another thing to remember is that not all of us have an inner guide voice. Yeah, some people don’t have voices in their heads. I am one of them. That means I have had to get really good at translating my feelings and emotions into words so that I can better understand my inner guide and sort through whether or not what I am believing is fear-based or faith-based.

You can check out this TikTok video that helps demonstrate the process that I go through to do this and let me know…have you applied something to your life that has helped you get better in tune with your intuition? Be sure to share with the rest of us in the comments!

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How do I follow my intuition? How do I know if my intuition is right? How do I connect with intuition? Get answers right here.

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