Three Ingredient Gluten Free Waffles

Let’s face it, breakfast food is basically the best food in the entire world. The meal that could be eaten for every meal and no one would complain. At least I wouldn’t complain.

Well, I’m happy to say, this recipe is the quickest, easiest, cleanest waffle recipe around! If you are all about healthy, quick and simple recipes, these three ingredient waffles are for you. I pre-make them for my kids and then pop them in the fridge. Definitely beats most store bought quick-grab toaster waffles.

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

Quick and easy

Just like most things I bake or cook, these waffles are incredibly easy to make as well. No bowls, no stirring, nothing. If you have a good blender, that’s all you need. I personally use my NutriBullet.

Pop in all the ingredients, blend them up and voila, you have waffle mix!

Terrific toppings

Because I do my best to feed my family simple, healthy meals with as little process as possible, I insist on finding healthier ways to top our waffles. Here are a few of our favorite ways:

  • Peanut butter and bananas (with cinnamon)
  • Partially thawed frozen strawberries with coconut cream
  • Heated berries with maple syrup

It’s so great starting the day with a big, hearty meal that you know is not only tasty but is good for you as well.

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

Other Breakfast Favorites

If you like pastry type foods for breakfast as much as we do, you’ll love some of my other gluten free options. None of them are quite as simple as these three ingredient waffles, but they definitely taste delicious!

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These are healthy waffles that are so easy to make. Only three ingredients, gluten free and a really easy breakfast to meal prep. #waffles #glutenfree #mealprep

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free

gluten free waffles dairy free sugar free


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