Practical Gym Survival Tips for Women Going for the First Time

There is nothing more intimidating than walking into the gym for the first time, especially if you have never been there before. Yes, you want the benefits of working out, but stepping foot into the gym for the first time kind of feels like you’re a new kid in school and you’ve got head gear and acne. It feels like everyone is staring at you and you just want to find somewhere where you can blend into the background so no one will notice you. Maybe you’ve already stepped foot into a gym before and this is exactly how it felt, if so, these tips are meant to be your total survival guide.

5 Easy Hair Hacks to Get Beautiful Locks on a Budget

We all want healthy, shiny, long, and voluminous hair. But the cost of salon visits and hair
products can add up quickly, eventually draining your budget. The good news is that there are
some easy hair hacks to get that long and luscious celebrity hair without breaking your budget.
Here are five tips to get gorgeous hair without spending a fortune on expensive products and
salon trips.

What to Consider if Grandparents Are Buying Too Many Toys

One of the most common things I hear in all parenting communities (especially in minimalist families) is that there are just too many toys coming from grandma and grandpa. Even though these grandparents are well-meaning, the amount of toy clutter can be overwhelming for moms and dads. Trying to keep the house clean is one thing, but it also seems the more toys your kids have the less they actually play with them! Maybe you have already tried to communicate this with grandparents, or maybe you’re at the end of your pitiful rope and are desperately seeking answers. Either way, I hope some of this helps!

6 Baby Steps to Stop Being a Houseplant Killer

Let’s face it, there is a whole houseplant craze going on right now and for those of us who were born with a natural black thumb, it can be kind of bummer. Maybe you have already attempted filling your home with plants only to have them wither away. Perhaps you are a newbie who wants all the tips before getting started. Either way, don’t worry there is still hope! After having killed a plant or two all on my own, I have recently realized that being a plant parent can actually be way simpler than I was making it. Here are 6 simple things you can do to go from houseplant killer to plant pro in no time.

What is Enoughism? 7 Areas of your life to begin practicing it.

I recently heard about Enoughism on a podcast episode of The Minimalists. The concept of enoughism seemed kind of…obvious to me since it is basically what I have considered myself to be practicing with minimalism, however, I felt like maybe it deserved a little further look into. What I came across was the realization of just how much we as a human race would benefit from simplifying our lives and recognizing when enough is enough. For so long, I had focused on all the areas of minimalism that you normally hear about: clothes, shopping, home size, etc. Upon further investigation of enoughism, it turns out, we are over-consuming big time. I’ve laid out 7 areas of over-consumption that we are all most likely struggling with or affected by and have dropped some ideas on how we might be able to apply enoughism to these areas in order to create more contentment.

10 Signs That You Are Burnt Out and Need to Recharge

Have you ever had a moment where you take a shower and end up just breaking down in a big mess of snot and tears and you have no idea why? If so, keep reading, this is probably for you. If you have been one of the blessed ones to never experience something like this, tell me…what’s that like? Thankfully, these episodes happen less and less for me and the reason is, I have gotten really good at recognizing when I need to take a friggin’ break. Here are 10 signs that I have noticed are a pretty good indicator that I am burnt out and majorly in need of a break. (The sobbing uncontrollably in the shower one is just a bonus tip.)