Decorate Your Home with Sentimental Stuff You’re Not Ready to Let Go Of

Let’s be honest, the hardest struggle for most people when it comes to decluttering is letting go of sentimental items. We carry around things that people we love once bought us. Sometimes we carry around the things that once belonged to someone we love. A lot of times we attach our possessions to people and without knowing it can be carrying around a lot of excess baggage that really isn’t serving any purpose. Well, once we downsized our house I decided it was time to stop storing that stuff and start displaying it. Instead of holding onto sentimental items, I was ready to start displaying them in a way that felt authentic and showed people who I am. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Minimalist Mom Toy Clutter Solutions That Take Less Time

Ok, I’m feeling super frustrated this morning after a simple Google search on how to manage toy clutter. Parents of the world, when did we sign up to make our kid’s play room one more area of stress? Are we actually expected to run their toys like a 24 hour factory? I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do with my time. I have this thing called a life that I want to lead. Call me crazy, but I don’t think obsessing over or managing toy clutter like a boss will ever be a top priority in my life. There, I said it. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me share my way easier solution to toy clutter that apparently no other mom blogs dare to attempt.

5 Things to Do to Clear the Energy in Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

We all want to be able to come home at the end of a long day, plop down our head and drift off to dream land without and hiccups or stress, right? Unfortunately, what we tend to do is bring all of our baggage to the bedroom. We bring the stress from the day, marital fights and sometimes, without realizing it, we can be bringing down the energy in a big way. So, to help you keep your bedroom feeling like a sanctuary, we’ve put together 5 crazy simple things that you can do to clear the energy and create a tranquil bedroom to help you sleep better than a baby. (Because let’s face it, babies don’t actually sleep all that great.)

What Your House Says About Your Happiness

I absolutely loved hearing that the University of Texas Austin did a study on people’s homes and personalities. For those of us who have always wanted to capture that cozy, welcoming feeling of home, but just can’t seem to make our space feel homey enough, you are going to love what their findings showed! So, what is the secret key that makes a home feel more like a home and less like a house? Let’s get into it…

Could Pausing the News Increase Joy and Reduce Anxiety?

Contrary to popular belief this article isn’t being written only to upset my mother who is an avid news watcher and also someone who will happily give you a doomsday report whenever you don’t ask for it. That being said, I will be the first one to admit that people don’t like hearing the message I’m about to share, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. If you are stressed, if you are full of anxiety, if you are in fear of the world then please, for the love of God, turn off the news. Let me tell you why.

Did Covid Make You Socially Awkward or Are you Just Having An Awakening?

My hope for this post is that it finds all of the people out there who have spent the last year (or more) finding themselves, uncovering limiting beliefs, healing childhood wounds, and growing in their own truth. That might sound corny. I don’t care. If you’re reading this, I hope this is you. Over the last few months, I have fallen into a sort of depression. I thought maybe it was my Covid diagnosis. That maybe Covid had permanently messed with my brain (I still kind of think that it did in some ways…) or maybe it’s just that the world is re-opening and I have adapted to being a shut-in. (It’s probably also that.) But mostly I realized over the last year, I just really found me. The only problem is “Me” has always shown up for other people how I believe they needed me to. Sure, I thought I had ditched my people-pleasing habits long ago, but as it turns out, I still have some figuring out to do … mostly on how to be me in the presence of people, I would have previously altered my mental, physical, and emotional state for.