How Decluttering Your Space Will Give You More Time in Your Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…so often people believe that a minimalist lifestyle is all about the stuff. In reality, it’s about what the stuff is taking away from us every day. Having a house filled with clutter will repeatedly take away time, money, and a more simple way of living. So let’s break down some quick wins for decluttering that will allow you more time in your schedule.

A smaller wardrobe

If you think about the first things you do in the morning, it’s usually picking out your clothes. I’ve always read tips that say to lay your clothes out at night so you have more time in the morning. This never worked for me. I could lay something out and in the morning I would decide that I hated my last-night decision.

Instead, having a simplified, minimized wardrobe can help you instantly choose your outfit for the day thus saving you the time of trying on 8 different things. Plus, if you operate like I used to, trying on multiple outfits often means a pile of clothes tossed on the floor that you have to pick up later.

Instead, consider the fact that when everything in your closet is something you love and feel good in, it makes choosing an outfit for the day a total breeze. KonMari His/Hers Closet Declutter.

How Decluttering Your Space Will Give You More Time in Your Day

Less bathroom products

You’d be surprised at the time and stress that you can save by simply going through your bathroom cabinet and eliminating any additional clutter you might be carting around.

Maybe you’ve neglected to use up and clear out those almost empty lotion bottles, you have expired sunscreen and hotel shampoos that you keep convincing yourself you’ll use.

Take 15 minutes to clear through your bathroom products, make a note of the suff you use the most and make a point to only allowing those items to be re-purchased when they have run out.

This way you are not fumbling through a ton of useless bottles and products just trying to find a single hair tie.

Cleared kitchen counters

I am a big believer in clearing through kitchen clutter. If you are pushing things around and picking items up trying to get yourself out the door in the morning, why not consider clearing some of the clutter from your counters. Of course, to do this, you first have to eliminate some clutter in your cabinets. Here are some quick ways to do this:

  • Get rid of any doubles you have (soup ladles, spatulas etc)
  • Sell fancy stuff you don’t use (salad spinner, food processor, juicer)
  • Try having one pan and one pot in each size
  • Clear out any old or expired food products

That coat closet

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your coat closet looked like all of those make-believe closets on Pinterest? You know, one single white jacket, with red rain boots and a matching purse? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. But, what if you could come close?

Consider creating a capsule wardrobe for your front closet. When winter is over, store away your hats, mittens, boots and bulky jackets and bring out your spring jackets and gardening shoes.

Simplifying your front closet will make heading out the door a much faster process. Plus, if you plan it just right, you might even know where your keys are at all times!

Creating a Minimalist Home and Lifestyle with more time and less stress

$1 Garbage in your car

That car can accumulate garbage and random junk — and fast…especially if you have kids to haul around. So instead of letting it all pile up, consider “investing in” a $1 garbage bin from the Dollar Store.

We have had one of these in our car for the last few years and it has been a life (and time) saver! In fact, it’s one of the things people notice first when hopping into our car.

Besides, does anyone actually enjoy spending an entire Saturday cleaning all of the empty paper cups from their vehicle?

Decluttered subscriptions

If you have got Hulu, Disney+, Netfilx, Amazon, and any other streaming or subscription that you pay for, not only are you sending money out the door each month, but chances are, you are spending more time in front of the TV than absolutely necessary.

Instead, consider rotating your streaming services. Have Netflix for a few months (maybe plan this around the time Stranger Things will be released), then have Hulu for a while. All of your shows will still be there waiting for you!

Aim for less paper clutter

I’m going to be honest, working toward a paperless home can be a process. But imagine life without ads, bills, and credit card offers constantly filing in!

If you are spending your time filing through paperwork day in and day out, consider cutting it off at the source. Here is how to stop unsolicited, mail, phone calls, and emails!

Do daily clean sweeps

Often times people don’t like feeling like they need to clean every single day. I get it. But, I also think it’s a lot worse to let your stress and anxiety pile up unitl one day you finally snap and are forced to spend hours cleaning the entire house!

Instead, make a habit of:

  • Making your bed
  • Loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher (or take 1 minute to wash them)
  • Hanging up your coat
  • Putting your shoes away
  • Filtering through snail mail as soon as it comes in the door

All these steps might seem so simple, but they have the power to transform your peace of mind and your time!

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Creating a Minimalist Home and Lifestyle with more time and less stress
Creating a Minimalist Home and Lifestyle with more time and less stress