Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!

Decorate Your House for Cheap Using Stuff You Already Have

There is something so rewarding about freshening up and room or making something old feel new again. In fact, a lot of times life can get a little dull, repetitive and boring and a little change can liven things up again. But, how are you supposed to create this change when you’re on a limited budget? In this post, I have compiled 15 different ways that you can make your home feel fresh and new while still staying on a budget!

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Start by eliminating

So much can be done for a home simply by creating space.

Often times when it comes to decorating people think they need to add more when in reality the happiest homes are the ones with less clutter in them.

Even just taking the time to eliminate clutter can make you feel like you are living in a brand new home.

However, I know one of the biggest problems that people can run into is that fear of missing something if they were to declutter it. We can also struggle with letting go of things simply because we already spent money on them.

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Make your windows bigger

Everyone love a well-lit room. Having the sunlight shine through your windows or opening them up to let some fresh air in can instantly make you breathe easier.

However, you might run into the issue (like we have) of having windows that are kind of, well, small.

The truth is there is a lot that you can do for small windows that help them let in more light and make them appear bigger and a little more grand.

Check out the quick transformation I was able to do on our bedroom windows by doing these two things:

  • Extending the curtain rod
  • Removing outdated curtain equipment
Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!

Repaint outdated wall hangings

If you have some leftover paint from painting the walls in your home, you could easily create a unique work of art from an old or outdated wall hanging.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional partner to put together something that looks unique, minimalist and fits with your decor. You’ll notice in the stores these days that the majority of photos or paintings you can buy for your wall are very abstract. You might even hear someone pass by them and say, “I could do that myself!”

That’s your sign! You can totally do this yourself!

Extra ideas for painting over old wall hangings:
  • Add texture by applying wall putty before painting
  • Do a few solid base coats first to cover any of the old artwork
  • Keep it simple

Check out this repainting old canvases tutorial from Little House of Four

Switch up the furniture

It goes without saying, I suppose, but one great way to create a whole new space is to simply move things around a big. Stir things up. Go crazy! Remember, one of the best ways to be able to do this is to first create space to move things around.

You’d be surprised how big of a difference you can make in your home simply my moving things around. As a bonus, take the time to clean under each moved piece of furniture. Doing this can help clear the bad energy in your space and transform it in a whole new way!

Update old light fixtures

If you have some outdated light fixtures and some old cans of spray paint you can quickly and easily update a fixture in an afternoon.

We have an outdated ceiling fan with wooden panels that I am waiting to get my hands on. A persona inspiration that I love is one from Simply 2 Moms. I’ve shared their light fixture makeover below where they give you great tips on how to make all kinds of old things look brand new.

Simply 2 Moms has an amazing light fixture transformation as well as other great spray paint projects!

Display those family heirlooms you have in storage!

Are you hanging onto an old quit from grandma? Have you grandpa’s old collectables. If you are keeping them in storage pretending like someday they’ll be worth something or hanging onto them out of guilt, this is your sign to take them out and get creative.

Finding ways to use things that are just hanging out in storage (whether they are heirlooms or not) can kind of feel like you went shopping without really having to go shopping.

Here’s some inspiration from the old heirlooms I have used to decorate our home.

Clear the walls

You’ve cleared some space, but we haven’t discussed the amazing potential of creating space when you clear the walls.

This could be removing multiple photos that are displayed and instead choosing to put the focus on a special few.

There is a reason that when people are working to sell their house one of the first things stagers tell them to do is to remove photos. Sure, this helps potential owners see themselves in the house better, but it also helps to open up the space and make it feel bigger.

Taking the time to remove some things from the wall and puttying up the old holes can feel very refreshing and even a little therapeutic.

Make old pillows new

If you have ever browed the decorative pillow aisle at Target and had to stop your jaw from hitting the floor, then we can definitely be friends. The idea of spending $60+ on two small, square decorative pillows blows my mind. It’s something I refuse to do.

However, I have been able to find several affordable options (I know, I know, we’re not supposed to buy stuff) for pillow covers on Amazon.

Hey, if you’re still not into buying anything (even if they are pretty affordable), you can always get crafty and sew some new pillow covers with old fabric you have lying around!

Check out these DIY t-shirt pillow covers from Sezen Your Life (click the link to get the full tutorial)!

Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!
These t-shirt pillow covers from Sezen Your Life are right up my alley!

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Give old fabrics new color

Have an outdated comforter, blanket, pillow case or shower curtain? You could easily choose a brand new color by picking up some fabric dye at the local craft store. If we’re still sticking with not purchasing anything new, no matter how affordable, you could always look into vegetable dyes!

There is a whole new craze of dying your fabrics naturally using vegetable dyes. I haven’t tried this personally, but I can tell you, I love the natural look that comes out when you dye fabrics this way!

I’m not saying you need to rip down that gorgeous family photo, but if you have your walls covered in tons of pictures, try enlarging your favorite one and making it a statement. Not only will this give the room a whole new look, but reducing that feeling of clutter on your walls.

Shop your home

Wanting to make over your bedroom and living room? You could easily swap out things like curtains, pillows and blankets to give each of these rooms a whole new feel without having to buy a single thing.

Of course, you could take this a step further and move around decorate items, wall hangings and even furniture!

This has alway been one of my favorite go-to methods for giving any room a brand new feel without having to actually shop for anything.

Sometimes this takes a bit of mixing and matching until you find what works just right, but when you do it can feel so satisfying.

Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!

Flip your books

If you have a hefty book collection, remember you might be able to sell them to make some extra cash. However, if you are an avid book lover and aren’t quite ready to part with them, you could definitely get creative with decorating with them!

I still remember the first time I saw Joanna Gaines decorating with backwards books on Instagram. I about died. Of course she found a new way to make books feel extra elegant. Since then (I swear, she started the trend) backward books have become all the rage and for good reason.

Flipping your books around creates a beautiful, simplified appearance in your home. Sure, it’s a little frustrating if you want to find a title quickly, but it can be extra helpful in making your book collection become a seamless part of your decor.

Use garbage for better organization

Before you toss out old things like:

  • Glass candle holders
  • Plastic containers from powdered mixes
  • Glass jars from jam

Or other items like these, take the time to properly clean them out and then use them to get better organized in your home and pantry!

Bring in your favorite flowers from your garden

If you have some gorgeous flowers in your garden that you are sad to only see bloom for a week before they wilt away, why not consider transferring them indoors?

After receiving several Mother’s Day bouquets from family members I got inspired to fill my grandma’s old antique picture frames with some gorgeous dried flowers. This was something she always used to do — hang flowers to dry. Plus, I hated to see these flowers go to waste.

Give your furniture space

One additional thing you can do to create the illusion of a larger home and better breathing room is to simply spread out your furniture a little more.

In an attempt to create a cozy home we can often feel obligated to smoosh our furniture too close together.

Try taking the time to spread your side tables and inch or two or away from the couch. Spread out the love seat and accent chairs.

See if you can really take full advantage of your space and create a home that feels more open and easier to move through!

Ready for a new look? Use these 15 ideas to help decorate your house for cheap and use what you already have to make a totally new statement!

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