Guest Post Requests: Writing for The Fun Sized Life

If you have been interested in writing for The Fun Sized Life we are currently accepting articles with the following topics:


The Fun Sized Life started as a blog designed to help people with simplifying their homes, lives and finances and we hope to continue to inspire others in these areas as well.

Please keep in mind that minimalism can include budgeting, home renovations, lifestyle choices, health and even food.


The Fun Sized Life works to promote a simpler life in order to travel and live bigger. That’s why we are always looking to take on new travel posts.

Travel posts that share simple ways to pack, save, where to stay etc are preferred over specific location travel guide posts.


The Fun Sized Life works to promote more intentional living which often means entrepreneurship and chasing dreams. If you have started a business, worked to make a side hustle income or have learned to work while you travel, these are the types of posts we would love to share with our audience.

The following terms and conditions must be met:

  1. All submitted post requests must be original work. Plagiarism and/or copyright infringement is not permitted.
  2. When quoting others, please make sure to properly cite your source.
  3. Any article written for The Fun Sized Life will be the property of The Fun Sized Life with authorship given to you.
  4. You are welcome to share 2 links back to your other work, websites or social media outlets.
  5. Please also include 3 internal links back to The Fun Sized Life in your post.
  6. No affiliate links will be permitted.
  7. If you are promoting a product or course, The Fun Sized Life requests to be added as an affiliate in order to include links.
  8. The Fun Sized Life reserves the right to add our own affiliate links where appropriate.
  9. We are not currently offering paid guest posts submissions.
  10. The Fun Sized Life does not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.
  11. Know that we may edit Guest Posts where necessary.
  12. If at any time in the future you want to request such changes, email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  13. The Fun Sized Life reserves the right to refuse publication or remove a Guest Post without prior notice.
  14. By providing a Guest Post to The Fun Sized Life, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of The Fun Sized Life website or company.
  15. Please submit your guest post in the traditional outline of The Fun Sized Life.
    • 5 or more headings
    • 300 words minimum under each heading
    • Avoid long-running paragraphs

If these terms and conditions are to your liking, you may submit a guest post request detailing your post submission idea by applying here.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!