So maybe the Extreme Cheapskates are onto something? Here are 87 ideas from the show that you could actually use in real life!

87 Extreme Cheapskates Money Hacks That Are Pretty Normal

Whenever I watch shows like Extreme Cheapskates, I usually start out thinking, “That’s a pretty good idea, actually!” “Oh my gosh, we could totally do that to save some cash!” Then, of course, there is the turning point where I start going, “Okay…yup…too far…too far…” So what ideas from the show are actually something people could use in their own home? I dug through them all to come up with 87 Extreme Cheapskates money hacks that are actually pretty normal. So normal you might actually be able to use them without changing your life or bailing on your dignity.

*This post contains affiliate links through which I may make a commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

1. Learn to make passive money

Passive income is an amazing resource to have available to you. What passive income is is generating income over and over again (even while you sleep). You can do this through things like investing, house hacking or making money online. 14 Ways to Earn Passive Income.

2. Use coupons

I’m kind of glad that I never got into extreme couponing for the main reason that I know I would love it way too much. No doubt it would consume my entire life and probably ruin my marriage. But I would have 18 bottles of Tide and have only paid 25 cents. Maybe it’s worth it?

What rebate apps actually work?

3. Quit credit cards

There are a few people out there who can manage their credit cards wisely, pay them off monthly and reap major benefits. For the rest of us who enjoy them solely for neglecting our financial responsibilities in order to purchase unnecessary items and rack up debt, it’s time to let them go and get your life back! Get a FREE credit repair consultation.

4. Pack your lunch

Instead of eating out, start bringing lunch from home. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of money this can save a person! It beats eating someone else leftovers or eating out of the garbage…doesn’t it? Created by a mother of 4, all your meal plans are laid out for you to take all the guesswork out of grocery shopping. Get 2 weeks FREE meal plans!

5. Shop the “day old” section

Alright, we’re slowly easing closer to “extreme” territory. Maybe I’m just born with a lot fewer cares than most people, but when I could actually eat bread (#glutenprobs) I always took advantage of the day-old bakery section at Walmart! Prices were always marked down and they had everything from bread loaves to birthday cakes!

6. Shower with a bucket

Think about it…when you’re showering how much water is being wasted going down the drain? Now the extreme cheapskate I saw doing this also did his laundry while showering. You can probably sidestep that one. But showering with a bucket allows you to capture some water that would otherwise head right down the drain. You can also look into low flow shower heads.

This could easily be used later for water to clean your floors with,  (am I the only person who still does it that way?) You could also use it to flush your toilet! Sounds crazy, I know, but extreme cheapskates told me that if you pour water into your toilet, it has no choice but to flush. Then no water is wasted from the tank. You are simply flushing down water that would have already been lost and saving yourself some toilet water. –There’s no classy way to say that.

7. If it’s yellow, let it mellow

If you were born with a bladder as tiny as mine, this is something to consider. Sometimes I go potty 3-5 times throughout the night…and I’m not pregnant anymore. Originally, as a new mom, I feared to flush the toilet; kids have ears like hawks and I wasn’t about to chance to wake them up. I’ve now made a habit out of it. I know, you’re totally judging me. I’m not saying your toilets are now a yellow free-for-all. But, if you have a private bathroom or go frequently throughout the night, you save yourself 2 gallons of water each time you don’t flush.

You could stop flushing all together and start urinating into a water bottle then dumping it into your back yard like one extreme cheapskate.

8. Shower at your gym

If you are a frequent gym-goer, then make sure you are getting your money’s worth and use the facilities. This can not only help your skin out by washing away the sweat but can also save you by avoiding adding to your water bill. Get 2 weeks FREE fitness training!

9. Limit at home showers

If you have a teenage girl at home you probably know the eye twitching torture that can go along with the insanely long showers they take. Some families have set up a time limit on showers in order to cut back on wasted water and some just bathe together. Your choice of course!

10. Don’t mess with the thermostat

Keeping your thermostat a little bit higher during the summer months (around 75 degrees) and a little lower during the winter months (69 degrees) are the recommended temperatures to keep everyone in your family happy while still cutting back on the potentially crippling cost heating and air conditioning. You can also create settings and get better control with the Google Nest Thermostat.

