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If you are one of the thousands of people working to improve your financial life, I have created an easy to use budget bundle. The Fun Sized Budget Bundle is designed to help you create a basic budget, plan your savings, and accelerate your debt payoff!

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Improve Your Finances

Each week, I try to write some helpful financial posts to encourage people to live their best lives, improve their finances, save their money, become debt free and start living the lives of their dreams.

Here are the top 10 most read and shared financial posts +BONUS: The 5 BEST Ways to make more money without making more!

5 Best Money Tools:

Dosh – Dosh is an app that links up to your credit cards (or qualifying debit cards) and gives you money back on purchases you make. It works like other cash back apps by refunding you money on qualifying purchases only you don’t have to keep track of anything! Get $5 for signing up!

Savings Builder – Get up t a 2.45% interest rate with CIT Bank by depositing only $100 per month into a Savings Builder account!

Trim – This app takes a look at your spending habits and instantly finds different areas where you could be saving money! See where you could be saving.

Sell on Amazon – Check out this beginner guide to learn how to get started selling with FBA. – Get a $25 gift card for only $10 at some of your favorite places to eat near you.

Plan a simpler life

Decluttering and downsizing have literally changed my life and that’s why each week I try to share tips and lessons with my readers to help them improve in the same ways.

Here at the top 10 + most read and shared minimalist posts

9 Tools for Simpler Living

Simplify + Planner – This amazing planner and organizer combo helps you keep track of all your important dates and more. Plus, you can customize it to exactly what you need! See the available options!

Aaptiv – You can get total fitness, meditation, yoga and other workouts connected right to your phone for only $15 per month! Get your first month free! 

Chewy – Save a ton of money on products and food for your pets and set up automated shipments so you don’t have to pick up anything from the store! Sign up for Chewy!

Instacart – Have someone do your shopping for you at your favorite stores with your exact grocery list! Sign up for Instacart.

Shipt –  Now available at Target, you can have someone personally hand select and deliver your groceries right to your front door! Check out Shipt.

PhilPharmacy – Stop dealing with doctors and making the trip to the pharmacy. You can now use PhilPharmacy to get your prescriptions delivered right to your door with no additional cost!

Decluttr– Decluttr is a super easy online way to sell your unused things to get the maximum amount of money! Start selling your stuff with Decluttr.

The Paperless Home – The Paperless Home guides you step by step through how to start clearing paper clutter and getting all your most important files stored across your devices so they are easily accessible at your fingertips no matter where you are! See available options!

$5 Meal Plan – The $5 meal plan was created by a busy mother of 4 for other busy mother’s out there. Get budget-friendly meals and grocery lists right now!

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Sinking Funds

Sinking Funds Chart

Sinking Funds Labels

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Snowball Method

Snowball Method Printout

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Mono Meals 

Mono Meals Daily Meal Plan

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Easy Health Trackers

One Month Health Goal Tracking

Simple Fitness Checklist

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Small Goal Setting

Small Goals

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Strengths Builder Worksheet

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Life Goal Planning


Blog Post Calendar

Blog and Link Planner

Blogging Group Schedule Printout

Facebook Groups Printout