Three Ingredient Waffles – for Budget Friendly​ Meal Prep

Living a more minimalist life means I look for ways to simplify as much as I can. When it comes to food finding quick food or simple food should not mean compromising your health. That’s why I love these super simple three-ingredient waffles. They are easy to make in batches and are crazy inexpensive. If you have a family at home you will love these budget-friendly waffles that you can easily make ahead and then store in the freezer all month long.

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

The ingredients

Just like most things I bake or cook, these waffles are incredibly easy to make as well. No bowls, no stirring, nothing. The only thing I recommend you have is a good quality blender!

  1. 3 cups of oats (we use glutenfree)
  2. 1 banana
  3. 2 cups water (or coconut water)

All you have to do is dump these three ingredients into a blender and blend until everything has mixed together.

On the iron

When pouring the three ingredient waffles on the waffle iron, I suggest adding a little coconut oil beforehand to prevent sticking. If you have spray on oils, this will work too because you’ll be able to coat both the top and bottom iron.

Freezer storage

Once all your waffles have been cooked, you can easily store them in a plastic container or Ziplock bag.

No crazy prep, no fancy tactics. Just find a storage container and put your waffles in the freezer.

Now you have a quick-grab, healthy breakfast for you and your family.

Healthy toppings

Because I do my best to feed my family simple, healthy meals with as little process as possible, I insist on finding healthier ways to top our waffles. Here are a few of our favorite ways:

  • Peanut butter and bananas (with cinnamon)
  • Partially thawed frozen strawberries with coconut cream
  • Heated berries with maple syrup

It’s so great starting the day with a big, hearty meal that you know is not only tasty but is good for you as well.

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

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These three ingredient waffles are incredibly easy to make. Plus they can be easily stored for breakfast meal prep for the whole family.
gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free
gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free
gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free