11. Compost

I absolutely love our compost. Not only does it cut back on the amount of garbage we throw away each week, but it helps keep our soil clean and our environment a little bit healthier.

12. Start a garden

If you are a big fruit and veggie lover, it might be worth it for you to invest your time and money into creating a garden in order to save big on produce!

13. Stretch your food

Scan your cupboard before heading to the grocery store. Often times people head back to the store while they still have enough to make a few meals. Food gets thrown out and leftovers go uneaten. These are all little easy to change habits that can save you money in the long run.

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14. Keep the lights off

Instead of being in the habit of turning lights on whenever you walk into a room, take a moment to consider if there is enough natural sunlight to already help you see what you’ll be doing from room to room. Personally, I love natural light and it is the one thing I miss the most after our downsize. Our “big house” had huge windows and crazy amounts of natural light.

15. Cancel cable

Cable bills are crazy expensive these days and there are so many other options available. Things like digital antennae, Netflix and Hulu. It might take some adjusting to but can save you a ton of money! Save $1,000 per year with a digital antenna.

16. Save your money

No surprise here, most people on Extreme Cheapskates are very wealthy. They have good, hefty savings that I don’t think they use whether it’s a rainy day or not. Be sure to be intentional when it comes to creating good savings for yourself and/or your family. Get started with only $100 a month!

17. Unplug

Unplugging things once you are done using them is one very simple way to cut back on your electric bill each month. Just turning an appliance off doesn’t fully stop the flow of electricity, so if it’s easy to unplug, give it a try!

18. Make your own bathroom products

One cheapskate demonstrated how to make deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda, and an old toilet paper tube. You know what? I tried it! I stunk like crazy and my armpits got super dry. Also, my husband thought I was crazy. That one may have been a flop, but there are a ton of DIY recipes these days for so many different things and a lot of the ingredients you may already have in your home!

19. Save toilet paper rolls

No, not for deodorant. You can save them for crafts for the kids or even sell them on Amazon. You can get around $9 for a 24 pack of rolls when sold on Amazon! How this family makes $100,000 per year on Amazon.

20. Sell used electronics

Decluttr is a great site to use to get rid of your excess stuff, including your electronics! Then use this money to buy your family presents instead of just wrapping up your old junk. (Yup. It happened.)

21. Cook smarter

Extreme Cheapskates eat roadkill or cook food on their car engines. When cooking on the stove, and your food is getting close to being done, turn off the stove and cover your pot or pan with a lid and all the leftover heat to continue cooking the food. I do this a lot with rice. It’s amazing how much time you can save when you just cut the heat and leave it covered.

22. Only pay for what you need

One extreme cheapskate actually peels her bananas in the store because she doesn’t want to be charged for the additional weight. Crazy? Yup. Yup, it is. BUT if you don’t see yourself eating 8 bananas, pulling off 3 is a great way to only pay for what you will actually be using. Same goes for other produce. Buying in bulk can be helpful, but if you’re not going to make use of everything, then don’t spend the dough. Get a $10 per phone plan!

23. Put a brick in it

The old brick in the toilet trick can go a long way. Putting a brick or other large object on the back of your toilet tank will save you a little bit of water. And you know what they say, a little bit can go a long way!

24. Dry soap

Turning off the shower while you soap up your body is another good way to save some money. Tom does this. I personally need a steady flow of heat or I  turn into a giant goosebump. If you live with an extreme cheapskate, this might be risky. They very well might go straight to the source and just leave you water-less. Happened to a guy right after he moved in with his girlfriend. I wonder how they’re doing?

25. Use water-saving showerheads

Saving more water when it comes to showering is a lot easier with water-saving shower heads! You get a little less pressure but it can make a helpful difference on your water bill!

26. Eat your leftovers

Not everyone likes leftovers, but making the use of all your food is crucial! After all, you paid for it, get the most out of it! You could reach for real Extreme Cheapskate status and eat other people’s leftover…say at restaurants or on airplanes. Leftover peanuts…I mean c’mon.

27. Tub in the sink

Get a tub for your kitchen sink to wash dirty dishes in. Doing this stops you from wasting running water to wash each dish. Instead, keep your suds in the tub and after getting a few suds up, rinsed them off in groups and place them on a drying rack.

