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80+ Ways to Declutter Your Life and Home Today

There are so many ways you can declutter that will enhance your life.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to take a long time and there are a ton of small things you can do that make a huge difference!

I compiled a list of over 75 ways that you can begin to declutter your life and home starting today. Right now. I’ll even bet you didn’t consider some of these things to be clutter!

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Kitchen Declutter

Double kitchen utensils

Chances are your kitchen is filled with multiple spoons, spatulas and measuring cups.

Let’s make this easy, ditch anything that has a double. If worst comes to worst, you’ll have to quickly wash an item instead of just grabbing its double.

A Total Guide to Kitchen Declutter

Old or expired food

Sometimes there is nasty food hanging out in the back of the pantry and people just keep scrolling past it.

Take a moment to check your labels and ditch any food that might make you ill.

Spices you don’t use

Remember when you bought that one random spice because you were totally goin to start branching out in the kitchen and then it didn’t happen?

It’s okay, I won’t tell. Just get rid of that random spice jar. It’s only making it harder for you to find your favorite go-tos.

Junk drawer misc.

You know it needs it.

Plastic bags

If you are anything like us folks in Minnesota, then your cupboard is filled old plastic grocery bags.

Yeah, I know, they might come in handy. Right? Chances are, you don’t need that many! Look into local grocery stores that actually take the time to recycle these bags and then next time choose plastic. (It’s the environmentally friendly thing to do)!

Extra pots and pans

You probably have a favorite pot or pan that you consistently use. So why are you messing around with the rest of them?

Clear our your space and donate those less-used pots and pans.

No-match storage

Is there that one cupboard loaded with storage containers?

Do you have too many or too many without a match? Then it’s time to part ways.

Old recipes

Are you hoarding magazine recipes or unused cook books? Donate or ditch ’em unless you are actually using them!

5 Healthy Dinner Hacks to Make Meals Fast

Coffee mugs

We all tend to have a favorite coffee mug, am I right? Why not say goodbye to all the ones that you don’t end up using.

It will clear your cupboard space, start your day off better and make it a lot easier to grab a cup and start your day!

5 Things You Don’t Need to Make Gourmet Coffee at Home

Plastic cups

Maybe you have plastic cups from sports games or from when your kids were little. Either way, it’s time to say goodbye to some of them.

So many people have old, worn down plastic cups with faded photos and it’s not a good look.

Make sure to check if they are recyclable before you toss them!

How to Recycle Plastics

Bonus tips:

Vacuum your drawers

Your spices, flour, food and …life in general tend to make the inside of kitchen drawers and cupboards kind of … messy.

Grab the vacuum and give them a quick cleaning.

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
Just taking the time to declutter and kitchen doubles can instantly transform a kitchen.

Bathroom declutter

Multiple shampoo and conditioners

Are you one of those people that get a new shampoo and you’re just so excited you leave the other one sitting there with 1/4 cup left?

If you have excess shampoo, conditioner or other hair products take the time to rinse them out and then recycle the bottles if you can!

Hotel goodies

Those little hotel mini toiletries are fun, but sometimes they pile up.

If you are hoarding an excess amount of hotel toiletries, it’s time to part ways. Hanging onto a few basic ones for travel is a great idea…if you actually travel!

Unused styling tools

Sometimes we get so into hair styles that we can’t keep up. We buy the latest gadget or styling tool and then our old ones slowly collect dust.

If they still work, donate or give them to a friend! Just because they’re not your favorite anymore doesn’t means someone else wouldn’t use them!

Worn out towels

Those old dingy towels…it’s time to cut them up and make them rags for cleaning the car or washing the floors!

Old medicine

Just like food can expire, so can medicine! Make sure you are keeping up with clearing old medications so you don’t actually make any future illnesses even worse!

Bonus Tips:

Sweep behind the toilet

All that hair!! If you have…hair on your head or pet hair…then chances are there is a big collection hiding behind your toilet. Give it a quick sweeping.

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!

Closet declutter

Clothes that don’t fit

Friend, if you have clothes that don’t fit (and they make you feel crappy about yourself) it’s time to part ways.

When you reach your goal weight, treat yourself to some new wardrobe pieces instead of hanging onto those old pieces that taunt you when you open your closet.

Clothes you haven’t worn in 1 year

Sometimes clothes don’t fit and sometimes we just don’t like them.

If you haven’t worn an item in a year or more, clothes your eyes and toss them in a giveaway bin.

I Stopped Buying Clothes for 3 Years and It Changed My Life and Finances

Jewelry you don’t wear

Sometimes those old costume jewelry pieces just get lost. Take the time to look through your jewelry storage and discard pieces that you no longer wear.

