3 Ways Covid-19 Could Help You Save More Money

First, it’s important to remember that I am a relentless optimist. This means every single day of quarantine I have done my best to keep my vibes high and worked to look for the good in every area of my life. Even Covid-19. Times are shaky right now, that’s for sure. BUT some major shifts are taking place that can benefit you greatly! Here are my three faves!

Your Credit Card Savings Plan

Disclaimer: I sat on the phone for an hour with my credit card company! So, if you plan on doing this make sure you have time set aside to get other stuff done while you wait! 

The lower interest rate experiment

As you may know, I have been dabbling in credit card hacking. And it just so happens I had the perfect card to call on for my lower interest rate experiment.

My interest rate was 25% and I had recently made a bigger purchase so it had a higher balance.

The entire plan for this was to see:

  1. If I could get a lower interest rate
  2. To share the exact script with all of you so you can do it too!

I shared the script on my Instagram this past Friday and have already had the success stories roll in!


The exact script that saved me almost 10% on my credit card interest!:

Student Loans on pause

Another important thing to note right now if you have student loans is that your payments will be suspended (interest-free) through September. Here’s what this means:

  • You do not have to make payments for 6 months
  • You will still have to pay back your current loan amount

Some bonus tips for this:

  • I recommend saving the exact amount you would have paid each month — this way you have the money in case you need it
  • If you don’t end up needing the money for an emergency, pay all of it toward your student loans!

Your mortgage

If you are worried about being able to pay your mortgage during Covid-19 due to being laid off, contact your lender to see what options they have available to you! Many lenders are willing to work with you BUT you have got to call and talk to them about it!

However, be sure to ask all of the questions, because chances are you will still have to pay back the amount you owe either in a lump sum or added to each month’s payments!

Want to learn more about the best ways to maximize your money? Don’t miss The Bucket List Budget!

DISCLAIMER: Any mortgage assistance should be not taken lightly. Mortgage Deferment could have other repercussions to you. Make sure you do your research beforehand. List of banks offering deferment.

Lifestyle expenses

Being stuck in the house means there is a reduced chance of you spending money on gas and entertainment. Take full advantage of this and look for ways to free up more money to build solid savings.

Finding ways to reduce your cost of living is one of the best ways you to have way more fun in your life. Because if you don’t have to shell out wads of cash every month, you have a lot more at your disposal. To learn the simple ways to budget smarter and live more, check out The Bucket List Budget!

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During Covid-19 there are actually a lot of ways you can save more money! Here are 4 of the smartest and fastest ways to get started


  1. Ant @ StudentSavings | 7th Apr 20

    I’ve ended up saving a lot of money from just not going out of the house that much. No more expensive nights out (drinks, Ubers etc).

    • Renee | 8th Apr 20

      Oh, for sure! Are you big into tracking your spending so you know how much you’re saving?

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