Can minimalism help you travel? Answer: yes! Here are 10 ways that a minimalist lifestyle can help make travel easier and more affordable!

10 Ways Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Give You the Freedom to Travel

If you have heard about people who are living a minimalist lifestyle and are able to travel more, your first question might be, “Umm, how?” It can be a little confusing how having less stuff in your house will somehow allow you more ability to travel. That’s why we are going to break it down for you so you can see how simplifying your home and practicing minimalism just might allow you to build a travel fund, travel more often, and save money while you travel! Let’s go!

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Minimalists value experiences over things

One fact that is pretty commonly known around the minimalist community is that minimalists value experiences over things. This means that travel is usually incredibly important for those who are practicing a minimalist lifestyle.

Often times people assume that when people are living with less stuff, they are somehow depriving themselves of life’s little joys. In reality, people who are practicing intentional minimalism are often doing exactly that. Living intentionally and making decisions about what they value. Because they often value experiences and travel over things, this is where their money, focus, and attention usually go to.

Minimalists shop less and save more

One thing that many people struggle with, that most minimalists have gotten a hold of is shopping addiction. Latest polls show that over 218 million people are shopping online alone. This doesn’t even include the temptation we face as we peruse the aisles of Target or our local grocery story.

This same poll also shows that people are spending an average of $5,381 per person. Even if you cut that number in half, you could very quickly beef up a pretty impressive travel fund of almost $2,700. Two Night New York Trip for $1,400 Later we’ll talk about how you can put that savings into a high yield savings account and grow that fund even more!

If you are someone who is currently struggling with a shopping addiction, there is an amazing online program called Shopping Rehab that is designed to help you gain control of your spending without sacrifice. This program was created my editor in chief, Renee Benes who has dubbed herself as a shopaholic turned minimalist. Click here to learn more about Shopping Rehab and Renee’s story.

Want to start a travel fund? Hoping to find more freedom to travel? A minimalist lifestyle can do both these things. Start your travel adventures NOW.

Minimalists will sell stuff for a travel fund

Naturally, there is the basic way that anyone anywhere can make money for a travel fund and that is by selling our stuff. No, chances are that Beanie Baby you’ve been hanging onto for 30 years isn’t going to get you much, but maybe you have a few other items lying around the house that you’d be willing to let go of.

Here are our top favorite places to sell particular items:

  • Quality furniture and large equipment >> Facebook Marketplace
  • Gently used clothing >> Local consignment shop
  • Used electronics >> Gadget Gone

Please also read: An Unused Item Is Already Garbage because the fear of being wasteful is one that will keep you drowning in clutter.

Minimalism frees up more time to learn new travel funding skills

Let’s not forget that learning to let go of your stuff can potentially free up a lot of time and energy in your life. When you have less to maintain and clean, you instantly give yourself a clean slate for new and better things.

You might already have some ideas on what you want to do with your free time, however, if travel is on top of your list of priorities, might we recommend things that can help aid you in making travel a bigger possibility in your life. Here are some places to start:

Want to start a travel fund? Hoping to find more freedom to travel? A minimalist lifestyle can do both these things. Start your travel adventures NOW.

Minimalists pack less, therefore spend less

Shoot, let’s not forget when you’re actually on the trip, especially if you’re flying. Learning to pack like a minimalist can help you avoid paying more on baggage fees! You know those crazy people who only bring a single backpack that fits under the seat? You could be one of those people!

Not does learning to pack lighter help save you some cash when traveling, it can also potentially save you the hassle of having to track down lost luggage!

Minimalists tend to skip the souvenir budget

Another way minimalism can help you during travel is that it takes away the need or desire to come home with a ton of souvenirs. Instead of loading up a shopping cart while on vacation, minimalists tend to be OK with their filled photo albums on their iPhone as souvenirs.

That’s not to say that the temptation to buy kitchy souvenirs on vacation isn’t strong. If you feel the urge to snag something for yourself or someone else, try out Renee’s favorite go-to shopping hack: taking a picture.

Taking a picture (or pictures) when browsing a souvenir shop can help you feel like you are actually taking the item home with you, without filling your suitcase and emptying your wallet.

Minimalists can rent their house while they travel

A lot of minimalists have simplified their lives and homes so much that they are able to do short term rentals with their home. This way they can travel and take vacations while actually getting paid to do so!

This might require a little adjusting, and you might want to look into working with a management company to ensure that your home is being looked after should anything go wrong while you are gone. However, depending on where you live, this still might be a lucrative option. Use the Airbnb calculator to see how much you could earn renting your home!

Minimalism can allow you to take more time off work

Once you’ve worked to slow your spending (remember Shopping Rehab is an amazing resource if you need help in this department) you can get to the point where you require less income each month to live off. Read: 40 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Bills

If you’ve worked to require less while building up a savings account in the process (we’ll share our favorite with you in a minute) this can greatly reduce your stress when it comes to taking a few days unpaid from work.

Minimalists understand that starting small is still starting

One thing to remember is that if travel and experiences are really important to you, you don’t have to wait for your budget to catch up before you start cultivating a life of experiences and travel. Go to your local Farmers Market and make a day of it, research free museums and experiences near you.

If your goal is to get our and start doing things, then get out and do things, even if you’re doing it on a shoestring budget. 13 Ways to Camp for Free in the USA

The point is, you don’t have to wait for some far off date in the future to start fully showing up for and enjoying your life. You can start right now with what you have. How We Started Traveling In Our Minivan During Covid

Minimalists plan their travel fund

Alright, we told you we’d share our favorite travel fund building savings account with you, and we always deliver on our word.

A common mistake that people often make when it comes. trying to save money is that they open a savings account that is currently attached to their bank and checking account. Instead it’s important to look into a High Yield Savings account that is separate from your current bank.

The reason having a separate account is helpful is that it reduces the temptation to pull money from savings unless you absolutely need it. On top of that, having a HSY (high yield savings) is beneficial because your money and be earning interest while you save!

Our personal favorite savings account is Savings Connect through CITBank. The Savings Connect account is consistently paying out more than 11x the national average for savings accounts which means you can earn significantly more money when you commit to saving $100 per month! Click here to learn more about how the Savings Connect account works.

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Can minimalism help you travel? Answer: yes! Here are 10 ways that a minimalist lifestyle can help make travel easier and more affordable!

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