How to Dress Like a Minimalist…and have more money.

I used to make a game out of finding people who were “well off” at the mall. After years of observing, I’m fairly confident that I have nailed how to find people with tons of money. Now, here’s the catch. It’s not the people with the flashy, designer purses, the suit, or the bling. Oh no. Those people may be well off of course or they just might be fantastically in debt. I’m talking about the people with simple clothing, high quality shoes, and a clean cut appearance. I’m telling ya… It’s the frugal people who are killing it at life. The people who keep things simple and choose a more minimalist wardrobe. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be living in a time when it’s cool to dress simple and have more money in your life. So let’s talk about how to dress like a minimalist…and have more money.

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Minimalist style

Some people live with the preconceived notion that dressing like a minimalist means only wearing neutral colors or the same high collared black shirt forever (Steve Jobs.)

The fact of the matter is, having a minimalist style is going to look different for everyone. That means you get to choose. You are in full control. If you like neutral colors, keep them. Maybe you like wearing bright, flashy, neon attire. In that case…that’s what you should wear. Check out this approachable guide to a minimalist wardrobe.

Why neutral?

So why have neutral colors been tied to minimalism? Quite simply because they stand the test of time. Just like the little black dress will never go out of style, neither will white, grey or simple earth tones.

With neutrals there is no “hot color” of the season which means your wardrobe never goes out of style.

As a recovering shopaholic, believe me when I say this doesn’t mean you’re stuck in boring clothes all the time. Oh no. I still love my wardrobe and don’t feel bored at all.

Dressing like a minimalist doesn’t mean you get less options it means the only options you have are the absolute best.

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KonMari Method

The first step I recommend when starting to dress like a minimalist is to KonMari your wardrobe. If you haven’t heard of the KonMari method, checkout some of my posts below or watch our KonMari method closet declutter video.

KonMari posts:

Why KonMari helps:

Going through your clothes and keeping only the ones that bring you the most joy help ensure that you are only wearing clothes that make you happy each day.

Decluttering your wardrobe helps you dress like a minimalist every day and makes choosing what to wear so much easier.

I still remember back in high school I would try on 13 different items, leave them scattered across my floor and still not really like what I was wearing. With the KonMari method you are guaranteed to always love what you have on because you are only keeping the best of the best.

Don’t purchase clothes on a whim

Take it from a recovering shopaholic, this is no way to look good or save money.

I used to get so excited by a sale or a clearance section that instead of only buying things I truly loved, I was just hunting for a good price tag.

In the same respect, you could quickly find an over-priced item that in the heat of the moment you feel like you have to have only to leave the store with buyer’s remorse.

Instead, when purchasing clothes, think about the item for a long time. Then think about it some more. If it’s more expensive, take the time to save up for it with Sinking Funds.

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Ways to still save money

My top recommendation when it comes to spending less while still being intentional is to create a budget. I have an easy to use budget bundle that helps you plan an easy budget for everything…including the fun stuff!

Just because you shouldn’t base your shopping method off what is on sale that day, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to save some money where you can.

Rebate apps that work

  • Ibotta – Before I head to my favorite stores, I will always check Ibotta to see if the store I am shopping at gives a percentage back on purchases. Get $10 in cash with Ibotta when you sign up.
  • Ebates – You can go to the Ebates website and login to your account, (get $10 for signing up) and see what stores are offering rebates that day. A lot of times trying on clothes in the store and then buying online is a great way to save more because online clothing is usually less expensive and you can use Ebates to get more money back.
  • Dosh – With Dosh, you don’t have to search for rebates or scan coupons. If you make a qualifying purchase with one of your accounts, Dosh instantly gives you rebate money. Get $5 when you link your first card.

Only buy what you love

You know that moment in the dressing room when you can’t quite decide if you like the new top you are trying on. Well, I say, DITCH IT!

It’s not always easy walking away from a kind of cute shirt, especially if it’s on sale. You might even spend your time trying to talk yourself into the purchase. “Well, I could wear it when I…” “It might look good with…”

No. Just no.

If you try on an item and you aren’t instantly in love with the feel, color and how it fits you, then do not bring it home with you. Dressing like a minimalist is all about keeping things simple and only putting on your body that which makes you instantly feel joyful.

Stop worrying about trends

Who cares what you should be liking these days. Ignore the ever-changing fads and only focus on what you like.

Fads are ever changing but something that brings you joy can last forever. I’m not saying it will, but it might.

Buy quality, long lasting items

My method of shopping back in my shopaholic days was finding the best bargains around. This left me with a closet full of clothes I kind-of liked that were poorly made…and an empty wallet.

Instead, save your money, make smart purchases and buy only items that are of the best quality and are sure to stand the test of time.

That might mean you are buying one pair of $50 jeans instead of 10 shirts at $5 a piece.

Dressing like a minimalist is all about finding quality in the things you own. So don’t be afraid to own the best.

Keep re-evaluating your closet

Don’t think that just because you decluttered your closet once that you are officially in the clear. Oh no.

It’s so important to keep re-evaluating the things that you own. What once brought you joy, may no longer serve you and that’s ok.

Stick to a budget

Lastly, make sure you are sticking to a budget whenever you are shopping for new clothes. My Fun Sized Budget Bundle is a great place to get started with simple budgeting methods.

You could set aside something as small as $25 per month into a clothing fund so when you are ready to make a new purchase, you already have some money set aside.

Sticking with a budget in every area of your life is a helpful way to have more money in your pocket and more control of your entire life.

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