28. Bike it

Yup, the classic, don’t ride if you can walk theory. If there are places close enough to you, try walking or biking in order to save on those insane gas costs! If you have a pool, you can also get our bike rigged up to double as a pool filter! Save you $200 a month and get your fitness on! Whoop whoop! Get paid to ride your bike!

29. Use reusable

When it comes to any form of shopping, start bringing your own bag. This is a big environmental help, but can also get you discounts at certain stores! Did you know there are easy ways to make bags out of old t-shirts? There is! Look it up! I didn’t see this on an Extreme Cheapskates but one woman did use old t-shirts to make her child diapers. So, there’s that too.

30. Clothespin it

There is something very classic about this one. Reminds me of my grandma hanging clothes in her back yard. Skipping the dryer and just letting nature do its thang. In fact, you can even just do this indoors now!

31. Wear hand-me-downs

You know someone getting ready to give away their old clothes? Get in on that! My friends and I are huge when it comes to clothes swapping! Great way to save cash and try clothes you may not have given a go before!

32. Shop the off brands

Its true Fortunate Gems doesn’t sound as awesome as Lucky Charms, but chances are they taste the same and you might save a buck or two!

33. Skip the restaurants

Making a habit of going out to eat will be the death of you and your budget. There is no doubt. Chances are, your health and fitness will probably take a hit too! You don’t have to be a cheapskate to know this one! Get $25 gift cards for $10.

34. Cash in on your birthday

There are so many places that are just dying to give you free stuff on your birthday it is insane! Ihop, Denny’s, Starbucks, Caribou (Minnesota’s Starbucks,) Applebees…it’s insane how much you can totally cash in on. Fill your fridge with coffee and takeout and have yourself a grand ‘ol time! Just Google places that give you free food on your birthday and you will no doubt find a massive list so you can start plotting your savings! Earn free gift cards!

35. Save your change

Another classic: just stashing your spare change for a rainy day. The best way to do this is to get yourself a big, long and thin glass jar. Thin enough so your hand can’t sneak it’s way in, big so you have to save for a long time and glass so you can shatter that baby when the time comes! Get $5 to start investing!

36. Save rainwater

Rainwater is the sky’s free gift to you. Getting a rain barrel set up in your yard is a perfect way to take full advantage of this free water! Most water bills go to maintaining green grass through constant watering! Save your water bill and use your rainwater! They are relatively inexpensive an can save you huge in the long haul. That’s what it’s all about after all. It’s raining men? More like it’s raining cash. Wink, wink.

37. Pull a Ross

I don’t know if you guys understand just how hard it is to go an entire blog post without a Friends reference.

If you don’t know what “pulling a Ross” means, (I suppose we could go a lot of ways with this one.) I’m referring to taking full advantage of all the amenities that you might get at a hotel. Of course, there is the shampoos and soaps, or you could go full Ross and take the toilet paper, light bulbs and batteries out of the remote controls. You’re paying for the stay, may as well get what you pay for. Just don’t get caught.

So maybe the Extreme Cheapskates are onto something? Here are 87 ideas from the show that you could actually use in real life!
I think Ross from Friends should have made his way onto Extreme Cheapskates. For sure.

38. Be your own salon

Skip the fancy stuff and start doing what you can at home. Soak your feet, paint your nails, dye your own hair? I know that one is a little scary. One easy to do hair tip I can give you is using a little peroxide and lemon juice to help lighten your hair! I used to do this with our oldest daughter before she was “old enough” to start getting actual highlights. She loved it and it totally works! 60 Beauty and Cleaning Hacks Under .99 Cents!

39. Take extra condiments

When you do splurge on a restaurant visit, go ahead and get yourself some of those condiments! Yeah sure, someone might see you sneak some in your purse but they won’t be laughing when you have a full ketchup bottle’s worth and they only leave with a story and regrets.

40. Pick up loose change

A penny picked up from a dirty parking lot is a penny earned. And remember, you can always invest your spare change!

41. Have a budget for everything

Remember that one Extreme Cheapskates where the husband tried to throw his wife an anniversary party with a  $20 budget? How about a one-way bus ticket to anywhere but here, dude?

You don’t have to be quite that frugal, but this guy had the right idea. Setting a limit for birthday parties, birthday presents, and other events and sticking to it will save you huge. Like Dave Ramsey says, “Tell your money where to go.”

