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Hey there!

I'm Renee. Wife, Mama, Digital Nomad, Recovering Shopaholic and BFF to the Broke and Overwhlemed.

In 2016 our family of 5 downsized our house, paid off debt and made the decision to travel more while making money online. Obviously, life became way more fun.

Need a little simplicity in your life?

The Fun Sized Life Renee Benes

Becoming Fun Sized

Back in 2015 my husband Tom and I were on the verge of divorce. It wasn't infidelity, addiction or even too much fighting. The culprit was money.

We had moved into a house in our dream neighborhood thinking we had finally "made it." What we didn't realize is that paying for and maintaining a big house (and an even bigger payment) wasn't actually what we wanted to do with our lives.

So we bailed. We sold the house, moved into a one level starter home that was 2,000 square feet smaller, paid off our debt, learned how to build wealth and created a spending plan called The Bucket List Budget.

Because our biggest goal was travel, we decided to homeschool the kids. And just for funsies, I built my own online business that I could take with me on the road. Learn how you can do the same. Finally, in 2017, The Fun Sized Life site was born.

Now, it's my mission to pave the way for others who have tried to keep up appearances for too long. Through the blog and through Instagram, it is our mission to help millions figure out what their life purpose is and then plan the finances to make it happen.

I am so glad you're here. I have a ton of resources that I know you're gonna love!

Much Love, Renee

The Fun Sized Life Renee Benes

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