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How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 1.8 million. My One Day Strategy.

If you have been running a blog or a website for a while you know by now that Pinterest can be the absolute best thing for your traffic. While Pinterest has always been the best source of traffic for me while running the blog, I am kicking myself for not catching on to the best time saving strategy to help grow my page views. This month I tried something totally different …and I did it all in one day. One day’s worth of work has paid off all month long. My blog traffic is up and my Pinterest views have skyrocketed. Listen up folks because I am about to share with you the exact way I improved all these numbers in only one day!

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The benefits of Pinterest

Pinterest is unique for blog and website traffic because it is similar to Google in the sense that it is its own unique search engine.

Because of this, Pinterest isn’t really considered “social media.”

Other social media sources require you to interact consistently with followers and work to gain to new followers. When it comes to Pinterest, the hope is that people will find you. Plus, you’ll know they want to hear from you because they searched you out.

But how do you get people to search for you?

To get all of my lessons and behind the scenes workload of my Pinterest strategy, take advantage of my Pinterest Basics course where you can LITERALLY watch me work to fully understand how to make Pinterest work for you!

My old strategy

My strategy has changed a lot over the last year. Here are some of the different methods I have tried:

  • Manually pinning my content and other’s.
  • Manual pinning my content every day.
  • Scheduling other people’s pins every day.
  • Automating all my pins and other’s pins with Tailwind.
  • Using strategies from the the course, Pinteresting Strategies.

After fiddling around trying to figure out the best method, I know that I finally hit the jackpot. But, before we dive in, let’s talk about what lessons I had to learn first.

What didn’t work

Hands down, the absolute worst decision I made was automating all pins.

In all fairness, there wasn’t much strategy to my method. I wound up over-pinning to my group boards which just made me look spammy.

I also hated not really having control over my pins. Manually pinning my own pins allows me to promote the pins I want and make sure I am not flooding group boards with the same pins over and over again.

So, there was no doubt in my mind, all automated pinning was out. Unfortunately, I had already tried all manual pinning and while that was a successful method…it was really time consuming.

That’s when I started trying to schedule other people’s pins to Tailwind every day while manually pinning my own content. This method worked out ok…but again, it was extremely time-consuming.

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The method that instantly worked

Investing in training was one of the best moves I made for improving my Pinterest and getting more traffic to my blog. Which is why I share it all with you in my course, Pinterest Basics.

I believe, just like any business owner, bloggers have got to put themselves and their success as a priority and therefore, invest back into it like it’s a business.

My one day strategy

After doing my yo-yo pinning to try and find the best method, there was one thing I knew for sure…I needed to find a way to seriously save time.

Blogging is a lot of work…especially when you are homeschooling your kiddos on top of it. That’s why my main goal when it came to pinning was to find a method that saved me time and helped me to focus on the other areas of the blog that I was wanting to grow.

I decided I needed to automate other people’s content for the month — in one day!

If I could manage to pre-schedule all other Pinner’s content for the whole month, it would cut back on the amount of time I spent pinning each day. I knew it would take a lot of dedication and effort on my part but I did it.

When I began automating pins, I made sure to pin from a variety of places:

  • Pinterest’s recommended pins on my home page
  • Every group board
  • All of my personal boards
  • Every Tailwind group

The best part is, I am only pinning around 30 scheduled pins per day! That’s really not that big of a workload if you think about it.

Where this strategy improved my Pinterest

Here is a screen shot from the middle of December to the middle of January. You can clearly see a change happening around January 10th in my daily impressions.

When I first started pinning, I lived by the belief that the more I pinned my pins, the more they would be seen. In reality, it’s more of a “help your neighbor” kind of thing.

This one day pinning strategy also improved my click rate, website interaction, and has continued to increase my followers by hundreds.

Now, I know this one day pinning strategy helped big time, but there were a few other things I changed that made a huge impact as well.

Other helpful tips

Revamp old pins

Check through your failed pins and consider creating a few new ones. Try different photos and switch up the titles as well. Doing this improves your chances of the post being viewed and gives you an idea of what wording or images might work better for future pins.

I dive into this a little deeper in Pinterest Basics as well.

Manually pin your pins every day

Automating other people’s pins in this one day pinning strategy saved me a ton of time each day. Now I am able to manually pin my own pins without feeling like I’ve spent the entire day on Pinterest.

I hope this gave you some new ideas on how to save yourself time and improve your Pinterest! More than anything, I hope all of my blogging fails can help other people succeed!

Get all the info on the Pinterest Basics course!

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