Ditching the All-Inclusive Resorts for a Bigger World View

As I was walking through Minnesota’s North Shore trails, I started thinking back on the person I was 10 years ago. The person who took the perfect photos on the beach with a brand new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit. Multiple new swimsuits. One for each day. I looked down at my dirty hiking boots and realized that girl is gone. An overwhelming feeling of thanks and gratitude took over. Just like I once hid behind perfect clothes and well-done hair, I had once hidden behind the all-inclusive resort and the false sense of security it offered.

Cute, In Style, High-Quality Hiking Boots for Women

I’m not going to lie, I was born both an outdoorsy girl that also cares very deeply about what shoes she puts on her feet. Yes, I want comfort, but also…it has to look aesthetically pleasing. Judge if you must, that’s who I am. And, now after months of researching hiking boots, I’ve decided to share my findings with others just like me. Here is a compilation of cute, stylish hiking boots for women that are still high-quality and will get the job done!

13 Ways to Camp for Free in the USA

I grew up loving camping. In fact I was one of those adults who believed anyone who owned an RV was not actually camping. Which, honestly, I still believe. (That might be obvious since you know we camp out of a minivan.) However, I have definitely come to appreciate the amazing benefits of an RV. But, if you are looking to save a little, and sacrifice a few luxuries, I have compiled an amazing list of 13 ways you can camp for free in the good ‘ol USA.

10 (More) US Destinations That No One is Talking About

One of my most popular travel posts was 10 US Destinations No One is Talking About and as we plan our Covid-19 friendly travel for the summer, I decided to release the second version of that original post. I’ve done some research and gathered 10 more US destinations that no one is talking about. These are all great family vacation ideas or even just a fun, relaxing getaway for couples!

Full-Time RV Life Was Taking Too Long, So We Used Our Minivan Instead

It all started very slowly almost 10 years ago. I read a book about a woman who downsized from a large, beautiful apartment to a tiny house. Then I read another book about a man and a wife team who lived in an RV and traveled while working from their laptops. Crazy. Interesting. The more I gravitated toward books, documentaries, and blogs that I found interesting, the more I found a common theme of travel. Then I started itching…but the thing is, there is a lot of prep-work that goes into RV life, especially with kids and eventually I got tired of prepping for “someday” and decided to just start doing it right now with what I had. Which was a minivan…

Trying Van Life with Kids for a Weekend in Our Minivan

I turned 34 and the day before my birthday we got a minivan. Which, to be honest, was basically my nightmare for the first 33 years of my life. But, in 2019, just after we paid off all our debt, we hit the road and took a 2-week road trip with our kids in a minivan rental, and…it was awesome! So, as our trusty Kia Sorento finally passed the 200,000 mile mark, we decided it was time for an upgrade. Then we hit the road for a weekend on Minnesota’s North Shore to experience van life with kids for a weekend. Here’s how it went.