His and Hers KonMari Closet Makeover Before and After

You guys!!! I did a KonMari (well, kind of) makeover to my wardrobe years ago (check it out) when I first learned about Marie Kondo and her genius organization skills. The truth is, I started reading her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and after the first chapter I just had to start decluttering and cleaning. I didn’t even finish the book! Now that her Netflix special is up, I see just how much I missed out on by not following through. Now that we’ve been in our smaller house for going on 4 years, I decided it was time to give this whole KonMari method another try and Tom decided to join in! You can keep reading to either watch the YouTube video we did or keep scrolling to check out all the photos and info about our KonMari closet before and after.

365 Ways to Live a Better Life in 365 Days. Declutter. Simplify. Live with Purpose.

You can do a lot with a year. Or you can totally waste it. The choice is up to you. As we enter a new year, however, I have decided to make a list to go with each new day. Try new things. Declutter. Simplify. See what works, and ditch what doesn’t. I hope you can take some inspiration from these 365 ways to live a better life in 365 days ideas. Got any extra ones? Feel free to share in the comments!

Minimalist Living Baby Steps 5 Tips for Living More Simply Today

Jumping into minimalist living can be a scary concept for a lot of people. So many people love the idea of simple living but the “how to” part can seem way too overwhelming. At least this is how I felt. When we lived in our “big house” I felt suffocated by stuff and had no idea what to do about it. Now that it’s been over three years since I began my journey into minimalism, I have put together the best 5 baby steps toward minimalist living for those out there who want simple tips for simple living but aren’t sure where to start. If you are ready to transform your life and start taking simple steps toward minimalism, then keep reading on!

10 Simple Decluttering Moves that Take 10 Minutes or Less

10 Simple Decluttering Moves that Take 10 Minutes or Less

One of the biggest set backs of living in clutter is that it can all seem too overwhelming. Most people don’t even know where to start when it comes to decluttering their home and creating a more minimalist space. Instead of just sitting on your living room floor, staring at clutter and crying, why not try some practical tips? I have 10 simple decluttering moves you can do today that take 10 minutes or less. You can do one a day, space them out, or get the whole family on board for one big cleaning session. You choose. But these are ideas you don’t want to miss.

Crazy Ways to Figure Out Your Life Goals and Start Planning for Them

Crazy Ways to Figure Out Your Life Goals and Start Planning for Them

I was listening to a podcast this morning about simple living. Both women began discussing how they found minimalism in their lives. As I listened, it occurred to me that maybe not everyone actually knows what their life goals are. In fact, I’m sure not everyone knows. So what can you do to start getting clear about what you want from your life? How can you start getting purposeful about your goals. What does it take to plan them out so they actually happen? Based on my own experience as well as some research, I have gotten together a basic plan for how to figure out your life goals and start planning for them. If you need some guidance, you can find it here.

Minimalist Living with Kids: Simple Tips for Toys and Keeping Life Fun

Minimalist Living with Kids: Simple Tips for Toys and Keeping Life Fun for Them

I’m Renee and I am a minimalist. Not only that I’m a minimalist with kids. This isn’t a thought I walk around thinking about on a daily basis because it has just become a way of life. So I had to pause for a moment to think about just what it has meant for us living a smaller life with our kids. You may know by now that downsizing changed things dramatically and for the better. Downsizing worked for our family as a whole, but how has it worked for just the kids? What do we do when it comes to managing toy clutter? Do we allow them freedom to choose their room decor or do we buckle down because we know less is best? Let’s talk minimalist living with kids. I’ve got some simple tips for toy clutter and how to raise them minimalist while keeping life fun.