Old shoes

Hanging onto those sexy pumps that you know you’ll never actually wear? Those boots that kill your feet but you can’t get rid of? Time to sell them on Poshmark or donate them to Goodwill!


Have a massive purse collection? Try selling on Poshmark!


Lots of belts? Don’t wear em? They don’t fit? You know what to do! BOOM! Decluttered.


I’m seeing a trend here. ?

Socks with no match

They’ve lost their partner forever in the dryer. Just accept it and move on.

61 Things You Can Do With Your Old or Mismatched Socks

Those old undies

I mean…

Bonus tips:

KonMari organize

Since you have already gone through your closet, you can take it to the next level with some serious KonMari organization!

Front closet

Anything that doesn’t fit

Remember how we handled those unworn clothes indoor closet? Same goes for coats in your front closet.

If they aren’t being worn, then it’s ok to let go.

Mittens with no match

Those poor socks with no partner. What we don’t realize is that this same things happens to mittens all the time too! Especially when we have kids!

You could save the thin pairs to wear under bigger pairs, but when it comes to more heavy duty mittens and gloves, it’s safe to say it’s time to say farewell.

That random storage

Am I the only one that stashes random junk in the front closet? I sure hope not.

If you have odds and ends things that have accumulated in here, put them in their appropriate home or donate if possible!

Bonus tips:

Use an air freshener

Our front coat closet tends to get a little stinky. Especially when you toss in went boots and shoes!

You can combat this smell with an air freshener that removes dampness in the air. This helps avoid that musty smell!

Vacuum out

This is an area that tends to get neglected in homes. If you haven’t done it in a while, take a moment to vacuum or sweet out this little area since dirt and hair tends to collect quickly.

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
Front room coat closets can get really musty. Combat the smell with moisture absorbing air fresheners.

Your electronics

Delete old photos

Having our phones in our pocket means we can go totally picture crazy. As much as pictures can be wonderful to have, chances are you will never look at some of them again.

Go through your phone, pick your favorites and downsize to keep only them. You could also transfer to The Cloud or an external hard drive to free up space on your phone.

Remove unused apps

Have apps that are just hanging out on your phone? Delete them!

This will free up space on your phone and make it easier to find the items that you do use!

Clean up your playlists

Sometimes I go through and download all the best pop music from the 90s. Other times I’m really into country.

Having all of this music takes up space on my phone and means I hit the “fast forward” button a lot more trying to find something I want to listen to.

Be intentional about your music and keep it selective with your favorites.

Delete old text messages

Those old text messages are taking up space on your phone! Get rid of them!

Now it will be so much easier keeping track of your current conversations!

Unsubscribe from text promos

Do you get text messages telling you about sales or promotions that are going on?

That constant pinging is distracting and sometimes the temptation to shop is not something you need. And it definitely doesn’t help keep clutter at bay!

Most text programs have an easy opt out with instructions at the end of every text!

Your CD collection

Hello, fellow old people!

If you still have a CD collection, it’s time to say goodbye. You can get money for some CDs through eBay or Decluttr. Or, if you’re not too worried about getting paid, there are a ton of fun CD crafts you can make.

Genius Ways to Reuse Old CDs

Delete old voicemails

Just like old messages are taking up space, so are those already listened to voicemails. Or those ones that you know you won’t be listening to.

Simplify your phone plan

If you are working to use your phone less or save money on your plan, you can get basic phone plans starting at $10 with Tello!

Delete un-needed emails

Email. One of my least favorite things to check. Probably because I need to listen to my own advice and actually declutter my inbox.

Starting by deleting un needed emails is the first step.

Respond to emails

You probably have emails in your inbox that you have been meaning to get to but haven’t. Take 10 minutes to respond and then you can move on with your life!

Unsubscribe from promo emails

Text promos are no fun and neither are email ones. Take the time to unsubscribe from emails you’re not opening or reading in the first place. This will make future decluttering much quicker and easier.

Sell your DVDs

If you are a big movie family like we are, then you just might have a massive DVD collection on your hands.

What movies haven’t you watched? You can totally get money for them through Decluttr or Half Priced Books!

Bonus tips:

Airplane mode before bed

This is more of a tip for decluttering your brain. Making sure to put your phone on Airplane mode at least an hour before bedtime can help you unwind and give you a better night’s sleep.

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
There is a crazy amount of digital clutter in our lives and we don’t even think about it.

