10 Baby Steps to Help You Get Motivated to Declutter When You Are Depressed

They say a clear space helps clear your mind and improves your mood. You have the desire to declutter your space. You want the minimalist living that everyone talks about, but keeping your focus or attention for that long seems daunting. You might struggle even getting out of bed in the morning and as much as you want the results, taking the time to actually declutter seems like an impossible feat. I get it and let me tell you, you deserve the benefits of living a clear space that lights you up and brings you peace. That’s why I put together this step by step plan for decluttering when you’re depressed.

The Ultimate Coronavirus Decluttering Guide

Most of us have been in lockdown for weeks, which means there is no better time to have a declutter and throw out some of the things you don’t use anymore. There is a lot of negativity in the media and people are still talking about how bad the Coronavirus is, so having a clear-out will help remove some of the stress and monotony from being at home all the time.

If you are a bit of a hoarder and always find yourself hanging onto things that don’t bring value, then read about why we can’t let go of stuff.

It’s important to look after your mental health and organising your living space will bring you a much needed, a freer feeling of space and calm. You might be home-schooling the children and working from home, so having a break from it all and getting the whole family involved will help.

Here are some steps to help declutter:

Practice Simplifying Your Life Based on Your Enneagram Type

I have always loved stuff that told me more about me. Haha. Personality tests are my favorite. They help me think about my own strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level and allow me to better understand those around me. That’s why I wanted to make this simplicity thing a little more…simple based on your specific enneagram type. Scroll down to find your enneagram and read a little about yourself and get a few ideas about how you can practice minimalism and simplicity for your enneagram.

The 3 Times of Year to Declutter with Kids

Trying to keep a house decluttered with kids can almost feel impossible. That’s why I broke down the best 3 times a year to declutter with your kids. We follow these times in our home and it has helped to combat the clutter and keep me a little bit more sane. Hopefully it can do the same for you.

5 Second Rule for Wardrobe Decluttering Motivation

A few years ago there was a trend that was sweeping the nation. The 5-second rule made popular by Mel Robbins. What the 5-second rule does is stop your brain from thinking. Well, it stops it from over-thining. People have changed their lives, habits and made the world around them a better place because of the 5-second rule. Well, funny thing, this 5-second rule can also come in handy when you’re in serious need of wardrobe decluttering motivation! In fact, it might be the absolute best way to declutter your closet once and for all. Let me break it down for you.

Get Rid of Half Your Stuff and Downsize Your Life Even With Kids!

Three years ago we downsized our house from 3,400 square feet to 1,300 finished square feet. Doing this forced us to clear out over half of our belongings and get intentional about what we wanted to keep in our lives. If you are ready to get rid of half your stuff and take your life back, I’m here to help you out! Keep in mind, we downsized with kids! That means half the toys, half the clothes…everything. I promise it’s possible as long as you know where to start.