What is the Hot Girl Walk? Where does it come from? Does it work? Here are 7changes that happened after 7 days of doing the Hot Girl Walk!

7 Ways My Life Changed After Doing the Hot Girl Walk for One Week

In the last few months I have noticed a trend of people calling going for a walk the “Hot Girl Walk,” and I won’t lie, my initial response was to roll my eyes. The main reason for this is probably due to the fact that it implies the person walking thinks of themselves as a hot. While self confidence is an amazing thing, referring to oneself as a hot can come across a little arrogant. Right? After I took to my Instagram to question the intentions of the Hot Girl Walk, I had a follower DM me. She sent a link that included the history of the Hot Girl Walk. As I scrolled through, reading the highlights, I found myself intrigued. After learning more about the creator of the Hot Girl Walk and what the rules were for taking one, I found myself lacing up my pink tennies so I could test the method for myself. Here’s what went down…

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The History of the Hot Girl Walk

Like most of us, the creator of the Hot Girl Walk, Mia Lind found herself extra stressed out during the pandemic in 2020.

In an attempt to escape her negative thought spirals, Mia started taking these walks that she dubbed Hot Girl Walks, no doubt to inspire herself to take them more often. She shared this journey of hers on her TikTok and without knowing it, she inspired millions of others to test out the Hot Girl Walk for themselves.

Let’s face it, the idea of going for a walk can sound tedious and boring whereas taking a Hot Girl Walk just sounds a little more exciting.

Making a habit of these walks, Mia noticed an improvement in both her mental and physical health and has taken the TikTok world (and beyond) by storm. She broke down the exact rules for the Hot Girl Walk in her viral video after she kept receiving questions about her body transformation. (Even though this wasn’t necessarily her intention.) Learn more about the Hot Girl

What are the rules for taking a Hot Girl Walk?

The original Hot Girl Walk was Mia’s 4 mile daily walk that she insisted on doing outdoors. She has later shared that people don’t necessarily need to do the same 4 miles she chose because everyone is different.

However, the rule still applies that there are only 3 things you’re allowed to think about during the Hot Girl Walk:

  • Things you’re grateful for
  • How hot you are
  • Goals you want to achieve

No drama is allowed to come on a walk with you!

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Things you need for a hot girl walk

As I set out on my personal Hot Girl Walk journey, adhering to Mia’s original rules of 4 miles per day outdoors (OK, some days I ran low on time and had to do 2 miles), here are some of the things I brought along with me that I recommend adding to your list.

  • Your dog (they like their walks too, and then you have a support system)
  • Sunscreen (those rays get strong in a 4 mile span)
  • An outfit that makes you feel hot
  • Health App (to track your steps and how far you’ve walked)
  • Audible Membership and headphones

Audiobooks to consider for your Hot Girl Walk:

Because the Hot Girl Walk is meant to serve your mental health and keep you goal and gratitude focused, here is a list of some audiobook ideas to get you started.

What is the Hot Girl Walk? Where does it come from? Does it work? Here are 7changes that happened after 7 days of doing the Hot Girl Walk!

How the Hot Girl Walk changed my life in one week

Alright now that we covered the history of the Hot Girl Walk, clarified the rules and gave you some ideas on how to prep for this new adventure, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of the changes that took place for me after doing the Hot Girl Walk for an entire week.

Upped my focus

As a woman who works completely independently on her own, sometimes it can be tough not to get stuck in your own thoughts (much like Mia did).

Almost instantly I found myself hearing my own thoughts without going into a thought or shame spiral. As I moved my body and took deep breaths of the fresh air all around me, I couldn’t help but feel like my brain was taking a fresh breath right along with me.

I’m sure the audiobook in my ears was lending some encouragement as well. Even though I re-listened to a book I had listened to at least 3 times before, it felt like I was hearing it in a whole new light.

Because I had never walked an intentional 4 mile walk in my neighborhood, I continually checked my Health App to see how far I had gone. While there was a small part of my brain saying, Maybe we should do less. Just 2 miles will be OK. The majority of me was dying to make it the 4 miles and was actually enjoying the process.