Paper work

Recycle old newspapers

Maybe not everyone hangs onto newspapers like we do. (We intend to use them for when we have fires in the summer time but often don’t get through most of them.)

However, if you do happen to have a stash of old newspapers around, it’s time to bit them farewell.

Donate old magazines

Same goes for old magazines. You can donate them to libraries, use them for school projects or just recycle them.

File old papers

Have a stash of old files laying around? Why not take 10 minutes and get them quickly filed away.

While some people still use filing cabinets, there is a more modern way people are choosing to file their paperwork now.

Start a paperless system

With the advances in technology, you can easily create a completely paperless filing system. There is a course that teaches you everything you need to know. The Paperless Home.

With a paperless home you gain access to your papers through an online system that you can take with you anywhere!

Sort mail as soon as you get it

If you can make a habit of sorting through your mail as soon as it comes in the door it will help prevent paper pile up in the first place.

7 Ways for Busy Families to Keep Clutter Off the Counters

Get a temporary filing system

We don’t always have time to make it to our filing cabinet the second the mail comes in the door. I get it.

A good idea would be to set up a temporary system where you can organize your papers and then once a month quickly and easily sort them into your actual filing system. This will work whether you have a filing cabinet or a paperless home.

Get automatic bill pay

Working to automate your bills can be incredibly helpful when it comes to staying on top of your finances as well as avoiding paper bills coming to the house.

Create an email for paperless billing

Sometimes companies are willing to send you your statements via email. This can get messy in the crazy mess that is email. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up a separate email address just for your bills.

By doing this you have one location to gather all of your bills for the month and they are ready for you when you are ready to pay them.

Sell your books

I have a tough time letting go of books, but honestly I want to read so many I never get back around to ones that I’ve already read.

There are a precious few that I hold onto but otherwise, I say, get some cash for them! Declutter and Half Priced Books are great sources to do this.

Bonus tips:

Call and cancel advertisements

You know those adds you always get in the mail? You can actually cancel them!

Stop Junk Mail!

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
One of the best ways to avoid paper clutter is to cut it off at the source.

Your schedule

Get groceries delivered

Instead of squeezing in time to rush through the grocery store. Why not plan your list ahead of time and have someone do the shopping for you. You can pick up in stores in a lot of places or with places like Shipt, you can have them delivered right to your house.

Get $50 OFF your first Shipt purchase.

Have prescriptions sent to your door

Some families are constantly having to make trips to the pharmacy to grab prescriptions for their family.

If this sounds like you, save some time and get them delivered! PhilPharmacy will work with your insurance company and there is often no pay difference in getting your prescriptions delivered right to your door.

Create 1 hour of “me time”

If you feel like you have a jam packed schedule, I sure hope you are scheduling time for yourself!

The best way to declutter and decompress is to schedule time to just unwind and do nothing. Maybe you could take a bath, meditate, have a glass of wine or just stare into space ?

Let someone else meal plan

Yeah, you can have someone grab all of your groceries for you, but what if you have no idea what to even prepare?

The $5 Meal Plan creates customized meal plans for your family that are both budget friendly and healthy.

Try time blocking

Time blocking is a genius idea for people who want to be a little more organized but just can’t totally commit to living life on a schedule.

Learn how to start time blocking.

Bonus tips:

Don’t say “yes” to things you don’t want to do

To avoid having to declutter your schedule in the first place, just avoid cluttering it up! Work on saying no to things that you know will only add stress to your life.

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
To avoid a clutter-filled schedule, just say no in the first place.

Your social media

Delete social media apps from your phone

If social media is clogging up your brain and your time, then cut it off at the source and delete your social media from your phone.

This makes it more difficult for you to access it all day long and forces you to be more present in your day to day life.

Unfollow people who make you feel bad

Sometimes there are people on social media who make us feel bad about ourselves. Not because they are mean or hurtful but because we can’t help but compare ourselves to them.

If you have someone like that on your social media, it’s ok to unfollow. If they ask why, you can nicely explain with love.

Stop following your exes

If you are spending any amount of time or energy stalking your exes on social media, then you have got to cut it out.

Not only does social media make it so much more tempting (and easy) to cheat, but following along with people you used to have feelings for only makes it that much more powerful.

You cannot be investing in your present if you are living in the past.

Set time limits

Both Facebook and Instagram now allow you to set time limits so you are aware of how much time you are wasting spending on social media each day.

Setting a time limit helps you be in control of your time and lets you make sure you are using it to the best of your advantage.

Un-follow groups

Are you following like 800 groups on Facebook right now? Instead, why not try getting out of some of the groups you don’t care to hear from.

