Can a home be cozy and minimalist? Yes! Here's 7 simple methods for creating a cozy minimalist home so you can have the best of both worlds!

7 Simple Ways to Create a Cozy, Minimalist Home.

I recently came across a TikTok video of a women who stated that she was going to have a cozy minimalist home. This was a sentiment I loved seeing as how more often than not people assume owning a minimalist home means have a vacant, empty space. The reality is, minimalism doesn’t have to be all about meeting a certain aesthetic (despite what some might think). Living a minimalist lifestyle can simply mean being intentional around the things you own so that you space feels easier to maintain. Here are 7 ways you can have a cozy home while still keeping your possessions minimal.

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Before cozy, declutter

It might sound silly to say that the first step in creating any type of minimalist home must first be to declutter. If this is an area you struggle with, you can start by following the basic rules laid out in The Gentle Art of Letting Sh*t Go.

As you are decluttering, keep in mind that your end goal is cozy. This means that if you come across certain items that give you that warm and fuzzy feel, even if you’re not currently using them, it might be wise to set them aside. After you’ve created space, you just might find that you have the room and use for them.

Remember, having a cozy, minimalist home doesn’t have to mean having empty shelves and bare walls. It can be about intentionally filling your home with things that make you feel happy or at peace when you see them. Often times our clutter keeps us from enjoying the items that truly make us feel this way, so be mindful of any as you go through the decluttering process. Click here to start decluttering using The Gentle Art of Letting Sh*t Go.

Decide your cozy

When it comes to creating a cozy minimalist home, I think the most important thing to ask yourself is, “What is my kind of cozy?”

When we first downsized into our smaller house, I had an image of a country kitchen/cottage. Basically I wanted to re-create the cottage from the movie, The Holiday (with a little less clutter).

Think fewer plates on the shelves, more counter clutter hidden in cabinets and get that rolling cart out of the way. Still cozy, more minimal.

Can a home be cozy and minimalist? Yes! Here's 7 simple methods for creating a cozy minimalist home so you can have the best of both worlds!
This image was shared from House and Garden

Some examples of your style of cozy minimalist home might be:

  • Sheik comfort
  • Cabin escape
  • Cottage cozy
  • Farmhouse inviting

When you have an idea of the type of aesthetic you want to create, you have a clearer goal that is directing you.

Be intentional with furniture pieces

One of the biggest space savers is being more intentional with your furniture pieces. This might mean finding a couch that is very simple, and easy to maintain, but offers extra cushion and comfort. Having things like a Murphy Bed or a coffee table with storage allow you to have more storage options, while being multi-functional for your needs at the same time.

Browse. coffee table with storage on Amazon.

Keep your style

Don’t fall into the trap that in order to have a cozy, minimalist home, you must only own neutral, muted colors. One of the best ways to ensure that your home feels cozy, and comfortable to you is to make sure you and your unique style are present throughout your home.

Are you an avid book reader? Go ahead, keep the books and use them as part of your decor.

Do you like funky art? Choose a few good pieces and make them the focal point of your home.

If you’re sentimental and want to incorporate hand-me-downs, be sure to do that!

One reason people think minimalist homes aren’t cozy is due to the fact that a lot of the personality has been sucked out. When you allow yourself and your style to shine through, you will instantly feel more at home in your home.

Let the light in

Nothing makes a home feel less cozy than fake lighting. Instead opt for ample natural light as much as possible. For larger windows this might mean opting for sheer or warm-toned curtains. When it comes to smaller windows you may want to forgo curtains altogether. You can still allow for privacy when needed with cellular shades that don’t take up window space, but allow for full coverage when needed.

This example from Julie Banner is perfect for creating a cozy space using sheer curtains so you get ample light.

See this image on Julie

Keep cozy everywhere

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your home feels cozy in every room is to make sure you are incorporating something cozy in ever room. If your home is already very minimalist, look around and ask yourself if you have cozy in every room. This might look like having a comfortable rug in the kitchen near the sink, a throw blanket in the living room, or multi-layered bedding.

For the most part, adding these things to your home does not create additional clutter, it simply adds a little warmth to each space. In this photo from DGEXP you can see that this room is still minimal but feels a little more cozy thanks to an added blanket layer, carpet, and fluffy pillows.

Combine elements

After traveling to Montana, one of my biggest goals was to bring the outdoors inside. This is another way to help a minimalist home feel a little more cozy. When you bring in natural elements like wood, stone, and greenery, you bring that sense of calm and comfort.

Nature can improve both our mental and physical health, so why not bring some of those amazing benefits into our home? The simple addition of a wood side table and a few plants instantly makes this otherwise minimalist space feel more cozy and inviting.

See this photo on Frame It Easy

Intentional purchasing versus maximalist buying

At the end of the day, you don’t have to have a maximalist home in order to feel cozy where you’re at. Be intentional with the layout of your home, bring in items that feel comforting without adding clutter, and slow your role when it comes to buying additional items.

Oftentimes we feel like adding more is the key to feeling cozy at home, however, it’s important to remember there is a fine line between cozy and cluttered. Ready to start the declutter process? Grab The Gentle Art of Letting Sh*t Go to maximize your results!

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Can a home be cozy and minimalist? Yes! Here's 7 simple methods for creating a cozy minimalist home so you can have the best of both worlds!

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