Enhanced creativity

The burst of energy that taking a Hot Girl Walk created along with improved mental focus really brought my creativity into full swing. Because a good chunk of running the blog requires creativity, this was a much welcomed change for sure.

I can only imagine this would be a huge benefit in any line of work. What I think the Hot Girl Walk did for me was get me out of my head and into my body long enough that I stopped doubting and questioning my creativity and intuition. PS Did you know we can trust our intuition after only 10 seconds?


Even though I am an avid gym goer…okay…I go like 3 times per week, I found even better results through doing the Hot Girl Walk.

I had recently set a goal to walk 10 minutes on the treadmill after my workout at the gym but struggled most days to do it because, well, walking on the treadmill is boring AF. The majority of the time I just stared at the timer waiting for it to hit the 10:00 marker so I could finally stop.

Doing the Hot Girl Walk felt liberating and fun because not only are you activating your body, and using your brain, but you’ve also got fresh air and sunshine on your side. It was like all of nature had my back.

What is the Hot Girl Walk? Where does it come from? Does it work? Here are 7changes that happened after 7 days of doing the Hot Girl Walk!

Sore feet and legs

Okay, we can’t focus on all of the upsides of the Hot Girl Walk, if we’re not going to talk about the reality of the tough stuff which in my case was sore legs and blistered heels.

As I mentioned before, I have never been one for too much cardio. Although I am in the habit of a daily walk with my dog, our normal distance was closer to .7 miles than 4 miles. Yes, I’m no stranger to the 4 mile or longer hike, but I do that in hiking shoes and tend to be one of those people who slowly strolls in order to take in the view.

Being on a Hot Girl Walk mission for 4 miles put me in full speed walking mode and after 2 days left me with blistered heels and sore calves. The weird thing is, these setbacks didn’t stop me from lacing up my shoes and heading out for a Hot Girl Walk the next 2 days! I did however opt for 2 miles toward the end of the week, as I had previous obligations that required me to be…not sweaty. What did I expect, it’s called a HOT Girl Walk, after all!

Tummy changes

After a few days I felt much sleeker and slimmed down which might sound kind of crazy but as someone who has always had digestive issues, I truly feel the walk helped keep things moving if you know what I mean.

However, in order to keep myself from feeling the constant urge to go to the bathroom, I drank far less water than I should have! After a few days of doing the Hot Girl Walk in hot weather and low fluids, I felt like my tummy got a little troublesome. I started to feel bloated and uncomfortable, so I naturally Googled to see if this was possibly because of my walks.

While strenuous exercise can cause stomach issues, it’s often more for runners and extreme athletes. I did also come to find that I had an infection in my body throughout the entire week (whoops). My guess is that this played a role in the struggles I faced, but I still suggest making sure you’re properly hydrated.

Less hesitation. More productivity.

Holy moly, if Mia, the creator of the Hot Girl Walk originally set out to reduce her anxious thoughts, that girl was onto something! I didn’t realize just how much I was stuck in my own head until after I started taking Hot Girl Walks.

After only one session I felt an instant difference and it didn’t stop all week long. I am quicker to make decisions (in fact, I barely deliberate on anything) — remember we can trust the first 10 seconds of our intuition. Because I’m not pausing to analyze as much my productivity has gone through the roof without causing any exhaustion or burnout.

More Vitamin D

As a Minnesota girl, I also feel the need to mention that I have no doubt absorbed far more Vitamin D than I would had I continued my normal routine of working from home and heading to my indoor gym.

Getting my daily dose of Vitamin D is part of the reason I started walking daily anyway, especially during Minnesota winters when spending time outdoors happens even less. My hope is to be able to continue taking Hot Girl Walks even after the snow starts coming down so I can be sure to maximize my one on one time with the sun.

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What is the Hot Girl Walk? Where does it come from? Does it work? Here are 7changes that happened after 7 days of doing the Hot Girl Walk!

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