42. Take free furniture

When I see free furniture on the side of the road, I can’t slam on my brakes fast enough. I love scoping out old dressers, chairs or side tables! Maybe you have a purpose for them or maybe you are just as obsessed with chalk paint as I am and you can fix them up and sell them for a 100% profit! Cha-ching.

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43. Barter with cash

Not only will using cash more save you from credit card debt and help you fill up your coin jar, but you’re a lot more likely to get a fair price on items you purchase as well. Some stores have a deal if you pay with cash (because they have to pay for credit card processing!) If you’re at a flea market, furniture store or even a car dealership, if you tell them you’ve got cash but you want a deal…chances are they are going to listen to what you’ve got to say!

44. Skip the disposables

Being a cheapskate is all about reusing what you can. Extreme Cheapskates have been known to reuse toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates…and anything that’s meant to be disposable. Please don’t reuse your toilet paper. But maybe try out replacing napkins and paper towels with reusable towels. Just forgo any disposables altogether.

45. Become a hunter

Maybe not a hunter of road kill. But if hunting is a skill you possess and you have a family of meat eaters, fishing and hunting is a great way to get food on the table…or in the freezer to avoid having to purchase high priced meats every month.

46. Shower potty

Yup, you can save that 2-gallon flush by just multi-tasking. I’ll leave you to contemplate.

47. Go no poo

Latest beauty trends have let us know that too much shampoo and hair washing is actually not good. It’s better to allow your natural oils to get the chance to sink in. Take full advantage of this trend with a few cute hats and cut back on the amount of shampoo you go through each month!

48. Make homemade

Maybe not dryer sheets, diapers or deodorant; I was thinking more along the lines of homemade cards and wrapping paper. Personally, I love a card made from the heart and happen to think the newspaper wrapping is a look that never goes out of style. And hey, if you’re looking for more newspaper uses…you could also try it out like toilet paper. Extreme style.

49. Buy in bulk

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if this actually something an extreme cheapskate would do. But, for things like toilet paper, meat, bread…anything you’re going to use a lot of may as well save by bulk buying. This could be with Sam’s Club or Costco membership or when there are major sales and coupons to take advantage of! See my $100 Costco shopping list.

50. Reuse tea bags

You can try and get a few uses out of one tea bag or, with green tea, after sipping down a few cups, be sure to save your tea bags and you can rest them on your eyes for 20 minutes to help eliminate under-eye puffiness. Not like I have any trouble there. #lies

51. Don’t pay for lawn care

Like I said, with rainwater. You can make the most of nature’s free offerings and avoid the extra water bill. You can also clip your own grass (and even use a gas-free mower!) When it comes to those pesky weeds, they say boiled water poured on will do the trick. Boiled rainwater perhaps?

52. Make your own cleaning products

Just like homemade deodorant and cards, a little cleverness when it comes to cleaning your house can go a long way. Vinegar and baking soda are an awesome and powerful cleaner especially when it comes to toilets and tough stains. Beyond that, peroxide and water are great for wiping down and sanitizing surfaces.

53. Shop second hand

We’re all about reusing after all, right? I’m not asking you to read the obituaries and then ask for the deceased people’s clothing. That would be extreme. But maybe hit up a Goodwill once and a while. I have managed to repeatedly snag super cute booties in my size that are barely worn (or not at all) for around $3 each!

The best and biggest online thrift stores:

54. Find free entertainment

Take full advantage of parks and free events in your neighborhood.

55. Check for lost money

This is not just for Extreme Cheapskates, it’s just a smart idea. Head to the website Unclaimed Money and type in your name to see if there are any unclaimed checks with your name on them! I did this a few years ago to find that I hadn’t ever cashed a paycheck from when I lived in Arizona. Score.

56. Downsize

You’d better believe Extreme Cheapskates aren’t wasting their heating and air bills on any wasted space! In fact, a family of 4 living in a trailer saved so much money they downsized to a cruise ship and took a 2-year cruise! They also used newspaper as TP and shared bathwater, but…

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57. Get a library card

A library card can get you access to free events in your area, free books, free movies, free CDs and free magazines. Definitely, something to take advantage of.

58. Use public water

Don’t worry, it’s not weird. If you have a water bottle and you’re out and about, take advantage and fill your water bottle up in the drinking fountain! Just don’t bathe in the sinks or anything. Please.

