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$100 Costco Shopping List for Organic, Healthy Food for a Family of 5

For those who are budget-conscious, Aldi or Walmart may seem like the go-to spots. However, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, finding that the best way to keep our pantry stocked and our budget in check is by shopping in bulk at Costco. I often get asked about our approach, so I’m here to share our specific Costco grocery list featuring organic items!

*This list reflects Costco prices in Minnesota. This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission on recommendations at no additional cost to you.

How to eat healthy on a budget at Costco

Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget Shopping at Costco while maintaining a healthy diet on a budget requires some key strategies:

  1. Stick to a Budgeted Meal Plan: Having a meal plan in place before heading to the store is crucial. I always check my pantry first to avoid duplicate purchases.If meal planning feels overwhelming or time-consuming, consider using a budgeted meal planning service like $5 Meal Plan. It offers pre-made meal plans tailored to various budgets and dietary needs. Click here to get 2 weeks free!
  2. Stock Up on Meal Staples: Buy essential items in bulk, such as oats, eggs, yogurt, bread, salads, chicken, ground beef, or beans. This simplifies meal planning for the entire week.
  3. Avoid Overstocking Condiments: Small condiments or toppings like syrup, salsa, and cheese are better bought in smaller quantities if you won’t use them within a week or two.

Shop Your Pantry First

Before making your Costco shopping list, take inventory of what you already have in your pantry. Shopping your pantry not only helps reduce food waste by preventing duplicate purchases but also ensures that you utilize ingredients you already have on hand. By incorporating items from your pantry into your meal planning, you can create more varied and cost-effective meals.

Additionally, knowing what you have in stock allows you to prioritize purchasing items that are running low or are essential for upcoming recipes. This mindful approach to grocery shopping helps streamline your shopping trip and maximizes the value of your purchases. Click here to get 2 weeks of free meal plans.

Budgeting while eating healthy can be so easy at Costco. Here you can see my Costco shopping list and how I get all my health foods for only $100.

$100 Costco grocery list for a family of 5:

Breakfast Food Options:

  • Eggs ($6 – $13): Costco offers various bulk options, ranging from generic white-shell eggs to organic brown-shell eggs. We usually opt for 2 dozen organic eggs priced around $6.
  • Bananas ($1 – $3): Non-organic bananas are priced around $1.39 for 3 pounds at Costco.
    • Quaker Oats ($10): Costco offers a massive 5-pound box of Quaker Oats for less than $10, making it an affordable and versatile staple for budget-conscious families. Gluten Free Banana Oat Waffle Recipe.

Snack Options:

  • Apples ($5 – $10): We buy a bag of around 10 apples for $5, as they are part of the clean 15.


  • Spinach or Mixed Greens ($5): Spinach or mixed greens are ideal for salads, a lunchtime favorite in our homeschooling family.

Dinner Essentials:

  • Organic Ground Turkey Meat ($17 – $20): We prioritize higher-quality, organic meat options.
  • Frozen Organic Chicken Breast ($18): Costco’s frozen organic chicken breast is cheaper than the non-frozen variety, making it a budget-friendly choice.
  • Frozen Broccoli ($6): Opting for frozen veggies like broccoli helps prevent waste and ensures we have healthy options on hand.
  • Avocados ($7): Perfect for making guacamole or adding to tacos, avocados are a staple in our household.
  • Tortilla Chips ($3 – $7): Tortilla chips are a versatile addition to our meals, especially during taco nights.
  • Peppers ($5): We include peppers in our shopping list for easy stir-fries and lunches.
  • Instant Organic Rice ($8): Instant rice mixes are convenient and help bulk up meals quickly.

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Grand Total: $101

We typically spend around $101 on our Costco shopping trips, sometimes more, sometimes less. Additionally, we stock up on cleaning supplies and other household essentials during these trips.

What Not to Buy at Costco (Beyond Food):

  • Cleaning supplies: We find we our budget stretches further when we buy a month-sized amount of cleaning products versus several months worth.
  • Condiments, dips, and sauces: These items are usually purchased elsewhere in smaller quantities.
  • Candy: To avoid temptation, we skip buying candy at Costco.

Organic vs. Non organic

When shopping non-organic, you can save more and potentially stretch your budget further. It’s all about finding the right balance for your family’s priorities.

For those who prefer personalized meal plans and grocery lists without the hassle of planning, consider trying out $5 Meal Plan for a budget-friendly option. Click here to get 2 weeks of meal plans for free!

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$100 Healthy Organic Costco Shopping List for a Family of 5

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