This way, you can be spending more time in places that serve a purpose in your life.

Stop scrolling

Here’s a challenge for you: whenever you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling. Stop. Throw your phone and get up.

Just walk away and see what happens.

Keep drama off social media

You know what can quickly clutter up your time, brain and soul? Drama. Especially quickly spread social media drama.

It can be tough sometimes when we are going through a tough situation not to share on our social channels, but let me encourage you not to.

Call a friend, hit the gym or schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Bringing drama into the online world is never a good idea.

Bonus tips:

Post the ugly pictures

Social media is taking a turn these days. People are getting more real to let the rest of the world know that we’re all imperfect.

Follow the lead. If your friend tags you in a nasty picture. Just leave it. We all take bad pictures. Let’s just embrace the reality of life messy moments, shall we?

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
Time and energy spent on social media can quickly become clutter in our brains. Don’t let it be.

The other stuff

Old furniture

Big, bulky furniture items and quickly take up too much space, especially if you are already living in a smaller space.

Be intentional with the furniture you have and use in your home. Make sure it is all serving a purpose. If not, put that thang on Facebook Marketplace and call it a day.

Those silly decorations

Have you ever just bought something that looked nice because you felt obligated to decorate your home?

That one vase, or those wall hangings. They don’t serve a purpose or mean anything to you but you just needed to fill a space. I say ditch them.

The more we can declutter things that don’t bring us joy, the more room we have to bring joy into the space around us.

Small photos on the wall

Having multiple small photos on the wall is the worst kind of clutter in my opinion.

Your eye becomes unable to really focus in on any one photos because there is just too much to look at.

Instead try a few large photos that really speak to you.

Take down your curtains

Okay, we all need privacy, I get it. But if you have a window that already has blinds, try ditching any big, heavy drapes that you have hanging.

Pulling down drapes allows more light to come in and can instantly make a room look more open and less cluttered.

Your shelving

What items on your shelves could you be selling or donating? Are there certain things there just collecting dust? If so, clear some space and fill your shelves only with items that have value to you.

Bonus tip:

Clean our your wallet and/or purse

That wallet and/or purse definitely needs some TLC.

Clear out the old receipts, that wrapper and whatever that sticky thing is and give yourself a totally fresh start. Doing this is easier than ever because we can keep so many things, like savings and coupon apps, on our phone!

This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!
If you don’t love something that’s in your home, you have my permission to get rid of it today.


Spare change

A little spring cleaning in your bank account? Why not make every penny count! (You gotta give me props for that rhyme!)

Acorns is a spare change investing app that simply rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invests that spare change for you!

This can actually make managing your finances a lot easier, because instead of trying to keep a budget of dollars and cents, you can round all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and then let Acorns do the rest!

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Save $5 per day

If your finances are feeling kind of sloppy or messy, it might be because you’re letting your little $5 or less purchases get away from you.

Take a full week to be intentional and write down every purchase you make. You might be surprised how much money you are wasting every day without realizing it.

The $5 a Day Difference. How Small Chanes Make a Big Difference.

Make a basic budget

To help get your head straight and get more intentional about your spending, start by creating a really basic budget. I have a printout in my Budget Bundle that is super simple and easy to follow.

Just by laying out your spending each month, you can instantly clean up your finances and be more in control.

Consolidate your debt

Do you have multiple debt payments each month? Credit cards, student loans, car loan? If so, you might want to consider debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation can help you pay off all of your loans, reduce your interest rates and give you one simple monthly payment instead of several.

Talk to a LendingTree professional about debt consolidation.

Reduce your bills

Is there any better way to declutter finances than by getting money back in your pocket?

There are two awesome apps that are designed to literally find you extra money in your bills and budget!

  • Charlie – Not a savings app just a great way of getting messages to help you reduce your bills, save for the future and even find free money. On average people are saving $80 per week with Charlie!
  • Trim – This app takes a look at your spending habits and instantly finds different areas where you could be saving money! See where you could be saving.

Bank charges

Do you spend much time looking through your bank account transactions? If not, you might be missing a lot of charges and fees that are going through without you knowing about them!

Learn how to dispute and clean up these charges.

BOOM! Decluttered!

There ya have it, over 80 ways to tidy up your life in just a few minutes. Honestly, most of these tips will only take you 2 minutes or less to execute and I promise, you will instantly feel better if you do!

Still looking for more? Check out my top posts on decluttering and simplifying your life.

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This is an insanely unique list of 75+ ways to declutter your life and home starting today! In fact, I bet you never realized these things were clutter!

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