59. Workout at home

You probably don’t have to use carpet samples and carpet padding for a yoga mat like one cheapskate did for her in-home Pilates studio. But you can save HUGE by skipping the gym membership and just taking full advantage of the space you have at home. Get FREE workouts for 30 days!

60. Carpool

Have a work buddy to swap rides with or a neighbor who could help get your kids to school? Jump on the chance to cut your gas costs in half by carpooling, ride swapping or taking the bus!

61. Stop biting your nails

So maybe Extreme Cheapskates would have people CHOOSING to bite their nails to avoid buying fingernail clippers. But, really what I’m talking about is quitting bad habits. More along the lines of cutting back on alcohol consumption, cigarettes, and junk food. Then again, you could just make your own liquor at home. Just like the guy who also cooks on his car.

62. Get out of debt

Some Extreme Cheapskate stories start after a big debt bailout. So to avoid a future of roadkill eating and sharing bath water with your teenagers, start digging yourself out right now! Check out my Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method post on how we paid off $6,000 in 6 months. Apply for debt consolidation.

63. Take care of your stuff

Sure you can make clothes that are too big fit by safety pinning them to the right size. Or you can just really be sure to care for the things you have so they last longer. Scotch Guard your couch, keep a tidy home, clean your carpets, be gentle on your driveway. All those little things can make your home last longer and avoid you having to shell out money on repairs.

64. Fix what is broken

If you are taking care of your stuff, then that means taking the time to fix what is broken. I was so proud of myself of doing this recently with our bedspread. It started getting huge tears in it and after going to the store to just get a new comforter I decided to come home and stitch up the old one. Let’s be clear, I barely survived home ec classes, but now I have a hole-less bedspread you can barely see the terrible sew job!

65. LED lightbulbs

You know the shpeel by now…you spend more upfront to save more in the long haul with LED lightbulbs. Who knows, maybe if you “pull a Ross,” you’ll get an LED out of the deal? You could also limit your house to one single lightbulb and carry it with you from room to room. Another Extreme Cheapskate idea.

66. Cover the windows

As a Minnesotan, I know winters can get cold and a heating bill can take a big hit. Covering your windows with plastic covering is a good way to help conceal heat so you’re not losing as much!

67. Wear dirty clothes

Don’t worry, we’re not dumpster diving for clothes. But if you wear a pair of jeans for the day, and nothing too terrible has happened to them, hang them back up and wear them again later in the week. You can do this with shirts and pajamas as well. It definitely cuts back on the number of times you do laundry each week

68. Eat raw

Planning more meals that involve no cooking is a great way to not only be healthier but to save on gas or electric bills. Ok, that doesn’t mean a bag of chips counts as a meal. I’m talking fresh produce, salads or overnight oats. Get 2 weeks of free meal plans!

69. Save your scraps

If you cut off the bottom of celery, or the tops of an onion, set them in a ffreezer-safebag and use them again to make veggie broth. Using every piece of your food that you can really help stretch your food budget!

70. Save your bones

I know this one can sound a bit icky and if you’re a vegetarian, just go ahead and move on. For those of you who cook chicken, turkey or pork, hanging on to the bones to make a bone broth is a good way to again, make the most out of your food. One Extreme Cheapskate father gets discounts on fish and makes concoctions out of the fish’s bones, heads and eyeballs. He claims some pretty great and healthy meat is in the heads. I’ll leave that to you and your gag reflexes. I don’t know if I could eat an eyeball.

71. Get free food where you can

Having an office party? Graduation? Wedding? Get in on the chance to get a free meal. Even if socialization isn’t your thing. I’m not saying you have to take table scraps from the people sitting next to you at Applebees just enjoy a complimentary meal when it’s offered to you. Earn FREE gift cards on your lunch break.

72. Take advantage of free samples

If you know Sunday is free sample day at the local grocery store…head on in! Not only is this your chance for free food, but they usually hand out coupons as well! Some Extreme Cheapskates just go ahead and ask for the entire plate of free food.

