4 Bin System for Effectively Cleaning and Decluttering Quickly

As someone who is a potentially undiagnosed with ADHD, I have always found cleaning my space a little more difficult because I find myself pulled in all different directions. Throughout the years, especially after practicing minimalism, I have perfected a method that helps me quickly and easily organize and clean areas of my home without getting overwhelmed or making a bigger mess. I want to share with you my 4 bin system that has helped me do this. My method is one that I use and share with people during my live decluttering sessions and has been 100% effective in helping people clear through clutter quickly and easily.

You don’t need to pay to get organized

In my videos where I talk about my declutter bins, I have actual labeled bins. Remember, these are tools that I use to help in-home clients with their decluttering during my Less, Please Live Decluttering Sesssions.

You do not need to have pretty, labeled bins to get started using this method. Simply start by using whatever it is you have on hand be it plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or by simply creating piles for each separate “bin.”

One of the biggest setbacks people have when it comes to decluttering is that they convince themselves they need to buy organizational tools beforehand.

Repeat after me: You do not need more bins to organize your home. The goal is to have LESS STUFF to organize!

Looking for an easy decluttering, organizing and cleaning system for your home? This 4 bin method is the absolute best!

Bin #1: Donate

Whether you are committed to clearing clutter or are just hoping to clean you space, it is always a good idea to have a declutter bin on hand. You can always just use an old bag or box that you have lying around — this doesn’t have to be a designated declutter bin or anything. Always make due with what you have instead of telling yourself you need to buy something before you get started!

Having this bin on hand makes it really easy for you to instantly discard items that you no longer feel an attachment to.

As you go through the cleaning/decluttering process simply toss unwanted items into the bin and when you are done load them into your car and schedule a day and time to bring them to donations – preferably a time when you will already be running errands near a donation center.

Bin #2: Put Back Bin

Do you have any idea how many times I would be cleaning a room only to find an item that belonged in a different part of the house? If I found a sock that was in the living room but belonged in my daughter’s room, I would leave the living room to put her sock away in her room.

Of course, the second I walk into my daughter’s room, I find a new mess that I instantly feel drawn too — because I’ve convinced myself I’m in cleaning go-mode. Before I know it I’m cleaning my daughter’s bedroom and the living room is sitting in whatever state I left it in. That is until I find an item in my daughter’s room that belongs in the living room. In which case, I would then return to said living room only to be greeted by a half-cleaned space.

Sound familiar?

This is where the Put Back pile comes in handy. When you have decided to focus your attention on one space (and remember, the smaller the better), make sure you simply set aside items that belong elsewhere. When your timer goes off, you can now take the time to put each item from the Put Back pile into it’s correct place.

Doing this will help you keep focused in one area and ensure that everything is tidied up when you are done!

Bin #3: Garbage

Don’t fool yourself, the garbage is just one more thing that can potentially pull you off course when it comes to cleaning or decluttering your space.

In order to help you effectively sort through your stuff and stay focused in one area of your house, it’s important to have a garbage on hand. This doesn’t have to be an actual garbage can, it can simply be a garbage bag that you carry along with you throughout the cleaning process.

As you clean and sort through each item, simply toss any garbage directly into the garbage can where it belongs.

Looking for an easy decluttering, organizing and cleaning system for your home? This 4 bin method is the absolute best!

Bin #4: Maybe

If you are one of the bajillion people that has been too afraid to declutter an item because of the dreaded, “I might need this someday” fear, then you probably understand the importance of the Maybe bin. Read: I Bought Stuff I Don’t Need, Now What?

Having a maybe bin on hand allows you to clear items from your space that you aren’t quite ready to part with yet.

You can now easily store them away, clearing your space and give yourself a grace period to see how you feel before you completely eliminate them from your life.

The basic process of the maybe bin:

  • Put items in here you’re not ready to part with
  • Store them away for 6 months
  • If the items have gone unused, donate the entire bin

Now you have less stuff taking up visual clutter in your life and you can kind of give yourself a trial period without certain items to see if you really need them or benefit from them in your life!

The process in action

This is the same simple method I use for all of my live decluttering sessions and you can see the benefits of them in some of the before and after videos I have shared.

At the end of the day, it’s best to find a system that works for you. Hopefully this 4 bin method has given you a basic idea of what you can do to simplify your cleaning and decluttering process!

Have you found something else that works for you? I’d love to hear!

Drop a comment below and let us know what has helped you clear your space more effectively!

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Looking for an easy decluttering, organizing and cleaning system for your home? This 4 bin method is the absolute best!

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