Beyond decluttering your home there are techniques you can use that will help you clear the negative energy in your house.

8 Steps to Declutter and Clear Your House of Negative Energy

Have you ever gotten out of a bad relationship and just wanted to chuck everything that person ever touched? If so there is a reason for this! The things we touch and use and the space we live in can contain a lot of the energy left behind by certain people, arguments or relationships. In order to feel fully cleansed of a bad experience or to feel like you can get a fresh start, doing a full energy declutter of your space can feel like such a breath of fresh air. This is a practice I turn to quite often whenever I feel like I need a little reset or need an energy boost and I want to share 8 things that I do that have helped me clear the energy in my home.

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Start with an energy declutter

The items we keep in our home all hold an energetic charge which means a lot of times the things we hang onto are things that are carrying some negative energy with them. Taking the time to declutter with the sole purpose of eliminating negative energy can be so freeing.

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Write out the feeling you want to have when you enter your home and what you want the purpose of each space to be.
  • Walk or go through each space and eliminate anything that doesn’t align with the purpose you have given this space.
  • Recognize resistance and any limiting beliefs that might be tied to eliminating your stuff.
  • Focus on one space at a time.
  • Box/bag up your items and remove them from the space ASAP.

Doing an energy cleanse can already help you feel lighter, breathe easier and begin feeling an energetic shift take place in your home.

Check your images

The images we have in our homes can tell us so much about what we are allowing to come into our space. This might be photos on your wall or old photos that you have been hanging onto that are draining you energetically.

Being aware of photos, videos, and paintings you might have in your home that depict violence or evil can most definitely bring down the energetic vibe in your home.

If you find this hard to believe, try muscle testing with a friend or even on your own. Hold a good family comedy movie close to your chest and then compare it to a horror movie. Notice the weakness that can happen in your body just by shifting the items that you are holding.

You can use this method to continue helping you decide which items in your home are helpful to you or hurtful.

Beyond decluttering your home there are techniques you can use that will help you clear the negative energy in your house.

Review your words

The words we use in and around our home are so important. Even reviewing the words written on your water bottles can have a dramatic effect.

There have been studies conducted that have shown the dramatic results that negative words can have on both water and plant life. Remember, that these same struggles can be transferred to you.

It’s important to not only be mindful of what you speak but also important to be aware of the words you have in books, on your wall hangings and other areas of your home.

Even taking the time to incorporate words like “love” more into your home decor can make a big energetic difference.

Remove the dust

One area that a lot of people tend to overlook when it comes to clearing the energy in their home is the dust that has collected all around them.

Keep in mind that dust can contain a lot of shed negative energy and can all around “fog up” an area of your home.

Most of us keep up with the basics like wiping down tables or washing windows, but it’s important to remember those “forgotten” areas like the tops of the TV, door and window frames and even the tops of knick knacks and books!

Of course, it’s tough to find the time to do a complete wipe down of all the dust in your home, so a good idea can be to make a habit of doing one room at a time or just taking the time to wipe down 1 additional area whenever you find yourself with a dust rag in your hand.

Wipe the walls

The walls are another place that can capture a lot of shed negative energy with dust. Before you go into a total panic thinking this means that you are going to be wiping your walls from floor to ceiling, keep in mind that you can easily use a floor mop to quickly clean your walls.

You would be amazed at how taking the time to do these extra dusting techniques can help you breathe easier (because…less dust) and feel completely refreshed energy wise.

Beyond decluttering your home there are techniques you can use that will help you clear the negative energy in your house.

Open the windows

Opening the windows to help the flow of energy is key to clearing a negative space. Nature often brings a lot of natural cleansing with it which is why it is so important to get fresh air into your home as often as possible.

Choose an affirmation

Just like having negative words or images in our home can be a major positive energy blocker, taking the time to fill your home, your mind and your space with positive affirming words can shift the energy in your home in a good way.

This could be as simple as writing positive affirmations on the bathroom mirror or in a journal.

I personally write out the same few affirmations every morning just to start my day on the right track. Having a solid morning routine with positive affirmations first thing has helped so much to kick start my day in the right direction. That’s why I created my own Minimalist Journal + Planner combo so I can clear my thoughts, practice gratitude, and simplify my to do list for the day. Use code: NOSTUFF20 to save 20%!

Sage the place

Lastly, once you have dusted the joint, opened the windows and cleansed your space, taking the time to sage everything can be an amazing final way to cleanse your space for good.

If you aren’t quite sure how to begin saging your home, you can learn more here. Personally, I love opening the windows, choosing an affirmation card and using the card the spread the sage smoke throughout my space.

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Beyond decluttering your home there are techniques you can use that will help you clear the negative energy in your house.

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