10 Ways to declutter your house during quarantine

10 Ways to Declutter When You Can’t Leave Your House

Right now most of us are stuck inside and starting to go a little stir crazy. One of the things I have heard most from people is that they want to clear out their house, but there is nowhere to take any of your stuff! Goodwill is closed. The Salvation Army is closed. So what are you supposed to do when you have a ton of stuff to declutter and nowhere to take it to? Well, I’ve made a list of 10 ways you can start cleaning house while still in quarantine!

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Do a book swap with friends

Ready to clear out your books? Maybe you’re staring at your book collection and realizing you’re ready to part with some of them. Instead of just letting them sit their collecting dust, why not try swapping with a friend. Get yourself some new reading material and clear out your own book clutter.

You could also just GIVE your books away. Snap a quick photo of the ones you’re looking to clear, share to Facebook and then send them off. If you’re concerned about paying shipping and handling, you could ask that people cover that expense.

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10 Ways to declutter your house during quarantine

Sell used electronics

Old iPods, iPads, laptops? You can sell them on Mercari and make money pretty quickly! Of course, you can sell other items on Mercari as well (and there are a ton of other great selling platforms) but I have found that electronics do especially well.

Clean up your bank account

Yeah, I know this one doesn’t sound like very much fun, but be honest…have you been putting it off?

Do you keep telling yourself you’ll make a budget when you have time? Learn how to invest? Read a book on how to better manage money?

Now is the time! If you don’t want to do the research yourself and just want someone to guide you through the process, grab my Bucket List Budget course! I’ll give you all the printouts and lessons you need to whip your bank account into shape!

Quality clothing to the homeless

You may have heard of things like blessing bags that people will make for those less fortunate. This is such a great idea to show someone you care and to help them take care during these trying times.

On top of a blessing bag, you could package it all into a gently used backpack, purse, or tote bag you would otherwise donate. Then, add in any quality clothing items that you feel might be beneficial like hats or sweatshirts.

Then spend a day with your family driving in areas where you know homeless people tend to be. You can still social distance (for their sake and yours) by dropping the bag near where they are rather than handing it to them. I really love these care packages and if available, adding some hand sanitizer would be a nice gesture.

Rearrange your home

Sometimes we look at one room and it feels so crazy cluttered we just want to get rid of stuff. Instead, why not find places you could move these items to? Lamp in your living room doesn’t fit anymore? Maybe you could use it on your nightstand as a reading light!

Taking the time to re-home things instead of getting rid of them is a great way to prevent us from buying more and helps you clear clutter from certain areas. Decorate Your House for Cheap Using Stuff You Already Have

10 Ways to declutter your house during quarantine

Repurpose your things

Just like rearranging can be helpful, so can repurposing! Maybe that means a fresh coat of paint on an old table so it feels fresh and new.

One way that we repurpose is by taking old store-bought canvas photos and painting over them! I did this with a 3 photo set of wine bottles by spray painting over them in grey and then adding a little dandelion art spanning across all three! If you’re not up for painting, let your kiddos use it as an art project!

Create junk art

Have old junk you need to clear through? Maybe tons of kitchen utensils, storage containers without any lids, or socks with no match? Depending on the age of your children, I say let them have a go at creating with these items! You don’t need to give rules or instructions maybe just some craft materials and glue and see what they come up with!

Cycle your stuff

Toy clutter driving you crazy? How about clothing piling up in your closet? Why not consider cycling your stuff instead of hoarding it all in one place? For your clothes, this would mean creating a capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to your children’s toys, there are amazing benefits to bundling up most of the toys, storing them somewhere out of the way and then swapping them out later! Read more about toy rotation.

Sell clothing online

Just like you can sell books and electronics, there are sites like Poshmark that help you sell your high-end clothing online as well. The best part is, like USPS, you can often package your items at home and have them picked up on your doorstep.

Tthis way you are able to stay in the comfort of your own home while still getting rid of some clutter!

Good ‘ol garbage

A lot of times people hate the idea of throwing stuff away. It makes sense. It feels like a waste! But the hard truth is, that’s where a good portion of your Goodwill donations are going to end up as well.

Be honest with yourself about what no longer holds value and what does. Let go of any need to hang onto things and be willing to toss them when necessary. If anything, let this be a reminder to you before bringing anything new into your home. When so much of what we buy ends up in the garbage, is it even worth it to buy in the first place? 3 Reasons we Hang Onto Clutter.

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10 Ways to declutter your house during quarantine

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