Holistic Nutritionist: Why I Will Never Help You Lose Weight

Holistic Nutritionist: Why I Will Never Help You Lose Weight

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So, hear me out on this. As a Holistic Nutritionist, why I will never help you lose weight.

I have done that mirror-of-shame stare down with myself. Cutting out pictures of other women and posting them up in hopes that I would be inspired to change who I am and be more like them. There have been times when all I could do was fixate on what physical aspect I wanted to change about my body. I have cut myself down and felt like I would never be good enough.

No one deserves to feel this way. Lately, I have had someone very close to me open up and admit that they hate their body. Honestly stating that they feel worse about themselves around me, because I have a smaller build. At first, I took offense to this, but truthfully, as a female today, I get it. Who of us hasn’t stood next to someone who was thinner, more toned, better “endowed’ and didn’t start to think less of themselves? As a society, we are so quick to pinch and poke at our reflection in the mirror and we are more and more losing touch with how we are really feeling.

Think about this for a minute; if you didn’t have a full length mirror, a scale or Photoshopped images all around you, how would you truly feel in your own body? No number dictating your self worth. No unreachable body image to live up to. Would you feel at peace in your body? My goal, as a holistic nutritionist is to help this answer be: “yes.”

Weight Loss

Chances are when people come to me in hopes of losing weight it’s because of either a doctor recommendation, or because society deems them “fat.”

Now truthfully, if a doctor is recommending weight loss in order to combat some other serious health issues that are arising, it’s coming from a good place. However, I think the very idea of telling yourself you need to lose weight, sends your body into stress mode thus making it harder to achieve this goal. Should you happen to step on the scale and the number appears to be heading in the wrong direction, immediately you feel like a failure. You’re frustrated and confused when you feel like all your hard work just hasn’t paid off. What’s the point in trying anymore?

Health Gains

The reason I chose Holistic Nutrition over Nutritionist or Personal Trainer is because it is the one that looks at your body as an entire peace. With holistic nutrition you are allowed to be whole. There is no sacrificing your love of food in order lose those inches around your waste. It is understood that what you put into your belly can affect your mind…or even your left foot. Never should there be a feeling of deprivation or stress on either your mind or body. You are allowed to feel good in every area of yourself. I want to help you achieve that.

I want to spread the knowledge of what you can do to feel good inside your body, not how you can be esthetically pleasing on the outside. I want to get you to that place where you no longer feel the need to step foot onto a scale or stare yourself down in the mirror.

Now a funny thing sometimes happens when you start to allow yourself to feel good. When you start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated, you gain better health and sometimes, you lose weight. It’s a side effect of nurturing yourself and treating yourself as though you deserve only the best.

weight loss, health, holistic nutrition, lose weight, how to lose weight, fat, healthy, feel good


After my time on weight loss shakes I stopped obsessing about my size and started focusing on feeling good and nurturing myself naturally and holistically. What happened when I did this? I gained weight. Yup, about 10 pounds. I

fit into the same clothes and I didn’t get super ripped. What I believe happened is that my body found a way to say “thank you.” It thanked me for feeding it what it needed instead of forcing it to fit a mold it wasn’t meant to smoosh in to.

I’m also happier than I have ever been. After experimenting with what worked best for my body, I finally feel like I am at a place where I intuitively know what I need to eat and when I need to eat it. That meant going vegan, and then bailing on that idea. It meant quitting gluten. The crazy thing is when I did both of these things people would always ask me if I was losing weight! It’s hard for people to grasp the concept that I wasn’t changing my diet to shed pounds, but to feel the best I possibly could every single day. This life is fleeting, and we are not guaranteed any amount of time. I decided I loved myself enough to want to make each day of my life as successful and happy as possible. If that meant no more croissant rolls in ord

er to think more clearly, and have a stomach that wasn’t always bloated and uncomfortable, then so be it. Since then I have also completed a sugar detox. I rarely consume sugar now and often turn it down. None of this I did because I wanted to force myself to be something I’m not or because I’m terrified by whatever new food they say is

weight loss, health, holistic nutrition, lose weight, how to lose weight, fat, healthy, feel good

bad for you. All of these choices I made for myself. I chose me; I chose to feel better by sacrificing things that were preventing that.

One thing I know for sure is that my body has been many shapes, sizes and weights and whenever I told myself that shape or size wasn’t ok was a time of great stress.

My hope for you

My hope for you, in all my posts, in every tid bit that I share, is that you will take knowledge out of it. Not stress, panic or fear. Those feeling will never get you anywhere. I want you to take the knowledge in front of you and decide whether or not it pertains to you. If it doesn’t, pass it by. If you feel like you may benefit from any of it, then take a moment to absorb that knowledge and make a plan on how you can begin to change your life with it. Choose one step each day that will guarantee you a little more happiness tomorrow. Do not choose something that will provide temporary joy, but a small step that can lead to lasting change for a better future. You deserve it.

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