73. Bank on your social media

Extreme Cheapskates get their 15 minutes of fame, why not you? If you have a big social media presence, often times brands are happy to help supply free merchandise in exchange for a social media post. This is frequently done by bloggers, but definitely something everyone can take advantage of. How to grow your social media

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74. Cover the crack

This is an old school cheapskate move I’ve seen since I was a kid. You take a towel and fold it to fit right next to the crack under your door to prevent air from seeping in or out. A very simple measure to take that may just help out a bit.

75. Open your windows

If you live somewhere that gets crazy hot in the summer months, try opening your windows to get some cool air and a fresh breeze in. Put off turning on that air conditioner for as long as possible.

76. Wash your car yourself

Sure you can wait for a rainstorm, like a true Extreme Cheapskate or you can just get out that good ‘ol bucket with soapy water and give it a quick rinse down to avoid the high mark up prices of driving through the carwash.

77. Dumpster dive

Yup. I said it. You have no doubt seen Extreme Cheapskates dumpster dive but what I’m talking about is a little bit classier version. Basically, avoid the dumpster all together. A lot of bakeries and restaurants toss food that is already wrapped if it is a day old or even if the packaged food falls to the ground. Thus the reason Extreme Cheapskates start diving. They are looking for perfectly good food that was tossed.

78. Measure your portions

Sure you could use leftovers to make a Thanksgiving turkey, (yeah, that happened) or you could just portion your food. If you want to make it last, measure it out before each meal. I have to do this with my kids otherwise all of our food would be gone in a day.

79. Use all your fruit

Ok, so we’ve talked veggies and meats, but what about those fruits? Banana peels have tons of natural remedies, orange peels when heated on the stove in a pot can give your whole house a fresh smell and lemons can easily be pre-zester so you have extra flavoring when cooking! Even taking apple cores to make apple sauce is another great idea.

80. Shower together

There is that one family that re-uses bath water for all 4 of them, or you could just take a shower as an opportunity to have a little close time with your partner. On a less steamy note, I also used to shower with my little ones when they were small. I was able to knock out their bath time with mommy’s not-so-relaxing shower.

81. Freeze produce

If you bought fruit or veggies that are starting to get bad simply toss them in the freezer. This easily saves you from tossing good food and you instantly have quick grab stuff for smoothies!

81. Take leftovers

Again, we’re not being weird, just imagine if you go out to eat, be sure to take your leftovers home! You paid for them after all. If you ordered a salad, be sure to get the dressing on the side and ask for a to-go box right away. That way you can easily bring a fresh salad home instead of soggy. Simply toss half the salad into your to-go box before you pour any dressing onto your main dish.

82. Treat your own ailments

Let’s be clear, I am not telling you to perform dental surgery on your spouse via YouTube tutorials. Because some people do that. But things like salt socks, essential oils, and good old fashioned water can go a long way to help you overcome illnesses without having to see a doctor.

83. Flip your undies

Sure you can use both sides of your underwear. I’ve heard.

84. BYOT(reats) to the movies

I think we can all agree the prices of candy, popcorn, and soda at the movie theater have hit all-time highs. So, maybe you bring your own treats. You could fish old popcorn from the garbage cans and then serve them to your date. But I don’t think that went over well on Extreme Cheapskates. So maybe just steer clear of that idea.

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85. Recycle your cans

Yes, some states still do this! Take advantage and help the environment.

86. Do your own repairs

No, I’m not talking about your own dental procedures. But things like plumbing and minor repairs are easily taught on places like YouTube. Just be honest with yourself. Repair what you can and hire where you must.

87. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Being frugal is smart, but remember money is not the most important thing in the world. Don’t sacrifice your relationships just to save a few pennies. Let your family shower…seperately. When it comes to anniversary celebrations, there is nothing wrong with spending more than a $20 and if you’re going to pee in the shower at least do it when you’re not sharing.

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So maybe the Extreme Cheapskates are onto something? Here are 87 ideas from the show that you could actually use in real life!






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  1. Oh, I love this list (also you crack me up! The few times I’ve watched Extreme Cheapskates, I have thought “hey, that’s not so bad” and then “nope. We crossed the line.” LOL). I think in general we’re just an incredibly wasteful society, and there are so many useful ways we can cut back–like the bucket to collect water in the shower. Or composting and turning off lights–it’s also just so much nicer to the environment 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Exactly! It’s all about really looking for the “waste” and trying to do what we can to cut back. It’s helpful to our pocket book as well as the environment!

