How to Talk to Your Spouse About Living on a Budget

Talking to Your Spouse About Living on a Budget

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Before I got married I had heard that the number one cause of divorce was financial problems. This instantly gave me anxiety and a strong desire to never, ever fight about money. It sounds good in theory but this meant for nearly a decade I kept every single financial struggle we were facing to myself. I have been handling our budget since before we were married. Any time money was tight or debt felt overwhelming I just kept it to myself because I didn’t want to stress Tom out and I certainly didn’t want to fight about money. The truth is, talking to your spouse about living on a budget can be extremely stressful but it is absolutely necessary.

I’m going to break down some great resources to help get you started on the right financial track with your significant other. Because, as it turns out, the actual leading cause of divorce (these days) is lack of communication. Damn. I got that wrong this whole time. So I’ll share with you what got me to open up, how we started getting serious with our finances and what you can do to get serious with yours. 

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Learn Together

I can’t stress enough the huge importance of learning to work your budget together. In fact, working together on financial courses has helped save marriages. Now, it doesn’t surprise me because getting together to talk about your finances can really push your comfort levels and get you talking about some serious matters.

One of the hardest parts of getting right with our money for me was the idea that we had to invest in classes to help us get out of debt. Why would I spend money to save money? I mean, spending money on shoes and clothes is one thing…but something that could actually help me get out of debt…no way.

The truth is you have to put your money where your priorities are. If one of your main priorities is to get out of debt and get real with your finances, then it’s important that you invest in programs that will help you. Since we have, we have gotten so great at managing our budget and paying off our debt that I have created a budget binder just to help others do the same.

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Get informated

You may have taken marriage classes, love courses, attended college classes on your own..there are so many ways to get educated that often times we forget about getting educated on the most important things in life. Things like money. Together is a program laid out and designed just for couples. It was created by financial experts as well as relationship experts. In creating this course, they wanted to ensure that your finances were not something that would tear you apart, but instead bring you together as an awesome powerhouse style team. 


Getting your finances in order is absolutely a must if you plan on sharing your life with someone. Sharing a life means sharing money and money struggles. Let’s face it, if you have a big problem to overcome, more often than not, two is better than one. They say working out is better with an accountability buddy. The same is true in your marriage when it comes to finances…or anything else for that matter. Help one another get back on track and stay there.

What you get.

With the Brightpeak Financial Together program you start off with a financial assessment to determine where you are already financially strong as a couple. From there you will be given different options to choose from. You can set goals, challenge yourselves or just start slowly with just 5 minutes a day.

You will be given expertly created materials to help you in each area of your finances while still keeping your relationship in mind.

Who is this course for?

  • Single people – While this course has been laid out for this in a relationship, it’s a great ideas as a single person to know what you want when you do find yourself in a serious relationship. Learning what to expect from yourself financially can assist in your expectations from a potential spouse.
  • Dating couples – If you are in a serious dating relationship, finances can be a great way to work together to start getting on the same page with what you expect from your financial relationship together.
  • Engaged couples – If you are about to marry someone, finances are a HUGE thing that should be discussed and Together can help guide the conversation.
  • Married couples – Not much explanation needed here. Money problems are one of the number on causes of divorce. Although it might be tough at first, getting together and getting on the same page with your finances is key to a healthy, successful marriage.


Getting started

Talk with your partner before getting started and then there really isn’t much to it. You can head to the site, sign up and take your financial assessment within minutes. The first step is always to just get started.

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Working together on building strong finances is so important! #brightpeakfinancial #startabudget

finances, budgeting, marriage, spouse, family budget, get out of debt, budgeting couples, dave ramsey, financial peace, financial peace university, financial help







  1. Rajjae | 27th Oct 17

    This is a good one! My husband and I have had the budget talk a gazillion times over the past 11 years but we’ve both got very different ideas on what a good budget looks like…and I have tried the Dave Ramsey thing but man you have got to be committed to stay on that program. Great tips!

    • | 27th Oct 17

      Yes you do! We did Dave Ramsey for a year and it was a great experience in discipline. (Let’s put it that way! LOL)

  2. Shea | 27th Oct 17

    I love how you stress communication! Finances can be a huge issue in a relationship like it was with my ex. I have been very fortunate in my current relationship not to have to stress about that. I cringed at your extra “0”. I think it is great that you all worked through that honest mistake that turned out to help someone. I’ve made a mistake that has cost us some before that we worked through but not quite that much. Anyways, I think this post is WONDERFUL. Starting to communicate about finances can only strengthen a relationship if done right and both parties are cooperating. Thanks for the great read!

    • | 27th Oct 17

      I cringe when I read it too. Generosity is great but that was…let’s say a mild heart attack! So glad you have found yourself in a high functioning relationship. It’s amazing what we can do when we’ve got a good support system!

  3. Kellyloren | 27th Oct 17

    This is good advice. My husband is not big on sacrificing now to gain later unfortunately.

    • | 27th Oct 17

      I definitely get that! It’s tough to let go of money when it could be enjoyed right away. Never thought budgeting would be such a freeing experience!

  4. sakar srivastava | 27th Oct 17

    Great Blog! i visit your page and find much valuable and useful information. I learned so many things, as am beginner in blogging so Thank you so much

    • | 27th Oct 17

      I’m so glad you took something away from it!

  5. Isa | 1st Nov 17

    This is great advice! It’s so difficult to have the money talk and it often ends in a little disaster… The Dave Ramsey method is awesome, I still have to get my boyfriend into it 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • | 2nd Nov 17

      Thanks so much. It is SUPER hard. At least it was for me. Hopefully you can pull him in! 😉

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