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I'm Renee,

a recovering shopaholic turned budget loving minimalist! 

For years I let money and stuff control me instead of the other way around. Now, I'm here to help you be the boss of your own life, home, and money.

It's time to take your life back and start living on your own terms!

The Fun Sized Life - Financial Blog - Minimalist Blog

Hey there!

I'm Renee, and I am here to help you organize your life and budget your money so you can:

Whatever your goals are, I got your back!

In 2016, our family of 5 decided to downsize our house so we could start having more fun. That's when The Fun Sized Life began. I buckled down, learned to budget, saving money and pay off debt. For bonus points, I figured out how to make money with only a laptop from anywhere in the world!

Through the blog, courses and coaching, I'm helping other women and their families get clear about what they really want in life by getting intentional with their space and with their money.



Check out the courses and other goodies designed to help you improve your life and finances.







Learn all the basics of how to start a budget. Find extra money in your paycheck and craft a plan to use money to live the life you want

Get started with a simple, easy to use budget bundle. Create a monthly budget, savings plan and debt payoff strategy that works!

Learn how to create a grow a money making blog  with behind the scenes tutorials and step by step visual guidance.


Here is a total breakdown of how Sinking Funds work, plus a Sinking Funds tracker to help you plan your budget and stay on track.
Did you know learning to dress like a minimalist can also help you have more moeny in your life? Checkout these 10 tips to help you dress like a minimalist.
Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!

Learn the strategy our family used to get out of $6,000 of debt in only 6 months! Plus, snag a FREE printout so you can plan your debt payoff too!

See how a minimalist wardrobe saves you money! Get ideas on how to reduce your spending while still having a wardrobe that you love.

Clutter seriously effects our day to day moods and can lead to major depression. Learn how to start clearing the cluter and healyour mind.

If you are attached to your credit card these steps can help you get out of debt by teaching you to stop using credit cards as a financial crutch. Start now
Debt freedom is a trend that is on the rise and many people are taking to moving into a smaller house to save money and pay off debt. Here's how to do it.

Extreme Cheapskates are...pretty extreme. But what money saving tips can we learn from the show that are actually useful in our daily lives?

There are so many ways to see if downsizing is right for you and you can do them all without having to move! Get ideas on how to give downsizing a test run.

We manage to stick to a $100 per week budget with our family. Here is uor exact list for how we grocery shop on a budget.

Fun Fact:

The Jonses are in debt up to their eyeballs.

Don't keep up.

The Secrets to Getting    


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