  2. Absolutely brilliant post. I have a little houseplant and it needed some extra compost in it. Instead of buying a bag of expensive houseplant compost, I opened up a couple of used teabags and emptied into the pot. Gave it a water and my plant seems to love it.

    1. I love that! I have seen in-home composts that turn your food into instant compost/fertilizer! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those!

    1. Right? There are the EXTREME extremes but those extra few ideas are what can really be helpful!

  3. Best money saving post I’ve seen! Funny and it’s mostly stuff I’d actually do! Though I don’t think I’m going to start pulling a Ross. 🙂

    1. Haha thank you Maegan! I tried to keep it upbeat and informative. And yes, Ross is a bit extreme.

  4. Great list. I do the take lunch to work thing. I calculated how much it would cost to buy lunch and it was a lot of money. One thing not on your list is MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT. I found that if I forget a bill, because it’s not on the list, I go in arrears.

  5. So many awesome tip! We made an ‘eat me now’ section in our fridge where we keep all leftovers and any produce that needs to be used up. I even created a sign for it! It sounds silly, but it has helped SO much in making sure all our leftovers get eaten.

    1. That doesn’t sound silly at all! So often I wrap something up and even though we eat leftovers things seem to be forgotten. I also try to separate the shelves but somehow they always get mixed up again. So I bet a sign would help a lot!

  6. I cut cable a few months ago and haven’t regretted it for a second!! Saving $150 per month and still have all the channels and movies my family watches through live streaming. Great hacks, I’ll be bookmarking this post to visit again!

  7. Wow, this is such an extensive list! Great job on this post. Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about the extreme cheapskates show…. I’m still on the fence about a lot of that stuff about whether or not it’s a good, inspiring, realistic idea, or just totally ridiculous and/or disgusting ☺

    1. It’s definitely a little bit of both. I usually take something away from each show…something that I would actually do!

  8. I have definitely watched my fair share of Extreme Cheapskates episodes and I have a pretty strong disposition towards being frugal myself–I love using up our groceries in strategic ways to make the most number of healthy meals, and minimizing bills as much as possible. I don’t even have a television or an oven or a phone with internet or other things many people would consider “normal,” because I like living minimally! But that show always makes me sad when it shows people getting to the point of valuing savings over respect for other people and their relationships. To me, the whole point of having money is to be able to show our love for friends and family and others in need in tangible ways–I won’t cut costs by skimping out on celebrating the loved ones in my life!

    1. ABSOLUTELY Rachel. I feel the same exact way! I tried the no internet phone thing and my company literally wouldn’t let me! However, now running the blog it really helps but if it weren’t for this, I would definitely require a lower maintenance phone!

  9. Definitely a good list – I mean, I wouldn’t do some of these but others aren’t too bad! I’m one of those people that sneak snacks into the movie theater. LOL Part of that is because I’m trying to eat healthier, so I really need to have certain snacks and it’s just easier to bring my own than try and buy something there. I always buy at drive in theaters though because that’s how they make the most of their money and I want to support!


    1. Your honesty is appreciated! haha We also do this! BUT our theaters have free movie days through the summer so we are always sure to purchase then because we really enjoy this option!

  10. Ok I found these really funny! And then the ones I was like ‘yep I do that’ made me start thinking maybe I’m really a tight ass after all? ?

  11. Great ideas! I love things like this! I may try to make my own bathroom products…but i’m pretty sure I won’t try to shower with a bucket! I enjoy my showers too much!

    1. My favorite one so far has been one drop of tea tree oil mixed with a small handful of water and patting it against my face when I’m done showering! My skin keeps getting better and better!

  12. wow! that is quite a thorough list. i found myself nodding to it and thinking ‘i am doing a lot of those things. does that mean i am a tightwad?’ well, it has become a ‘normal’ to me now. i will try the tea tree oil tip. here is a small hint: if you see your friend using a foaming hand soap bottle, ask her to save the empty for you. then fill it with 20% castille soap (or any other refill soap), 70% water, leave 10% for air. 1/5th the cost! you can safely use castille also for shower and i use a foaming bottle for my vegetables.

    1. Yes! We love Castille soap as well! I do think I want to “splurge” a little and get some foaming pumps that fit onto Mason jars.

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