10 Ways Dressing Like a Minimalist Can Save You Money

I used to make a game out of finding people who were “well off” at the mall. After years of observing, I’m fairly confident that I have nailed how to find people with tons of money. Now, here’s the catch. It’s not the people with the flashy, designer purses, the suit, or the bling. Oh no. Those people may be well off of course or they just might be fantastically in debt. I’m talking about people with simple clothing, high-quality shoes, and a clean-cut appearance. I’m telling ya… It’s the frugal people who are killing it at life. The people who keep things simple and choose a more minimalist wardrobe. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be living in a time when it’s cool to dress simply and have more money in your life. So let’s talk about how to dress like a minimalist…and have more money.

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Minimalists know their style

The first major question to ask yourself is, “Am I actually choosing my clothes, or is someone else choosing them for me?” So often we can get swept away with the latest trend even if it’s not really fitting with our unique style.

The more we get caught up in following the latest trends, the further we get from finding and designing our own unique minimalist wardrobe.

Here are the first steps you need to begin uncovering your unique style:

  • Find your “hamper items” AKA the items you ALWAYS reach for
  • Uncover what it is you love about these items (the fit, the color, open neck line etc)
  • Start making future purchases based off these pre-determined guidelines

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Minimalists amp up neutrals

So why have neutral colors been tied to minimalism? Quite simply because they stand the test of time. Just like the little black dress will never go out of style, neither will white, grey, or simple earth tones.

With neutrals, there is no “hot color” of the season which means your wardrobe never goes out of style.

Having basic neutral items like tank tops, tees and sweaters help you to keep and maintain your wardrobe longer which ultimately leaves you more money in your budget and less time having to keep up with the latest trends.

Minimalists are high-maintenance shoppers

Instead of buying into the hype of the latest sale, minimalist approach shopping a whole different way. By being extra picky (in the best way) with what they allow to come into their closet, they are the kind of shoppers that make retailers crazy!

Once you have learned to define your own unique style and decide to only shop for top-quality items, you stop falling prey to the sales tactics of stores and online shopping.

Instead, minimalists walk into stores buying only the items that truly speak to them, not just items that are located under a big, red sale sign. Because of this, minimalists are less likely to over-purchase because they tend to choose quality over quantity.

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Minimalists plan their splurges

One common thing for most minimalists is that they are avid budgeters. Because they have stopped living life in accumulation mode, they know where their money is going at all times.

This means minimalists usually have more money on hand when they want to go shopping and are more intentional with their spending of it. Another common thing among minimalists is that they love the idea of being more hands-off when it comes to money. They have decided they have better ways to spend their time and energy.

If you have ever wondered how making money a little more hands-off (while still having it whenever you need it) here are my 3 favorite ways to make money more automatic.

3 Ways minimalists automate their money:

By carefully automating investments, savings, spending and splurging, minimalists present themselves from having to panic about “over-spending” because it simply doesn’t happen.

Minimalists have an abundance mindset

If you have ever rushed to the store in a panic to find an outfit for a friend’s wedding, you might know the kind of issues that can go wrong. You scoop the first thing you find, settle for something that feels ok and head home hoping it all comes together and nothing breaks.

While there are going to be times like this in life, minimalist do everything they can to avoid last-minute panic purchases.

Instead a minimalist will decide exactly what they want and trust that the universe will provide. They don’t go into panic buying/scarcity mode. This strong abundance mindset not only brings peace of mind, but ample opportunity for wealth.

They want to stick with their certain style and will wait for any items they desire to go on sale — or not even stress over sales at all! Use code FUNSIZED to save 10% on The Shopaholic Solution to get a deeper understanding of how to amp up your mindset around spending.

Minimalists live by “HELL YES” decision making

You know that moment in the dressing room when you can’t quite decide if you like the new top you are trying on. Well, I say, DITCH IT!

It’s not always easy walking away from a kind of cute shirt, especially if it’s on sale. You might even spend your time trying to talk yourself into the purchase. “Well, I could wear it when I…” “It might look good with…”

No. Just no.

Remember, the foundation of a minimalist life is first knowing who you are and what you want. If an article of clothing doesn’t instantly light you up, then let it go. In other words, if it isn’t a “HELL YES!” then it’s a “HELL NO!”

If you try on an item and you aren’t instantly in love with the feel, color, and how it fits you, then do not bring it home with you. Dressing like a minimalist is all about keeping things simple and only putting on your body that makes you instantly feel joyful.

By following the “HELL YES” way of shopping you avoid spending money on things you end up never really wearing. No one likes wasted money after all.

Debbie from The Mayes Team always has the perfect casual minimalist vibe going on.

Minimalists ignore the trends

One thing we can all be certain of is that trends are ever-changing. But, remember, a minimalist has already pre-determined their own personal style. Therefore, there isn’t really a need to constantly be upgrading your closet and cycling through outfits.

When you avoid this constant need to keep up with trends, you learn to be content with what you have. That means you end up going to the store even less.

One of the best ways for minimalists to avoid falling into trend temptation is to create capsule wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes are great for cycling through your clothes seasonally. One of the best things about this is that each new season, when you open up your capsule wardrobe, it kind of feels like shopping all over again because you instantly get to hang new (old) things up in your closet!

Minimalists clothes last longer

Minimalists have already declutter their homes and worked to simplify their lives. Therefore, they have more time and energy to easily maintain their space, schedule and their clothing.

Taking the time to properly wash their clothing, hang what is necessary and then neatly put things away allows minimalists clothes to not only last longer but can almost become like a mini meditation session.

It can be so easy when we are overwhelmed by clothing options to cycle through multiple outfits in a day which leaves a pile on our floor. When your hamper becomes over-loaded with clothing options you tend to not only wash more laundry — but you may find you have more that piles up.

When that laundry piles up, we all know it tends to just sit in a big lump on the floor or nearby chair, therefore never really being treated with quality care.

Minimalists continually re-evaluate

None of this is to say that minimalists never buy anything new. On the contrary a lot of minimalists tend to truly value their things, which is why being minimalist and loving stuff is totally possible.

Each season (give or take) a typical minimalist will re-evaluate what is taking up space I their closet. Are they wearing certain things less? Are there certain things they find themselves wearing more? Because they have gotten rather good at discarding unused things, the occasional closet evaluation and declutter is fairly common.

This again allows them to intentionally seek out new clothing they might find themselves wanting or creates more room for time and energy that is spent elsewhere other than on clothing.

Rather than getting swept away by a moment or giving into emotional spending, minimalist are always working (whether they realize it or not) to be aware and purposeful in their spending (or not spending) habits.

Minimalists think bigger than their wardrobes

By creating a healthy balance between living fully in the now while wisely planning for the future minimalists become less and less worried about the clothing on their back.

Minimalists have chosen what they value most in life. Things like:

  • People
  • Experiences
  • Travel

These things all take precedent over spending money on new styles and clothing.

Minimalists have taken the time to understand their emotional spending habits and realize that often times when we over-spend it is because we are truly seeking something more.

For the most parts, practicing minimalist are already choosing the “something more” instead of believing that their wardrobes will provide it for them.

Choose your dream

At the end of the day, you make the choice of where you want your money to go and what is more important to you.

If you just gotta have the latest trends and styles to feel your best, then go for it!

This is your life and if fashion is what fills you up, then don’t let anyone tell you there is something wrong with that.

Just be smart about it and make sure you are also financially taking care of yourself so you don’t wind up adding more stress!

Remember, if you want to understand how to live with an abundance mindset and start outsmarting retailers, use the code FUNSIZED to save 10% on The Shopaholic Solution!

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